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We are headed into another round of wallpapers for the Wallpapers of the Week section. The section continues to evolve with input from readers in the comment section, proving there is a changing lifestyle to the wallpapers posted on the site.

Like most weeks, I want to remind everyone, sharing wallpapers is a great way to help project the section and give your own input. I get emails every week with great wallpapers and some of them make the post! The images do not need to be original works of art, but crediting the artist, when known, is always preferred. Take a step past the fold to get your hands on these still life images…


Still life captures the beauty of singular objects and even vast expansive landscapes. The genre is not necessarily nature focused, these images just happen to both be of nature scenes. In particular, the droplet image is a great micro shot of nature’s minutia.


Droplet: iPad; iPhone 5/s/c


Wood plank: iPad; iPhone 5/s/c


Grabbing these images is simple. Tap the corresponding device name and wait for the full resolution image. Once the full wallpaper is loaded, tap hold and save to the Camera Roll. From either the Photos.app or Settings.app, set the newly saved image as wallpaper. From a desktop, save the images to the iTunes sync folder.

Getting involved

Help curate the wallpaper section by submitting your favorite images! Please, only submit images that are formatted for iPhone or iPad. Simply sending over a picture you took on vacation does not qualify. Catch up with me on Twitter @jim_gresham or via email at jim@idownloadblog.com.

  • timsun28

    Why is the no iphone 4(s) version :O

    • Smuys

      Just use the iphone 5 version

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    These wallpapers are eh.

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      Is that a Canadian ‘eh’ or more like a Jimmy Fallon ‘ew’?

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        It’s like “meh” without the “m”.

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    amazing please moar

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    Thanks for the effort, but I didn’t like them.

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    love the 2nd one!

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    The water droplet is nice

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    This ones nice

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      what’s your theme (ayeris?)?

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        No, carla ios 7

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        It’s Carla

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      list of tweaks??

      • Alan

        I have a lot, which ones do you mean lol

      • alfonso hall

        Status bar tweaks, battery, wifi etc

  • Jeff Ramirez

    These look great, but it’s something you can just find on google images. Thanks anyway.

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    I have already?

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  • El_Salvador503

    Red Candy

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      Too feminine

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      Nice but to pink for me

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    How about this looks good on my lock screen!

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      This one!

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    Current wallpaper

  • Pablo

    You should make an app for wallpapers of the week, an easy way to search previous wallpapers categorized by device (i4, i5, ipad), maybe a section to submit new wallpapers and even vote for them, with links to the author’s galleries, etc etc

    • illK†Δ

      Check out “AR7” on the App Store. He is someone who contributes to the wallpapers of the week frequently

      • Pablo

        Actually that was the app I was using when I think “hey there should be something similar fot Wallpapers of the Week” I don’t know, like iDB WoW? it would be nice and easier to use from the idevice

  • onebyone_

    enjoy it. (;

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    why only 2?

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    Really enjoy the wallpapers y’all put up. Please keep them coming every week I love to change it up!

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    Here is mine

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    This is my current lock screen wallpaper.

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      And here’s the original.

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    Here is mine

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        Zanilla 🙂

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        wait, what? drooling over an icon? #awkward

  • Noaaahh

    Even thought there is mixed comments about this. I love it. I’m a huge fan of Apple’s “Grass” wallpaper (both OS X and iOS) so I will be using the first wallpaper supplied for a long time 🙂


  • Techno Ventures

    Check this wallpapers 🙂

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      I mean the mavericks one is too common

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    Still using ayecon, am i the only one?

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