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We continue to plug along with the Wallpapers of the Week section, as promised to the readers. Over the past weeks, a new approach began to guide and direct this particular section. iDB prides itself by listening to the comments readers leave on the posts.

In an effort to more effectively provide wallpapers, the new change allows any image to be selected for inclusion. The submissions and choices no longer need to be original works with a known author. To that end, any wallpaper may be considered that is simply stumbled upon or submitted by a reader…


Today’s choice projects the beauty of both the city and natural landscape. Pitted against the cosmopolitan cityscape, a natural river ebbs and flows under a gorgeous sunset. The grays and blacks of the city also have their minimalist appeal as well, however.

apple_wallpaper_aerial view_ipad_retina_preview

City: iPad; iPhone 5/s/c


Nature: iPad; iPhone 5/s/c


For those new to the wallpaper scene, getting these images on your iOS device is simple. Tap the corresponding device listed below the wallpaper. Tap hold the full resolution image and save it to your Camera Roll. Then, access the image either through Photos.app or Settings.app and set it as wallpaper. From a desktop, save the picture to the iTunes sync folder and then follow the previous directions to access the image.


Of course this section would not be possible without the creative eyes of our readers. Please, send your favorite wallpapers formatted to either iPhone or iPad to me directly. Either, embed them in an email to jim@idownloadblog.com or catch up with me on Twitter @jim_gresham.

  • Anmol Malhotra

    Good one! Not one of the best though..!!

  • Framboogle

    These just keep getting better and better. Keep up the good work iDB!

  • Joel

    Maybe you can make get to match our MacBooks? Btw they are great

    • Hak Attack

      The iPad ones are higher in resolution than the non-retina macbooks. Even then, the Retina MacBooks are around the same size. So iPad wallpapers will work 🙂

  • Jonathan

    Awesome! 😀

  • Noaaahh

    Fantastic! To me feels like iDB is getting more “professional” with their wallpapers! 😉

  • Techno Ventures

    Some good wallpapers 🙂