plex 3-4

Good news for Plex users this afternoon. The popular streaming media platform has updated its iOS client, bringing the app to version 3.4. The update brings about a number of changes, including free Chromecast support, as well as support for play queues & shuffle support.

While the Plex app previously supported Google’s Chromecast digital media player, the feature required a [paid] Plex Pass subscription. But now, it’s available to everyone for free, allowing all users to stream videos, photos and music from their iOS devices to their television sets…

Here is the change log for version 3.4:

What’s New in Version 3.4.0

– Play queues & shuffle support
– Automatic upload of camera roll photos to your media server (requires a Plex Pass subscription)
– Music & photo support for Chromecast
– Chromecast feature no longer requires a Plex Pass subscription!
– Many bugs! 

Another major new feature added today is the ability to automatically upload your camera roll photos to your media server. This not only serves as a form of backup for your photos, but it also makes them available on all of your Plex devices. (Note, this does require Plex Pass).

Here’s a promo clip explaining the feature:

For more information on today’s update, click here to visit Plex’s blog post. Otherwise you can grab the latest version of the Plex app, for both the iPhone and iPad, for $5 in the App Store. The Plex Pass costs $4 per month, $30 per year or $75 for a lifetime subscription.

  • Shasirax

    So, $4.99 = Free?

    • ✪ aidan harris ✪

      I believe the author was referring to the fact that Chromecast support used to be for PlexPass users only where as it is now available for free to all users of Plex…

      • Vidro

        “Otherwise you can grab the latest version of the Plex app, for both the iPhone and iPad, for free in the App Store.”

  • Rowan09

    I never used Plex but is it as good as XBMC?

    • Lady GAGA

      What is xbmc and how to get it !

      • Rowan09

        Do you have a jail broken iPad or own an Android phone? It’s a media player that allows you to add repos where you can watch movies, tv shows, and even download programs like Navi-X for free. If you’ve ever used moviebox or showbox, XBMC or Xbox Media Center is great addition. You can even watch live tv including ppv events.

    • i can highly recommend Plex. streams Youtube videos better than the youtube app and with no ads. when you go to a show to pick a season and an episode it begins to play the theme which is a nice touch

      • Rowan09

        Oh ok but since I have XBMC on my Android micro PC stick I’ll stick to XBMC.

  • Jo Henning Børven

    I would rather recomend using bit torrent sync for videos and picture on your ios device, and then add that to plex as home video and photos. Works like a charm! But thats me, i prefer to decide when to upload/syncronize my pictures/videos.

  • I’m sure Sebastien is going to be watching even more vintage cartoons now.