Asphaleia Scanning

Asphaleia—the stylish new Touch ID-based jailbreak tweak that we showed you last Friday—is now available for download on Cydia. The tweak, which is a3tweaks’ response to other releases like BioProtect, BioLockdown, and AppLocker, puts an intelligently designed spin on Touch ID security.

Asphaleia works with any iOS 7 capable device, though, not just the Touch ID enabled iPhone 5s. It’s a tweak that brings tons of new security features to both the iPhone 5s, and other iOS 7 enabled devices. Best of all, Asphaleia comes with a 50% discount if you’ve purchased any of the aforementioned security tweaks in the past. Check after the break for our full video walkthrough of Asphaleia in action.

Clearly, Asphaleia developer, Callum Ryan, and its designer, Sentry, put a ton of work into making Asphaleia what it is. As I stated in my full review, I’m a bit torn between it and Ryan Petrich’s BioLockdown. That’s awesome company to keep, though, and the fact that Asphaleia comes at a discount for customers of similar jailbreak tweaks makes the purchase decision a pretty obvious yes.

Asphaelie purchase

Be sure to read our full detailed walkthrough of Asphaleia for intricate information as to how it works, and sound off with your thoughts about the release in the comments section below. Asphaleia is $1.99 on Cydia’s BigBoss repo for customers who haven’t purchased any of the competing tweaks as of yet, and only $0.99 for those who have. As I alluded to, that’s a pretty unique pricing model, and I’d be interested to get your feedback on that aspect of the release as well.

  • Jeffrey

    I’m sorry but I just don’t get the point of having to scan your fingerprint everytime you want to open an app when you already entered your fingerprint while unlocking your device! I mean I lock my phone when I don’t use it so nobody can use my iPhone when I’m not around it…

    • Matheus Lisboa

      Don’t know if it happened with you, but sometimes people ask your iphone to make a call, send a text or smth. With tweaks like these you can make sure that they will not use parts of your phone that you don’t wish people to look…

      • Jeffrey

        well no it doesn’t happen to me but i can imagine that it would be annoying to some people… my thoughts just are that it would be very annoying to have to put your fingerprint everytime you want to open an app

      • -___-

        Granted but let’s be realistic. How often does that even happen. For most I’d say it doesn’t happen so often that it requires a tweak such as this and in any case when some requires my phone for such purpose I’m, and I’d say this goes for most people most of the time, usually there with them so how would they even go through phone right in front of me…

      • Matheus Lisboa

        It happens a lot to me and it doesn’t bother me at all to put my finger more than once, not that lazy..

    • Mescudi

      Ok dude, not everyone is as fortunate as you.
      For example, I have little sisters that are constantly on my phone, literally. They go through every app that looks like fun, their favorite is my camera. I can’t stressed enough how fast my heart beats when someone is scrolling though my stuff when they have my phone.

      Before the jailbreak I wasn’t at ease giving someone my phone.

      I am very fortunate that there are developers putting in hours into their tweaks to make our lives easier.

      So before you start judging and bashing, think first. Ok?

      Ps thank you for the great tweak will be testing it soon.

      • Jeffrey

        Well there is a solution for that: use a fingerprint passcode so your sisters wont be able to unlock your phone. if you give them your phone while unlocked, it’s your own fault because you gave them the ability to open your apps. i also have a big brother, little sister and curious parents who are very curious of the info that’s on my phone, but guess what? they can’t acces that information because i have a fingerprint passcode!!! and if you ask me, this tweak does not make life easier, it makes it harder.

        So before you start judging and bashing, think first. Ok?

      • Joseph Nguyen

        Well one example that shows that these types of security tweaks are useful is whenever my girlfriend’s nephews or nieces would want to play games on her or my iPhone. While they would have access to all the games, I secured all the sensitive apps such as mail, messages, phone, contacts, and banking apps. I view apps like these as a means of limited access to those who would have to borrow your phone.

      • Jeffrey

        well im not going further into the discussion but ill say: some people like you like to secure some apps for others, but i dont. it’s just the diffrence between you and me, but ill respect that

      • asnjkscnahcb

        i don’t think you respect anyone at all. you keep on bashing people on how this tweak doesn’t make sense. bottomline: all these security tweaks (asphalea, bioprotect, biolockdown) are specifically for people who can freely share their phone yet secure specific apps that they don’t like other people to get into.

        stop debating and just admit your wrong. end of discussion.

      • Jeffrey

        no i actually do respect others, as i said, this is MY opinion. but obviously I can’t put my opinion on iDB. i find it sad that i have to be insulted just because i have an opinion. as i said earlier: i think it’s great that you love the tweak, but i dont, so that’s my opinion, please respect that, because i respect yours

      • Marcus Gomita

        What if you lend your phone to someone? You don’t want them using all your apps.

      • Joseph Nguyen

        Very true. With iOS’s security it’s a all or nothing deal. As with Jeffrey’s grudge against these types of tweaks, the owner can simply disable the added security through the settings or Activator (if the tweak supports it) so it won’t feel as if the phone is protecting itself even from the owner. Guestmode has a neat setup when it comes to limited access.

      • Marcus Gomita

        yes. also I think that Jeffrey is a troll.

      • Jonathan

        Glad I’m not the only one who’s heart pounds.

      • Andrew Roth

        Guest Mode does the same thing but in a much more practical manner.

    • Sam Khan

      You know developer never forced you to buy it, you can simply leave this page if you don’t like it. Its only for people who like to put security on there purchased apps!

      • Jeffrey

        i know but i was just expressing my feeling about this app, i ever stated in my comment that i wanted to have the tweak removed from the app store or that nobody can buy it, i was just saying that i dont get the hype about these tweaks

      • Rigs101

        Some people just want to hide the p0rn let’s be honest what else would you hide???????i get what you’re saying it gets annoying when I have to enter my password for any app I download past the 15 minute mark if I want privacy then I’m with you don’t let anyone borrow your phone done deal

      • Jeffrey

        exactly, also i have a tweak which stops the safari history logging:P

      • Rigs101

        For privacy I would use google chrome INCOGNITO

      • Jeffrey

        lol yeah i use that:P can you use that on iphone?

      • Rigs101


      • Jeffrey

        ah, i like safari better though:/

      • eliiasv

        Well if you have a girlfriend that you text you might want to lock messages… I also have tweetbot, snapchat and some other social apps locked so my friends won’t be able to access that. But since you probably live in your mom’s basement watching naked girls on you iPod all day with no friends I understand that you don’t need this 🙂
        Awesome tweak btw, works better than any other similar tweak I tested 🙂

      • Rigs101

        Your too funny defensive comments like that hint at what I was trying to prove if your hiding texts from girlfriend most likely it has something to do with PORN!! And if you read what I said I wrote if I wanted privacy I would not allow my friends to borrow my phone plain and simple I mean it’s 2014 I’ve seen 7 year olds with iPhones all my friends have there phones and no basement in my moms home sorry to disappoint you

      • eliiasv

        Hahaha, please read again… I don’t hide my messages from my girlfriend I hide my messages with my girlfriend from others -.- You know like friends and family.. Why tf would I hide messages from my girlfriend.. Seriously? My girlfriend has her fingerprint registred to my phone so I see no point to use the tweak to protect from my girlfriend like why would I do that!?
        I let my friends borrow my phone like 10x /day and it’s nice to have a tweak to lock certain apps 🙂

      • bloodshed

        oh come on!!..App!..and app store?

      • Jeffrey

        yeah whoops mistake. tweak

    • vaiperboy

      Maybe you forgot to lock your phone after finishing whatever you was doing on the phone ,, but the point is to secure your phone with no limits

  • Joseph an

    unfortunately when i installed asphaleia it caused my iPhone didn’t boot up (after respiring )

    • iBanks

      Same here

    • Ваше Онтатиле Масвибилили

      same here…. I must say i am disappointed. I had to hard reset it and boot in safe mode

    • Got white screen and deadly bootloop! How do you get out of it?

    • AlbertGomez

      Me too :(, now i have to update to 7.1 because of this shitty tweak..

  • Matheus Lisboa

    I want prowidgets! I’m aching to take a look at it!

    • jocastro

      amen, looks amazing

    • Andrew Roth

      Developer told me that it should be launching really soon. (matter of days.) Already testing it and it is really cool.

  • Mario Britten


  • Anmol Malhotra

    I’m loving iOS 7.1 improvements.. 🙂



  • Andrew Roth

    I don’t like A3Tweaks. They almost never reply to emails and when they do they’re usually jerky. Plus FlagPaint7 was completely stolen from Coono.

  • MrShutEmDown

    So I see A3Tweaks is just taking ideas from other themes and outclassing them. Okay.

    • Martin

      Like Ryan Petrich.

  • RandomGuyHits

    Asphaleia = security in greek

    Just saying….

    • Marcus Gomita

      Cool, I didn’t know that. I thought the name was a little weird.

  • Seed

    This tweak has a bootloop bug in iphone5s. (ver 1.0.0-5)
    A3tweaks’s tweak is always buggy at launching.

    • Yes, do you know how to get out of it?

      • Seed

        sorry I don’t know.
        but 2hours ago, developer Submitted a fix for the odd bootloop issue.

      • Found the solution. See my comment above.

  • Did you have to disable BioLockdown first, because now my iPhone 5s is in a bootloop! How do you get out of the phone cycling in and out of the white screen with the the black Apple logo Jeff?

    • Seed

      can’t try into safemode (sleep button+volume up)??

    • Hold Home and Power together until the Apple logo is displayed, then the up volume button. Then go to Cydia and uninstall Asphaleia. Viola, all is fine again after Powering off and on again. Not a fan of this app at all! Biolockdown has been working just fine, and that is what I get for giving Asphaleia a try.

  • Tom

    Too late… Already on 7.1.

  • iydomngz

    M iPhone 5S was broken after install, only shows me the apple logo … someone help me, I do not want to restore

    • Diego Milano

      It happened to several people due to the incompetence of QA behind A3tweaks.
      Read above, there are a few other commenters that got away from it by doing a hard reset of the phone and held the volume up button to start in safe mode, then uninstall this tweak.

  • Diego Milano

    Jeff and all iDB, whenever you guys review jailbreak tweaks, it seems to be a recurring issue with A3tweaks that their software is ridiculously buggy at launch. So, can we kindly suggest you to add a simple reminder/disclaimer of how to boot up the device in safe mode moving forward at the end of each article or somewhere within it?
    I’m sure the audience agrees.

    • Guest

      I just want to shoot whoever behind A3tweaks are 🙁 I’m so upset that i was forced to restore to 7.1. All my tweaks is gone 🙁

      • Lance Baker

        Wow. Safe mode to uninstall wasn’t an option?

      • Chun-Li aka ThunderThighs

        Semi Restore wasn’t an option? Lmaooooo

      • Diego Milano

        Sentry and his fellow developers. 🙂
        But hey- I thought you could boot up in safe mode by holding the volume up button?

  • ND Tou

    Looks good but no folder lock

  • eliiasv

    Are you that lonely or just a troll…?

    • Jeffrey

      ‘that lonely’? what does that have to do with anything? sad

      • eliiasv

        You don’t understand english now.. Oh :/ Well we know you’re a troll so yeah bye

      • Jeffrey

        very very sad, bye

  • asnjkscnahcb

    F**king troll

  • mwpitt52

    Does not cooperate with Virtual Home! After you open secured app it takes you to multi tasking view. Had to delete.

  • WolfgangHoltz

    This tweak is a joke from some sad wannabe developers. The only decent thing would be if BB took this tweak away to never return.

  • Frank Lopez

    Does not work well with virtual home. I would like the ability to use one security method instead of both (touch id or simple pass code)

    Also ability to protect folders.

    I like it but is super buggy

  • LiberalGilt

    I prefer Asphyxia on Clymidia.

  • Randy Hall

    I don’t like that I’m able to see the contents of a locked app behind the password entry prompt field after swiping to unlock the device. For example, I’m in the settings app last before putting phone in sleep mode, then after waking the phone and swiping to unlock I’m prompted for my password to continue using the setting app, however I could still see some the contents of the setting app in the background behind the password entry box/field. There should definitely be some obscurity here where there could be very sensitive information on screen.

  • Chris Duncan

    Can I use this on a iPhone 5?

  • californialove

    i forgot my password for this can anyone help?