We’re now less than a week away from the end of Apple’s current quarter (January-March), and the company is expected to have sold around 38 million iPhones during the three month period. If true, the Cupertino firm has ventured into elite territory.

According to a Forbes report, Apple had sold around 472 million iPhones heading into its Q2 2014. And if its iPhone sales for the quarter come anywhere close to projections, it will mean that the company has [quietly] passed the 500 million iPhone mark…

Here’s Forbes’ Mark Rogowsky with more:

Apple has been known to mark big numerical milestones, celebrating the 50 billionth download from its App Store last May and the 30th anniversary of the Mac earlier this year. But it appears to have quietly let a big one pass within the last few weeks as somewhere on earth, the 500 millionth iPhone was sold. Despite much consternation in the media that the high-end of the market is reaching saturation, this data point demonstrates that iPhone sales continue to accelerate for Apple even if the rate of that acceleration is less breathtaking than it had been in the past.

The consensus seems to be that the 500 millionth iPhone would have been sold sometime around March 8, given the 472 million iPhones Apple had sold before the quarter and the 38 million it’s believed to have sold during the period. The math checks out.

Even though Apple didn’t announce it, the milestone is significant—particularly because the current narrative seems to be that iPhone sales are slipping due to the unsuccessfulness of the 5c and folks holding out of the oft-rumored, larger-display iPhone 6.

We should find out more about Apple’s iPhone sales during its Q2 earnings call, which is likely scheduled for late next month.

  • Tom C

    Why not add sd card reader to iphone just like android and blackberry

    • Dan

      they couldn’t screw people for 100$ a pop 16gb to 32gb to 64gb anymore

      • Alan

        & I’m one of them

      • Dan

        Same here sadly

    • iBanks

      What exactly would be the point/need with all the cloud storage available from many different companies?

      • The point would be less reliance on some stranger to keep your data safe and private, and quicker access ANYWHERE and ANYTIME without relying on a third party (like your carrier)…

      • iBanks

        Hhhhhmmmm…. I’ve seen no signs of issues for as long as I’ve used cloud storage but remember may other issues from others whom has lost their devices w/ a mem card. See… My device, you have to get past my fingerprint to access my data on my device. On a device with a mem card, well… I may not get past your lock code but I will pop your mem card out and have pretty much all that I need. I have better reliance on the stranger and my carrier than I do a mem card. Less likely to lose everything when data store on multiple clouds w/ most current data than that lousy mem card.

      • “I may not get past your lock code but I will pop your mem card out and have pretty much all that I need”

        Yeah, you have my $50 mem card AND my iPhone, not my data, thanks to encryption…if I were reliant on cloud stuff, yeah, they wouldn’t get my $50 mem card, but someone else would have my data. The ideal solution would be to build my own private cloud…

      • iBanks

        You just need a basic phone. You’re too paranoid.

      • Better off paranoid than being a sheeple…

      • leart

        you look like a “man” on a mision

      • Blind faith around every corner…

      • leart

        That’s how a payed troll would say haha

      • leart

        Let me guess your in a apple fan page and your pretending that normal people that spend some time to read articles here, should listening you imstead and admire some other brand, and still your not considering yourself a troll??

      • Antzboogie

        He is discussing an important topic so shut your mouth little man.

      • leart

        Your important topic is still there you peace of junk

      • Admire some other brand? Guess you could say that pointing out factual benefits of functions not in an Apple device is getting some people to admire other brands. How exactly does that fit the following definition of a troll?

        “submit a deliberately provocative posting to an online message board with the aim of inciting an angry response.”

        You getting angry and tired of reading facts. Or you got your dingbat-definition of a troll?

      • leart

        Clearly you are not a apple fan, but please continue your topic

      • Learn what a troll is before using that word.

      • leart

        yeah right!

      • Antzboogie


      • Royce Otero

        I rather have my stuff on icloud data. In the past I have had sd cards just fall apart and then there wasn’t no way of getting it back.. So F$&$ Sd cards lol

      • Rowan09

        I agree with you because even Google and HTC see that SD cards aren’t a selling point anymore. You still can’t put apps on the sd card without rooting your phone, so it’s basically for media. Since streaming music is so popular it doesn’t make sense anymore.

      • “You still can’t put apps on the sd card without rooting your phone”

        Yeah, on those phones you can’t. On Galaxy phones you can, and I value that…

      • Rowan09

        Really because I can’t do it on my Note 2.

      • Guess it might have started with the S4. See this (http://bit ly/1iyd60c)

      • iBanks

        In this case, your app data is still stored on the device. Just turn iCloud off. Problem solved. So what was the need of a mem card again?

      • Expandable storage, duh!

      • iBanks

        Expand it for what? Too much music to fit on device? ITunes Match resolves that. Too many videos to fit on your device? QVIVO resolves that. Too many books to fit on your device iCloud or Audible resolves that. Too many photos to fit on your device? Well, PhotoStream/shared streams and even Dropbox resolves that. In which are all secure and does just fine.

      • Lol, and we’re back to square one again…

      • Streaming is inferior. SD is a better option. I use it and wouldn’t use a streaming service for lots of reasons. Some of the reasons wouldn’t bother you but when you stream your battery drops quickly. That’s if you have reliable connection to even play.

      • iBanks

        You don’t exactly have to stream. You can download the file straight to your device. Reliable connection? Well, I have Verizon Wireless w/ down speeds up to 20mbs in my area, if you don’t. That sucks for you. Connection is great, I use it primarily to hotspot to my XBOX One and play Titanfall on XBOX Live. No hiccups. It pays to have a great provider w/ unlimited data.

      • Antzboogie

        The cloud is not safe your info is not protected trust me Ive done my fair share of research and fingerprint id not good until NSA is kept in check.

      • Antzboogie

        Cloud is not safe or secure neither is the fingerprint id.

      • iBanks

        But your SD card and and 4 digit pin/pattern lock that can be viewed by me looking over your shoulder is more secure right?

      • Antzboogie

        Better then having my information+fingerprint readily available on a server that can be hacked easily even the NSA knows this.

      • iBanks

        Nothing they can do with your/my info or our fingerprint. Really think they are that concerned about us? Besides, your fingerprint isn’t stored on any server and had you must really be a somebody if someone will go though the troubles of duplicating your fingerprint. Last I know, that’s the only way of breaking the 5s Touch ID. Hell, you can’t even interchange my sensor onto apt her device and be successful. Seems mighty secure to me.

  • Adham

    They’ll talk about it during WWDC most likely.

  • Ted Forbes

    What for? You have data, wifi and cloud. If you lose your phone you lose your card. If someone steals your phone they steal your card.

    If you get in trouble with your phone with cloud, you wipe it or its triple security protected, how can you beat that?

    • By integrating iCaughtU Pro?

      • iBanks

        That still doesn’t save your data on that mem card. You may find the perp, but the damage may already be done.

      • True, hence why it’s good to back-up regularly. Even if the thief gets a hold of the mem card, the data still doesn’t get in the wrong hands, thanks to encryption. It’s a trade off of convenience for privacy…you value convenience more, I value privacy.

      • iBanks

        Highly unlikely that my ding a ling shots will be posted by my cloud host or carrier online for others to see. More likely by the one that finds your mem card. So no, no privacy concerns here. I’m amazed by someone so concerned about privacy but types all their important personal details in sites/apps on an mobile device. But yet thinks their mem card is more secure. Lol

      • “More likely by the one that finds your mem card”

        Yeah, if you’re careless enough to live your drive unencrypted…

        “I’m amazed by someone so concerned about privacy but types all their important personal details in sites/apps on an mobile device”

        Uhm, who you referring to there? Doesn’t sound like me…

      • iBanks

        So you don’t bank from your device in any way right? You don’t fill out required fields of data in websites right? You don’t enter your passwords in apps that require you to sign on right? Exactly.

      • “So you don’t bank from your device in any way right?”

        So, ’cause bank has those details, it’s logical to spread those details to other 3rd parties, right?

        “You don’t fill out required fields of data in websites right?”

        Not with personal information on most sites, most sites get fake details. Only ones that get real details are the ones for government stuff (e.g. citizenship, banking, licensing, and education). Perhaps you do use your real details on most sites you visit…right?

        “You don’t enter your passwords in apps that require you to sign on right?”

        For sure not the same password nor name I use for government related stuff.

      • Royce Otero

        Your fighting a battle for android that won’t win.. Lol

      • Can’t change the minds of die-hard cloud-addicts, just posting the fact that the cloud isn’t all beneficial as some iPeople make it sound.

        Have no Android device yet (the GS5 might be my first), but I use a MicroSD card in my Surface Pro and there’s no replacing it with cloud in any way (private or public).

      • iBanks

        That moment where your device slips and hits water and them pretty little gold pins on your mem card begins to corrode at some point. Dang what a great loss of such private information.

      • That moment where your “safe” and easily accessible data gets easily accessed by hackers and used for pulling some identity theft tricks against you. Dang, what a mess that convenience got me into.

      • iBanks

        Yeah, my situation is less likely to happen. I’m a peon in the bowl, they won’t get far or have a need too. But that 13 year old boy that finds your phone laying at the park and googles how to break your encryption key on your SD card as well as root your device and gain backdoor access and have a party with your stored data that could have been remotely wiped via the cloud or password changed to prevent access…. Hhhhmmm, what joy that would be. You see, I lose my device, I have it all back in a matter of moments, you lose your device. Well, you’re at a new beginning, with lost data, plus your info used fraudulently and having to purchase an whole new device which will most likely be an iPhone. Lord, let’s hope your elg for upgrade.

      • Lots of assumptions there…the same 13 year old could learn how to hack into servers and access those your “easily accessible” data, so, what’s your point?

        “You see, I lose my device, I have it all back in a matter of moments”

        Yeah, the moment of downloading it from the cloud, vs the moment of transferring it from my external HDD (to which I regularly backup). What’s your point?

      • iBanks

        Son, you still don’t get it. But hey… I give it to the beginning of 2015, SD cards will be obsolete. With the carrier and wifi data speeds coming along, the popularity of cloud storage and the high decrease in price of removable storage… Yeah, won’t be long.

      • Yeah, that’s what I was hearing in 2012 about 2013, then it shifted to 2013 about 2014, now it’s shifted to 2014 about 2015. The conclusion is always the same; the cloud is the future, but that future is nowhere near until everyone has their very own private cloud. While we wait for that future, we’ll keep using expandable local storage.

      • You know you could use rubbing alcohol on those pins right?

      • Royce Otero

        Until you lose it. I rather have it saved on my phone a sd anytime.

      • Until your phone reaches its max capacity, then you go buy another phone. I’d rather just expand my local storage for just $50 or less, than get a new device or put my personal stuff on some third-parties HDD, anytime.

      • n0ahcruz3

        This^ game over! Well played mr. Electrifyer! Well played indeed! Ops almost forgot to upvote!

      • Royce Otero

        That’s why you transfer to a computer silly.

      • Oh, so now you’d rather go through the inconvenience of being restricted from carrying certain media on your device, ready to play, than have it readily available on a MicroSD card?

        For something that took you 4 months to think about, your reasoning is ignoramus…stop wasting my time and google it if you actually want to know why a MicroSD card is far from being replaced by the cloud.

      • Royce Otero

        So you walk around with like 3 ad cards?

  • Wolfer

    All this shit chat just because sd cards, or a server is more secure??? Hey guys if I dont have bad things like pirated software, credit cards, bad things of childs, etc. I really do not care!!!!! My phone has been tapped since 2007, but because I dont do something bad I do not care. I have an externall hd with all my pics, my music, my videos, my docs, and softwares. I have 4 back ups in pendrives, sd cards and servers. I use iCloud, drpbox, box, Mega…and here I am happy and can acces all my info from my iPhone 5 every place I go. Oh I have too a backup in a DVD. I have a Galaxy S3, and an S4. A note2, an iPhone4, a 4s, and a 5. Wich one I love most? The iphone 4s and the 5. Oh I have an android tablet with 4.3. And the 4s is on iOS 7.1 and the 5 is on 7.0.6 jailbreaked!!!!! I have been in an office with the FBI because I worked for them a few months…I have been in the military, Im a bouncer today, a bodyguard sometimes, Im a Physics teacher…and everything for my works is on the servers!!!! Encripted by myself. My wife lost her iphone on Disney World so thanks to iClous I locked it and erased it so no one ever found it, because some days later a lady from there call me that they found the iphone near the Hulk rollercouster in Universal. But I already recover all her things from the Cloud and her dropbox and put in her new iPhone 5c. So comeon STOP ALL THIS BS FIGHT BECAUSE NOTHING AT THE IS SAFE, BUT AT THE SAME TIME IS SAFE BECAUSE U CAN HAVE ACCES TO IT FROM EVERYWHERE U ARE AROUND THE WORLD. Oh!!! I was in PR when she was in Fl.

  • Wolfer

    Hey and My first language is not english, but I been in Washington DC too, and using my uniform…so comeon guys fighting for what thing is more secure??? LOL

  • Wolfer

    Today nothing is secure for us…but the thing is, utility facility and freedom of movement. Why u need to be scare in the first place?, if u are doing nothing wrong? Or are u?

  • Wolfer

    I got twiter, fb, lkdin, and many others social networks….