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Cydia has been the originating point for lots of groundbreaking ideas over the years. Copy and paste originated here, card-based app switchers began here as well. And let’s not forget Notification Center and Control Center — each had its roots firmly planted in Cydia before debuting in stock iOS.

It goes without saying that Apple has been keen on seeing many of the developments unfold by some of the brilliant minds that make up the jailbreak community. It’s even hired ones because of the work they’ve done with jailbreak apps and tweaks, and iOS hacking in general.

Today, we’re happy to reveal the next big blockbuster tweak for jailbroken iPhones and iPads. Hopefully, it will help generate ideas for Apple’s next big feature in iOS. Today, we’d like to introduce to you a brand new upcoming tweak called ProWidgets. We’ve got the very first exclusive hands-on coverage of ProWidgets, and we think you’ll agree with us when we say it’s one of the best looking jailbreak tweaks we’ve seen in some time…

Developed by well-known and respected developer Alan Yip, ProWidgets is a jailbreak tweak that brings interactive widgets to the iPhone and iPad. ProWidgets allows users to multitask to some degree on the small screen of the iPhone, and to an even larger degree on the generous real estate possessed by the iPad.

ProWidgets features several built-in widgets:

  • Calendar
  • Notes
  • Reminders
  • Messages
  • Mail
  • Browser
  • Alarm

…and a few bonus widgets like:

  • Google Authenticator
  • Spotify

But ProWidgets goes much deeper than that. Developers can take advantage of an API to create their own widgets with JavaScript. Or, if you’re feeling particularly adventurous, widgets and scripts can be built using Objective-C.

There will be several ways to add new widgets to ProWidgets. You can do so via direct URL, and there’s a strong possibility that an add-on store will be available for adding new widgets as well.

ProWidgets Animation

The list view in iOS 7.1 makes its way to the Calendar widget in ProWidgets

ProWidgets really grabbed my attention when I was able to go hands-on with its widget manipulation features for the first time. Users can move, minimize, maximize, and open multiple widgets on screen at once. You can then interact with each widget, and each contains its own personality and feature-set.

ProWidgets iPad

The iPad’s larger screen allows for multiple maximized widgets on screen simultaneously

There are several ways to activate the widgets found within ProWidgets. The easiest way is to assign an Activator gesture to the widget of your choice. You can also use Control Center QuickLaunch shortcuts, or take advantage of buttons contained within the Notification Center overlay or Lock screen.

ProWidgets Notification Center

ProWidgets shortcuts in Notification Center

The one thing to keep in mind is that every widget is easily accessible from virtually anywhere. You can even open a widget while within an app, and continue to manipulate the app in the background while your minimized widgets reside in the foreground. ProWidgets is essentially allowing you to multitask on the iPhone’s smaller screen in a manner that makes sense for its size.

ProWidgets Control Center

ProWidgets shortcuts from Control Center

The larger iPad screen benefits by allowing you to move maximized widgets around the screen, interacting with multiple maximized widgets at once. While the iPad version of ProWidgets certainly feels amazing, I want to make sure that I accurately portray how awesome this tweak is, even on the iPhone’s smaller screen.

There are so many features, subtleties and nuances involved with this tweak, that I could go on for the next few hundred words talking about them all. The bottom line is that ProWidgets looks to be a runaway jailbreak hit for 2014, and I’m wholeheartedly convinced that after it debuts, it will be remembered as one of the best jailbreak releases to ever hit Cydia, hands-down.

ProWidgets Dark Theme

The ProWidgets dark theme

Again, there are many more features to talk about, including built in themes—there are four of them—and the ability to set the minimization view size for minimized widgets—there are four of those as well. I won’t spoil all of the surprises in this preview, but rest assured that you’re going to love this when it lands on Cydia.

ProWidgets Dark Mazimized

The dark theme with maximized definition view

There’s no current ETA for ProWidgets’ release, but I don’t think Alan is keen on releasing the tweak until he’s 100% satisfied with its results, and I don’t blame him. Regardless of how long it may take (I don’t believe it will be that much longer), I think you’ll feel that it was worth the wait.

So what do you think? I told you guys that there was something big on the horizon, and I don’t think my claims were unwarranted in any way. Share your thoughts down below in the comments section, and let me know what type of widgets you’d like to see, and whether or not you’ll be buying this tweak come release day. Stay tuned, we’ll have more exclusive coverage of ProWidgets in the near future. In the meantime, you can find out more about ProWidgets by visiting its official website.

  • Leonard Wong

    Holy hell! That’s…That’s just way too cool.

    • jacko


  • Framboogle

    Holy shit this is definitely worth the hype you guys gave on Twitter.

  • Alan

    Everyone who updated is going to regret it now

    • Maxim∑

      that’s me! wanted multi window and Bluetooth mouse support for my iPad air but of course I had to update a second after Apple released it

  • ✌️

    Haha framboogle’s comment .

  • ✌️

    Sucks for 7.1 users. Your loss ;D

  • Micaiah Martin

    I was wondering what Alan Yip was up to…. Now I know…looks badass!

  • klouud

    that would be nice for iPad. a little cumbersome on iPhone/iPod. I WOULD l like apple to make spotlight available on the lock screen and add features like “dictionary” to it.

    • iBanks

      No need for Apple to do so, leave it to the Jailbreak community.

    • Sohail Wahab

      I had the same idea & that’s why I love this tweak & by the way I’ve emailed a bunch of developers about that but non of them replied.

    • gittlopctbi

      I agree about it being to cumbersome on the smaller iPhone screen. Just too much on the screen. It would be faster and easier just to use an app switcher.

    • Mohammed Sahib

      @sohailwahab:disqus @klouud:disqus if you are jailbroken, install spotdefine (dictionary in spotlight) and anyspot (a flipswitch to activate spotlight from control center anywhere, including the lock screen)

      • Sohail Wahab

        Yes! My device is jailbroken, I can’t imagine a life without jailbreak & I’ve already done the things you mentioned above.
        I’m so excited about this ProWidgets.
        I can’t wait to get my hands on one of those widgets.

    • Niclas

      There are two tweaks that do this already.

  • Guito Mendez

    This tweak makes the decision even harder to update or not!

  • Jordan Carter

    ya definitely gonna be picking it up for my iPad but doubt ill use it on my iPhone. It kinda reminds me of an awesome tweak Quasar that was iPad only compatible and allowed true multitasking, idk y the devs never updated it for iOS 6 or iOS 7 though. If y’all are listening update Quasar please!!!

    • Yep. This is Quasar done right. And with a whole lot more design prowess.

      • Jordan Carter

        i sure hope you’re right Jeff! And wow Jeff commented on my comment! I feel so cool now haha, day = made

      • Straw hat

        Lol 😀 i remember sebastian replying to me i was so hype i threw a party and got drunk.

      • DanielB

        If I remember correctly, Quasar let you resize an app to any size, not just max or min, so you could have two apps side by side utilizing the entire screen real estate. It would also let you use any app in its true form. From the looks of ProWidget, the UI seems a bit watered down and basic — or is that just the iOS7ness of it? Maybe this will improve, but for now I would disagree that this app is better than Quasar. Quasar suffered from bugs, but the overall presentation has yet to be matched. I am looking forward to giving this thing a test run, though. Hopefully it doesn’t cost $10 just to try it out.

  • dc7007

    I hope more widgets in the future, like YouTube, Facebook messenger, whatsapp, etc.

  • Jamie Tilden

    Wow. Nice. This is gonna replace a lot of tweaks for me 🙂

    • Jordan Carter

      really? don’t kno what tweaks do anything remotely close to this that it would replace

      • Jordan Carter

        maybe that one tweak, i think it was called vortex or something that allowed you to preview apps by swiping down on them, that was pretty sweet, would like to see it updated for iOS 7

      • Jamie Tilden

        Velox. This doesn’t have much to do with that though.

      • Jamie Tilden

        CCClockOpenToAlarm, CCToggles (maybe), SpotDefine/Search Loader, Couria

      • Jordan Carter

        alright ya ill giv u some of those

  • Al

    Funny.. how Jeff started on the iPad, then went to the iPhone.

    I guess it’s way of showing that it’s a universal tweak, but I’ll be more inclined to use it on the iPad.

  • CAS

    After reading this post all I can say is:

    I need an iPad.

    • Jonathan

      *starts entering thousands of contests*

      • CAS

        Haha I don’t have to much luck 😛 it’s time to save for an iPad Air 🙂

      • Jonathan

        ikr? I’m creating a theme, but it has a 3/40 piracy rate (AGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH) so I can’t buy an iPad. I hate piracy with a burning passion.

      • CAS

        What is the name of your theme?

      • Jonathan

        It’s a bundle. Sleek7 Premium, Soft7, and Dark7.

      • CAS

        I can’t believe you are 14 years old 😮 and your themes look good, maybe when I get bored of Rollypop and Ayeris I will buy one 🙂

      • Jonathan

        Thanks 😀

  • Willie

    It looks really like how OS X Dashboard works!! I love the concept.

  • Matt
  • Raúl Díez Martín

    Overly hyped, this reminds me the Velox story.

    • iBanks

      Reminds me of they hype of Titanfall… Well deserved.

      • Raúl Díez Martín


      • iBanks

        You are missing the point here. Velox served no purpose other than the settings app w/ the ability of system toggles. Other than that, everything else was no different than opening the app. This here has an greater purpose because it allows you to do multiple things at once in a sense. Not only that, it’s main purpose is to allow quick actions like jotting down an quick note or setting an reminder without having to leave what you are currently doing. To be able to see the contents inside of the widget is just a plus. Quick actions is key here, not viewing entire contents that the main app will show.

  • Alex Lopez

    This is the best tweak I’ve ever seen 😛

  • felixtaf

    This will be definitely in my best tweaks collection!. Awesome tweak, looks and works great (from video). Kudos to the developer….

  • iBanks

    Yup! This is sexy. The sad part is that so many people are praising it but let it come with a $4.99 price tag, then they will do nothing but whine and complain and beg for another developer to create a free alternative. Take my money, I need this in my life.

  • Sohail Wahab

    It’s way more awesome then I thought…………………!!!

  • Sohail Wahab

    I’ve sent emails to a lot of developers to built a tweak for defining words & to be accessible all over the iOS like MiniPlayer.
    I would love to use that define widget of ProWidgets by typing the word & getting the definition by hitting space on keyboard instead of define button on the widget, also I would love to get all my widgets on the edges of my screen instead of Control Center or Notification Center.

  • Sean Keenan

    Cool tweak but would be nice If the widget could be minimize more. Make it colored circle on the status bar to that widget and tap it to bring up the widget. Minimize button on widget shrinks it ect.

  • Sergio Armenta

    I couldn’t figure out which tweak was causing my iPhone 5 to constantly crash my phone to Safe Mode and I was starting to get a bit irritated. Then I saw this post for pro widgets and made me dig dipper and find out what it was because I did not want to lose my JB. I can’t wait to use this tweak definitely something I was hoping to see. I used Quasar on my iPad 2 way before I gave it to my sister and I was always hoping to see TRUE multitasking on the iPhone. Screw Samsung and their Multiwindow feature this is far, far better.

    • samay s

      Download this Crash Reporter from Cydia. and add syslogd to /var/log/syslog
      you can find out which of the programs crashes your iPhone.
      it was this tweak Rocket Launcher that constantly crashed my iPhone 5s to Safe Mode. I even though for a while to update my iPhone to iOS 7.1 , just waiting for this tweak and Auxo 2. that will just make my JailBreak so complete

  • Mark@Disqus

    “Help Sebastien define docket” LOL

    Looking forward to trying this out.

  • on3simpleclick

    Nice tweak, but not ‘groundbreaking’.

  • Diego Milano

    I find the development behind this project really outstanding, however I can’t think of why I’d purchase this tweak on my iPhone or even on my iPad. I like to focus on one thing at a time instead of having a lot of windows cluttering my screen like I would on my computer.
    Not practical for me, but great job nonetheless- I repeat, GREAT job.

  • skypawn

    This is way beyond tweaks. It’s Dashboard on iOS!

  • DanielB

    I gotta ask, Jeff… Are the yellow flowers on the desk a video prop, or a full time thing? They seem to take up a lot of space.

  • I think it’s great , but maybe you need a lot of ram ( iPhone 4S )

  • Mohammed Sahib

    This tweak is no small programming feat. But the main concern on the iPhone is battery life. I am expecting it to suffer if one has many widgets running simultaneously.

    • Plus lack of RAM. My iPad Air crashes enough from low memory as it is. What tweak we desperately need is split screen to run two apps at once

      • Mohammed Sahib

        How is the crashing after 7.1? I was hoping it is fixed so I can finally jump from my iPad 2 to the air.

      • I’m on 7.0.6. People say it’s better but I don’t know

  • This is how not to do widgets. Widgets should be part of spring board to get quick info from like on wp8 and android. Floating windows? No thank you.

  • Sekelani

    Wow. I wish I never updated to 7.1

  • s0me

    Wow… this is how IOS should look like. Congrats to the developer!!!

  • jacko


  • Donovan

    I’m so glad that I didn’t update. I was gonna update 10 mins before reading this but i was in a hurry. So lucky

  • Anton Svedmark

    Question: will you be able to port android widgets to this thing with ease?

  • Matthew Dias

    Do the small preivews update live when you minimize them? In other words, could you potentially have a video playing in a minimized widget?

  • Jonathan

    Shut up and take my money.

  • Tony

    And this is exactly what apple should be adding to the ipad series to set it apart from the iPhones. This is amazing looking! Picking this up for sure!

  • adal.javierxx

    Holy Crap… coooool !!

  • Armed in the Villa

    This is really cool. Consider me sold

  • When a widget is minimized can it still be used or do you have to maximize it again?

  • mike

    Reminds me of DashboardX. Definitely purchasing unless the price is way too unreasonable.

  • Martin


  • Jonathan

    Pretty need stuff! but it will probably be quite messy for iPhones.

  • becoolyolanda

    wow – maybe someday I can VNC into my Mac and run OSX finder widgets – uh, .. i mean windows.

  • Iuri Dos Santos Cunha

    one more tweak that I shall be buying, most definitely. This tweak looks so good, too good in fact, it deserves all the money it can get

  • samay s

    can’t wait to get this tweak officially supported in the iOS 8. this is just so freakin’ awesome. if this is going to go OPEN SOURCE, then devs are going to come up with promising freestyle widgets. this makes the yester-versions of iOS jailbreak widgets such as DashBoard really obsolete.
    How lovely flat and nice it is ! any clue on the tweak’s pricing ?

  • Sohail Wahab

    Thanks dude! I know & I’ve already done it

  • Yes please