Microsoft is preparing to release a long-awaited update to its Office productivity suite for Mac this year. The current version, Office:mac 2011, lags far behind its Windows counterpart in terms of user interface and functionality.

The news first came from Microsoft’s Business Group Lead Thorsten Hübschen and has since been confirmed by a spokesperson, who says the company is indeed working on the update and it will provide further details soon…

Macworld has the report from Computerwoche:

“At the Cebit trade fair in Hanover, Hübschen told Computerwoche that there are now development teams for each of the Office applications, which each produce versions of their product for different platforms. In addition to MacOS, other possible targets for the future may include tablets running iOS and Android. Microsoft gave a hint in this direction when it released an Android SDK at its SharePoint Conference 2014 in Las Vegas last week.”

And here’s the comment from the MS spokesperson:

“A representative for Microsoft confirmed that development work for the next version of Office for Mac is ongoing. “The team is hard at work on the next version of Office for Mac,” she said in an email. “While I don’t have details to share on timing, when it’s available, Office 365 subscribers will automatically get the next Office for Mac at no additional cost.” 

Of course, Apple offers its own productivity software suit called iWork, which it started offering for free with new Mac purchases last year. But Microsoft’s Office still dominates in overall marketshare, with over 1 billion users.

Thus, this news should please Office for Mac users, who haven’t seen a major update since it was released in 2010. Microsoft is also said to be working on an iPad version of the suite, but the ongoing rumor has yet to materialize.

  • anasiatka

    Finally! iWork is good for basic stuff but it lacks features even Office 2003 had. Hope it comes soon! And I don’t think iWork was ever intended to compete with Office. Hence why it’s now free.

    • ✪ aidan harris ✪

      My personal opinion is that Apple made iWork, GarageBand, iPhoto, etc free with the intention of competing but with them in their current state mostly to entice users over to the iOS and OSX platforms…

      In regards to Office Microsoft couldn’t care less about supporting OSX and Mac users that need access to Office should instead buy Parallels and Windows 8 and Office and use a Bootcamp setup and run your Bootcamp partition in Parallels. This way you get the best of both worlds with all that OSX has to offer and all that Windows 8 has to offer…

  • Laszlo Gaspar

    Sounds good, still not sure about it coming to iPad, would be a stupid move if Microsoft wish to keep the surface around.

  • Sokrates

    Finally.. the lack of SMOOTH SCROLLING hurts my eyes everyday.

    • Brandon Weidema

      the lack of a retina interface hurts mine ;p

      • Sokrates

        True! But it actually has retina.. You just need to install the latest updates.

  • Can’t wait… Hell no‼️

  • Matt

    About time.
    I would use pages and other iWork apps, but I need office for school. I cannot format my paper in MLA style on pages so gotta have office and if the paper is not in MLA format then that means a 0

  • Filip Langer

    Just don’t let it look like 2013 does on Windows…. oh so bad…

  • Hassan

    ARABIC SUPPORT! Please!!!