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BetterNC7 is a jailbreak tweak geared towards the Notification Center in iOS 7. It’s one of those tweaks that contains a ton of different toggles to disable or enable certain features.

I’ve never been a huge fan of tweaks like this, just because they seem to add features just for the sake of saying they have a lot of features. That said, there are some nice settings to be found within BetterNC7’s preferences, so it’s worth checking out. Have a look inside to see some of the details on video.

BetterNC7’s preferences contain about twenty or so different toggles to enable or enable. These toggles pertain to features like the separators within Notification Center, the background, the various tabs at the top of the screen for today, all, and missed, the blur on the background, and various other settings.

BetterNC7 02

Needless to say, there are tons of toggles available within BetterNC7’s preferences, and not all of them are exactly practical. For instance, the first settings that I showed off on our video walkthrough embedded above, was the transparent background. I don’t know about you, but I find such a setting to be completely worthless in real world day-to-day usage.

BetterNC7 03

Still, BetterNC7 features quite a few redeeming factors, such as the ability to replace the ‘x’ in Notification Center with a ‘clear’ button to quickly eliminate notifications, and the ability to adjust the preview lines available for notifications. For any changes you make to BetterNC7, you’ll have to perform a respring, which makes using the tweak and configuring its settings a bit on the tedious side.

Even with its flaws and useful options, BetterNC7 comes recommended. It’s free and it contains enough usefulness to negate its worthless settings and cumbersome implementation. You can find it today on Cydia’s BigBoss repo. Let me know what you think about BetterNC7 in the comments section below.

  • hdofu

    looks nice, but it won’t be replacing intelliscreen 7x (I like my lock screen email and twitter searches too much), but for a free app who could complain?

  • If you look for a tweak similar to this, search for NCObey in Cydia ;).

    • Andreas

      Actually that was exactly what I was look for! Thank you!

  • Fevostone

    Some tweak are all good and well but most of the time they look better left alone.

  • Riar Jotz

    I like this tweak already installed was wondering why not on IDB….

  • Greg Warren

    Worth it just to get rid of the “Missed” tab on the Notification Center.

    • Luke Foord

      Exactly my thoughts recently, I downloaded ‘NCAllOnly’ which by default just shows the ‘All’ tab. You can then choose in the settings to show any of the other tabs again. Worth getting, free tweak a definitely one of those ones that should be part of stock ios.

  • Le

    Is there a Notification Center tweak for the iPad to quickly show the available space left on the device (like on /var/ or something), with iOS 7.x? I really miss this feature. Thanks!

    • Guest


      • Le


  • s1att5

    Will this let me completely disable notification center? If not, anyone know of a way to do so? Absolutely hate NC. Thanks for any help.

  • af0erster31

    I love this tweak to get rid of “Date in Today”!! I use ISX7 and Calendar Widget Pro and sadly I have to drop the Calaendar Widget into “Today-Section” cause ISX7 doesn´t allow to put the widget onto “main-section” (of lockscreen). Hope that feature will come!?!