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Apple has been having a little more trouble selling the iPhone 5c than it anticipated. We’ve known this for a long time, and Tim Cook himself confirmed it during the company’s last earnings call, essentially telling analysts that the handset has not been as popular as they expected.

But instead of throwing in the towel, Apple appears to be experimenting with a new advertising campaign to push the device. Animated ads, like the one you see in the screenshot above, have begun popping up on high profile websites like Tumblr, Yahoo and The New York Times…

Earlier this month, 9to5Mac noted a new iPhone 5c ad had surfaced on a Tumblr page called ISee5c. There was no proof at the time that Apple was behind the animated spot, but given that the ads have now spilled over into expensive real estate like Yahoo’s homepage, it’s obvious it was.

MediaDailyNews has more:

Opening NYTimes.com initially sends a series of animated yellow dots scurrying from around the page into the ad unit, resolving to form the rear image of an iPhone 5C official case. The ad then presents a selection of six of the 17 15-second videos showcased on the iPhone 5C Tumblr page, highlighting its array of bright colors.

The playful videos, with titles like “Pump it up” “Showtime,” “99 Luftbaloon,” and “Pop,” each feature the animated dots in different configurations and colors paired with individual audio tracks or songs. While the Tumblr campaign has the tagline “Every story has its color,” the one in the NYTimes.com ad is more succinct: “Find your colors.”

Citing a spokesperson from the Times, the site says the ad Apple is running on NYT is called a ‘queen unit.’ It’s an upper-tier ad that features a modified homepage template and a transparent overlay to depict a rich brand experience. They wouldn’t comment on how long it has the space.

tumblr 5c ad

Apple is in an interesting situation at the moment because it’s never had a problem selling the iPhone. But now that it’s offering two separate models, one [the 5s] of which is clearly more popular than the other, it’s swimming into uncharted waters. How do you sell the 5c separate from the 5s?

You advertise them in very different ways and places.

It’ll be interesting to see how this strategy pays off.

  • abdullah575

    where can I see it ?? no link??

  • Vicener

    I think this is a good move. Apple has never been a big advertiser of their products, they hardly even have TV ads, but given the market right now and the state of the 5c I think this is a great way to drive sales.
    Of course we’ll have to wait and see how well this campaign works out.

    • Sam Khan

      They didn’t need to, cause phone carriers were advertising it.

      • True, but compare that to how Samsung is bombarding us with ads and product placement.
        Apple has always been good with product placement with the Mac, but it could do a bit better with iOS devices.

  • Sam Khan

    I haven’t seen any ad in a long time, since i use ad block 😛

    • Agru

      Pay attention when saying it, you might find someone claiming it’s immoral LOL

      • I don’t think it is immoral considering the way websites these days shove tons of advertising banners down our throats, I think it’s perfectly normal why adblockers are so popular. And it’s must to use if you are on a limited data plan.

        I do not have any problem with couple of conventional banner and link ads on a page but expending flash banners, keyword highlighting ads, webpage redirection and popups, I cannot stand.

      • Agru

        Nor do i, but trust me, there are lots of people thinking it this way.
        Edit: lots of bloggers

      • Sam Khan

        Trust me, my windows pc is less vulnerable to these filthy flash ads.

      • I understand who are they. 😉
        They are doing what they need to do, we are doing what we need to do. 😛

    • Jonathan

      ikr? Been 3 years. xD

  • Rot Kelfer

    Yea good luck with that

  • SkyFall

    “How do you sell the 5c separate from the 5s?”

    Make it cost 250-350$ (Knowing Apple this will never happen). And then advertise its “low price”.

  • diggitydang

    Instead of experimenting with ads, they need to experiment with the price… These ads don’t change the fact that I can get a far better phone with better specs and all the new features (TouchID, Tru-Tone Flash, PhotoBurst etc) in a metal body for only $100 more… I think it’s even less than $100 difference now with some carriers. Now, if all that specs were the same and I got all the features if the 5S in a plastic body for $100 less, I might consider it. I think it would sell better for SURE. But there are too many trade offs for $100 savings. They just need to lower the price.

  • n0ahcruz3

    Sorry apple no matter how many times u sugarcoat the 5c its still an overpriced underpowered POS. Face it its a flop.

    • blastingbigairs

      Underpowered???? The chip remained the same as the 5 along with all the other hardware, the only downfall was the plastic backing. Overpriced is a fair statement, even ugly would be fine to say, but attacking the hardware of the phone just makes you sound plain uninformed. My daughter and parents have 5c’s and they are all blazing fast compared to earlier models and most Android devices. Honestly the 5c keeps up with my 5s no problem.

      • n0ahcruz3

        last year’s hardware, same processor same camera, the only difference is the plastic case. And a slighty larger battery. i know every aspect of the phone.

  • Jonathan

    My favorite is Movie night at the end. LOL xD

    • Jeffrey

      hahah i didn’t see them all but movie night is funny:P

  • immovableobject

    The 5c is a perfecty fine phone (essentially a slightly improved iPhone 5), but the bright colors just don’t appeal to everyone. At the very least they should have included black, gray and a few darker tones like forest green, deep burgundy and navy blue. I blame Jony Ives and his obsession on unifying the case colors with the iOS 7 UI color palette.