WhatsApp for iOS 2.11.8 (iPhone screenshot 003)WhatsApp for iOS 2.11.8 (iPhone screenshot 002)

Facebook-owned WhatsApp, the world’s most popular mobile messaging service, has received a nice little update Monday bringing some much-needed privacy controls.

For starters, you can now tell the app who you want to share your profile photo and status with, quite in handy if you’re a private person who only wants to share this type of information with your phone contacts rather than with anyone using the service.

The same privacy settings are available for your Last Seen status as well – useful when you don’t want others to tell you haven’t opened their messages yet. Oh, and this edition of WhatsApp also includes some nice new wallpapers.

The update is live in the App Store so grab it now

As depicted on the screenshots above I just grabbed from this update, your new privacy controls can be found under the Account > Privacy section of WhatsApp’s Settings. You can set your Last Seen, Profile Photo and Status to Everyone, My Contacts or Nobody.

As for the newly added wallpapers, find them in Chat Settings > Chat Wallpaper > Wallpaper Library under in-app settings.

WhatsApp version 2.11.8 also includes – you guessed right – bug fixes.

If the supposedly leaked screenshots of a forthcoming WhatsApp update are an indication, the company is now testing a voice calling service it previously said would arrive by this summer.

And if you’re jailbroken, there’s a new jailbreak tweak out, called WhatsApp Unlimited Media, that removes WhatsApp’s annoying restriction which limits your photo sharing to only ten photos at once.

Download WhatsApp in the App Store.

The app runs natively on the iPhone and iPod touch and thanks to a recent update it now plays nice with iOS 4.3 or later. As a reminder, WhatsApp is free for the first year. After that, it’s a $0.99 a year play.

  • Overture

    Hope the voice calls comes real soon.

    • Waleed

      Damn excited !!!

  • ✪ aidan harris ✪

    If you set the privacy settings to ‘Nobody’ does this exclude the NSA or do they still have backdoor access?

    • Marcus Gomita

      I think that the NSA is included.

    • Sad

      The only reason you posted this comment is for upvotes not because you’re actually bothered.

      • gittlopctbi

        I guess your screen name says it all. You’re just a party pooper. He was just having fun and making a funny, geez.

      • ✪ aidan harris ✪

        Perhaps my comment may have been a little moronic but I’m far from being a vain individual whose life revolves around selfies and likes. I appreciate your comment though and your criticism is duly noted.

  • Eni

    anyone can tell me that option tha for example when i get a notification from whatsapp i prevews the mesage, and i want to hide it

    • Hanz

      Whatsapp > Settings > Notifications > Show Preview ON/[OFF]

      • Eni

        and for other apps? sms for example? i am sure that is an option in ios itself to do that

      • Hanz

        Settings App > Notifications > Messages – Show Preview

    • Samuel

      Settings, Notifications, Show Preview – Turn it off…

  • Is the icon darker just like what happened to phone, imessage and facetime apps ??

    • David Gitman


  • David Gitman

    YES TY andorid had it a few days ago

  • ConduciveMammal

    “As a reminder, WhatsApp is free for the first year. After that, it’s a $0.99 a year play” you should have probably noted that this fee doesn’t apply to existing users

  • Jason Baroni

    This app is now perfect.

  • jack

    icon now matches Messages color. Of course they don’t put that in their changelog

  • firerock

    Wow the privacy setting is much welcome. Really great

  • Raashid

    “Privacy” in the hands of the privacy invader? Great delusion…

  • Tommy

    Anyone knows how to extract those new wallpapers? IMO they look better than apples stock wallpapers.

    • speedspawn

      Sure, open iFile and turn on application names, now go to var> mobile> applications> whatsapp> whatsapp.app> wallpaper
      You can also use iFunbox.

    • Waleed

      I have all the new whatsapp wallpapers. Tell me ur email address i will send you all!

      • Tommy

        Wow thanks! lynstupid@hotmail.com
        Really appreciate it 🙂

      • Waleed

        Email Sent !
        No problem !

      • Tommy

        Thank you so much! I love IDB – great community 🙂

      • Waleed

        Thank you. By the way i am not any iDB moderator or something. Just a simple person. Simply kinda iPhone expert.! Love to help others !

      • Anmol Malhotra

        Can you mail me too bro??

      • Waleed

        Email sent already !

      • Anmol Malhotra

        Thank youuuu soooooo much 🙂
        May god bless you bro 🙂

      • Kit Yee

        Is it possible to send to my email too? tohjacklyn@hotmail.com

      • Waleed

        Sent ! To kit yee. U will recieve within 5 minutes

      • Freddy

        Can you email them to me as well… freddy.eldaya@ghabbour.com
        Thank you

      • Bridezilla Bomm

        Can you sent them to me? Please 🙂 flyxzry.b@live.com

      • tom0977

        hi, can you send me the “new” wallpapers please.

  • ahjek

    So, Whatsapp suggesting we should delete or block the contact if we do not wish to share our status, profile pic? I don’t get it. It makes much more sense if Contacts grouping is possible.

    • afra33

      What do you mean? Now you can set Status to Nobody. However, its not working right now as advertized..

      • ahjek

        Imagine you have your boss contact in your phone and you want to hide it from just him/her, your options for this new privacy settings are.. ?

  • afra33

    New privacy settings are not working for me! I have Last seen and Status to ‘Nobody’ but people are still seeing me online.

    Anyone got a solution??

    • mandraghe

      “Last seen” status is different from “online status” Last seen: it means the last time you opened the app. This privacy thing they just added, it’s just bollocks.

  • Clare2904

    I have just updated my iPhone 4 and now when I change the Wallpaper it shows only in B&W. Any ideas how I fix this ?


  • Abhinandan

    Disappointed with the security updates…..Common facebook stop adding and making the setting complicated. What’s is meant to be social!!!
    And this kind of security settings will only make it just as ones profile page…add friends to let them see your details….(same as fb)