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Compose—the jailbreak tweak that allows you to add quick compose widgets to iOS—has been updated for iOS 7. In prior versions of the tweak, the quick compose widgets appeared in Notification Center, but with iOS 7, the compose widgets have been relocated to Control Center.

The iOS 7 version of Compose features a bevy of quick compose shortcuts for apps like Tweetbot, BBM, WhatsApp, and more. It’s a great tweak for quickly accessing the composition assets for many of your favorite App Store apps. To catch a glimpse of how Compose works on iOS 7, take a look at our video walkthrough past the break.

Compose works with CCLoader, a jailbreak tweak that allows you to add additional widgets to Control Center in iOS 7. Once you install Compose, you can venture into the CCLoader preferences to alter the location of the quick compose widgets within Control Center.

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The preferences for Compose contain two sections—left button and right button—and each section can be customized with any one of the follow quick compose widgets:

  • Messages
  • WhatsApp
  • Facebook
  • Snapchat
  • BBM
  • Tumblr
  • Tweetbot
  • Instagram
  • Clear
  • Calendar
  • Twitter
  • Fantastical
  • Drafts

Changing the quick compose buttons takes place immediately with no required respring. Each button features a custom glyph for the associated application, which contributes to the stock look of the tweak.

I think that Compose for iOS 7 is a much better fit for Control Center than it was for Notification Center. It seems easier to access, and it fits the look and feel of Control Center in a perfect manner. Add in the fact that there are a ton of popular applications supported out of the box, and you have a winning combination.

Compose for iOS 7 is available right now on Cydia’s BigBoss repo for $0.99. It’s a highly recommended jailbreak tweak if you use any of the aforementioned apps that it supports. Sound off below in the comments with your thoughts and opinions.

  • Leonard Wong

    Too bad it don’t work with iPad

  • Dave Weinstock

    Wouldn’t it have been better to just release all of these ‘compose’ actions to flipswitch? I’d rather incorporate the compose action into the quick launch section or toggle section, than add an entirely new section.

    • Guest

      For apps like Whatsapp just add app launches, select the app you want and then modify the URL scheme, in Whatsapp’s case use the following URL scheme for composing: whatsapp://send?text=

    • fb2

      You already can do that with the tweak CCToggles. Just go to its settings and you can assign there Activator actions and app launches. There you can also set the built-in system compose actions like twitter, Facebook, SMS, mail etc.

      For apps like Whatsapp just add app launches, select the app you want and then modify the URL scheme, in Whatsapp’s case use the following URL scheme for composing: whatsapp://send?text=

      • fb2

        Here’s a screenshot of my setting 😉

        PS: the Guest reply was from me also, but forgot to login and half of the text was cut out

      • Dave Weinstock

        Thats cool! I knew there was that section to CCToggles, but I’ve never known how to use it. I use CCToggles for my top quick toggles, but for the bottom quick launches I use QuickActivator. I really like the glyphs and short/long hold options provided with QuickActivator. The technique you describe will not work with this enabled. Thats why if these compose actions were released as flipswitches, I could incorporate them into my quick launch section using activator.

    • Norbi Whitney

      Was thinking the same. Having all the different compose options in Activator for use as I wish.

      I’m using QuickActivator for my bottom row. If I could have “open the app” as the tap action on an icon, and then assign a shortcut to the compose screen when I hold the icon, it’d be great.

      Could also use Activate Link, but there are a bunch of URL schemes I can’t find.

      • Dave Weinstock

        I use QuickActivator too, that sounds like a perfect way to set it up! Hopefully these actions will be brought to Activator/flipswitch eventually.

      • fb2

        I think I know most Cydia apps/tweaks and don’t remember any tweak which lets you do this, but you can still use CCToggles and it’s QuickLaunch section to launch apps and URL schemes (as I mentioned above)

        With brute force you can have something which is similar to what you described; just assign 2 QuickLaunches, one for the app if you just want to launch it and a second on for a URL scheme for a special action with the app (e.g. compose, search, special window etc.)

        I did this for example one Facebook button to launch the app and another Facebook button to compose a post. Another examples are WeekCal, one for launching and another for launching the app directly to the create windows (in-app compose). The best example would be 1Password. Normally it just opens and you have to search for your desired entry with some taps, but with the right URL scheme you can open the app directly to the search page, which saves a lot of times (and nerves :p )

        I collected a lot of URL schemes and also shared a lot on iMore forum. If you’re interested then just go there and search for “URL scheme” in the Jailbreak section. There I can help you better 😉

  • Jamie Tilden

    It’s lame that this doesn’t simply have a Reminders stock app option or Notes 🙁

  • Is it possible to Compose with Image?

  • fb2

    you could also use ProWidgets which lets you do that,too. But it will be released late march, so just wait for the awesomeness :p
    Search in iDB for it, there’s a review about the tweak.

  • fb2

    I didn’t buy and installed that tweak, but if you have iFile and know a little bit about the file system of iOS, then you can navigate with iFile and search for that tweak in the system and maybe you’ll find a graphic which you could replace with a transparent file 😉
    You could also just write a mail to the dev and ask him either for the file to replace or if he/she can implement the feature to remove that line in future version of that tweak 😉