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There’s no shortage of Touch ID enabled security tweaks for iOS 7. There’s AppLocker, BioProtect, and my favorite, BioLockdown from Ryan Petrich. So the question is, do we need another entry into what has become an increasingly crowded market? If the team behind the release is a3tweaks, then the answer to that question is an emphatic yes.

Unlike the majority of the other releases in the a3tweaks’ repertoire, Asphaleia is extremely deep with tons of options. Sentry, the tweak’s designer, isn’t known for throwing a bunch of unnecessary features into his work with no purpose in mind. Instead, he reasoned that a security tweak like this made it necessary to have enough options to a). keep it secure, and b). give users the options that they need. It’s a strategy that, for the most part at least, has paid off reasonably well.

If you’re looking for an alternative to any of the aforementioned security tweaks—AppLocker, BioProtect, or BioLockdown—then Asphaleia is a release you should definitely check for upon its impending launch. Have a look at our full 10+ minute video walkthrough, as we break down all that the highly anticipated release has to offer.

When you first launch Asphaleia’s preferences, you’ll be presented with an authentication screen for establishing a dedicated passcode for the tweak. While the passcode can be the same as your device’s passcode, it’s a completely separate entity.

Asphaleia Main

Secured apps

Successfully setting up a passcode yields the tweak’s two main sections—secured apps and passcode options. The secured apps section features a list of all of the apps you have installed on your device. Tapping on an app will allow you to easily secure it with the passcode you established, or via Touch ID. You can select or deselect all apps using the button in the upper right-hand corner to manage security in one fell swoop.

Asphaleia Secured Apps

Due to the nature of a tweak like this, you’re required to enter your passcode every time you want to access Asphaleia’s preferences. This can be a bit of a bummer, but the pain is eased some thanks to the dynamic selection option contained in the secured apps section. Dynamic selection allows you to enable or disable security for individual apps outside of the tweak’s preferences. This means that you don’t have to make a trip back to Asphaleia’s preferences every single time you want to enable or disable security for an app.

Asphaleia Dynamic Selection

Dynamic selection is performed by opening the app you’d like to manage, and invoking an assigned Activator gesture to toggle between secured and unsecured status. If you’re using an iPhone 5s, you can choose to use Touch ID if you have it toggle enabled in the secured apps section.

There are five advanced security settings to be found under the secured apps section as well. These five settings—app arranging, slide to power off, multitasking, Control Center, and Spotlight—allow you to restrict access to specific features on your device. You can then use either Touch ID or your Asphaleia passcode to access each particular section.

Passcode options

To change the way the actual security works, you’ll need to venture into the passcode options section of the tweak’s preferences. Passcode options allow you to change passcodes, enable or disable Touch ID, set thresholds for re-authorization, and more. You’ll find settings to obscure app content, additional thresholds for limiting app security after the device has been unlocked, and delays for when apps are open upon unlocking.

Asphaleia Passcode Options

Asphaleia even allows you to assign any of the fingerprints established during your setup of Touch ID with varying rights of access. For example, you can make it so that only your right thumb can access all apps, but your left thumb can access app options and slide to power off verification.

Asphaleia FingerPrints

There’s even a special control panel that can be accessed by means of Touch ID or an Activator gesture. When invoked from the Home screen, this control panel allows you to quickly manage your app security settings settings and enable or disable global app security. Think of the control panel as yet another way to quickly manage Asphaleia without having to visit the tweak’s preferences.

Asphaleia Control Panel Overlay


Why use Asphaleia when there are so many other options available for you to choose from? For starters, how about the design? The animations that occur on each individual app icon when launching a secured app are the best of any Touch ID enabled tweak. The subtleties of the design and the icons bring a level of detail to a tweak-segment that’s never featured such obsessive care.

A lot of work has been put into Asphaleia to make sure that it not only appeals to iPhone 5s users who love Touch ID, but it also works very well with non-Touch ID enabled devices. Finally, the many threshold settings that litter Asphaleia’s settings make for a highly customized and personal experience.

Asphaleia Scanning

One thing that’s been hard for me to get used to is the sheer number of options available in Asphaleia. A3tweaks is known for producing simple, concise, straight-to-the-point jailbreak tweaks. Asphaleia diverges some from that tried and true formula, and to be honest, it’s a bit unsettling and difficult to get used to. Yet, as mentioned, for a tweak of this nature, it’s primarily done out of necessity.

Of course, one could probably make a sound argument for sticking to a release like BioLockdown. It’s more mature, and like Asphaleia, it too is from a highly-respected developer. It’s good to be finicky when it comes to any release, but especially so when it comes to device security. That’s probably one of the reasons why a3tweaks has made the barrier to entry so easy with Asphaleia. For $0.99 (if you own any of the other aforementioned security tweaks) you can enjoy the fruits of Callum Ryan and Sentry’s laborious efforts. All other users can pick up the tweak for a reasonable $1.99.

I certainly recommend trying Asphaleia to see if it’s for you. To be honest, I’m a little torn at this point, because of Asphaleia’s newness. The release candidate version that I’ve been testing works quite well, but there have been a fair share of crashes that I’ve witnessed during my hands-on time. Given time to mature, it’s entirely possible that Asphaleia could give my favorite Touch ID jailbreak tweak—BioLockdown—a definite run for its money. It’ll probably take a few revisions before it’s at that level, but I certainly see this tweak being the Touch ID release with the biggest upside.

Asphaleia will be available in the very near future on Cydia’s BigBoss repo. In the meantime, please sound off with your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below.

  • Leonard Wong

    Visual design is gorgeous with lots of settings to configured.Other than that, it is just another Touch ID tweak that secure app.

    • ✪ aidan harris ✪

      I honestly don’t understand why we have so much tweaks that essentially do the same thing. Can you imagine how much better they’d be if developers just collaborated on one tweak rather than each working on a tweak of their own that all does the same thing…

      • Leonard Wong

        Yes! I strongly agree you with that.
        Collaborate together and I am sure that amazing stuff will be produce instead of making tweaks that is literally the same thing

      • Luca Kassab

        i disagree, outside of the jailbreak community you’ll find “the same product” over and over again, that’s competition which leads to perfection

      • DMan9574

        Yes but in this case we are inside the jailbreak community

  • CAS

    I don’t own an iPhone 5s, did I read wrong or this will work with no touch id capable devices? I mean with a passcode.

    • Yes, it will. You can use passcodes.

      • CAS

        Cool, I think I will buy this, thanks for the reply and great post 🙂

  • Ваше Онтатиле Масвибилили

    i am definitely going for this one

  • Chun-Li aka ThunderThighs

    Not necessary. Too many tweaks that do this. This one you’re just buying it just because of the developers behind it.

    • Diego Milano

      Seriously, these guys really need to stop ripping off and copying other tweaks that are already out there. I know, I know, they are probably better designed and coded and yada-yada, but still. Guys- innovate please.

      • z1n

        Sometime refinement is better than innovation.

  • Matthew Cooper

    In my opinion GuestMode is the best tweak when it comes to security. Its subtle and can be enabled several different ways.

  • Michael Hulet

    Looks like a really great tweak, but am I the only one that noticed that in the top picture, it’s prompting the user to “Scan Finger” on an iPhone 5c?

    • Nate McKelvie

      I think that’s just the icon for the app maybe?

      • Beta382

        It’s the photos app and it says “Scan Finger”… Definitely NOT the app icon, definitely IS them putting a 5S screenshot into a 5C frame.

      • Ryan

        You’re all idiots. It works without Touch ID, you just input your passcode.

      • Michael Hulet

        But it probably wouldn’t be prompting you to scan your finger on a device that doesn’t have a fingerprint scanner

      • Nate McKelvie

        Wrong, it is the app icon for the tweak, you can use pass code but the icon shows the fingerprint scan

  • Batman

    Works as it says.
    But 99% of the time, your iPhone is in your own hands, this just waste so much of your time.
    If there are too many secrets on your iPhone, just don’t give it to anybody.

    • Diego Milano


    • Niclas

      When you start meetig girls, you will know why…

      • Yaseen AlSuwaidan

        Aaaawch,,, 😉

  • Joseph A. Ahmad

    This is what Touch ID should have really been from the beginning. Probably too many bugs to really implement it properly with everything else that was going on with iOS 7. I’m expecting to see at least a few ideas from Asphaleia implemented into iOS 8, I’d be very surprised if Touch ID wasn’t improved upon.

  • Jeroen Claassens

    Shame that Dynamic Selection requires to scan with the Touch ID… Makes it incompatible with Visual Home, because the same action would simulate a press of the home button.

  • Tom

    Can’t wait!

  • Coleman Lee

    Should enable locking for folders as well. Not just individual apps. like bioprotect does.

  • ….

    Near Future**

  • Sami Atiq

    when it will be available any idea?? looking at the screen shots tells that it is ready so what’s the delay in releasing it???

  • Giel Konink

    WHY iPhone 5C ??

  • Royce Otero

    It’s cool they added a lot of things into this tweak.

  • GzyOnline

    VirtualHome is my favorite Touch ID jailbreak tweak! 😀

  • Eni

    why do we need that when apple gave us the oportunity to lock the intire phone with touchID, if you have something to hide just lock the phone with touchID ore pascode. we need a tweak for example to enter the twetter pascode an email with the touchID, that it will be a great tweak, and everyone it will bay it, not this things, and virtual home is the best touchID for now.

    • Diego Milano

      Well the answer is obvious- you can hand your phone to someone else for many different reasons and maybe you don’t want them to peek around your phone or access specific apps you want them private. 🙂
      There are two -if not more- tweaks that do EXACTLY the same thing.

    • Niclas

      You can go and bay iTouchSecure right away then…

  • Marcus

    Ryan Petrich is way more original than A3Tweaks. BioLockdown is better because Ryan cares more about his tweaks and A3Tweaks barely updates their tweaks to get rid of the bugs. The only A3Tweak I will buy on iOS 7 is Auxo 2.

    • Diego Milano

      Sadly I have to agree. Their tweaks are somewhat overrated purely because of some eye-candy and design. Ever since iOS 7 has been released, there’s been zero contribution from these developers and designer.

  • Khalid Tahhan

    To date protecti+ is the only tweak that can lock notification center. I wish it had folder locking as well as that would make it complete.

    This tweak seems more logically set out but is missing notification center and folder locking.

  • MrDDify

    You made a small mistake Jeff. Asphaleia will be available in the very new future on Cydia’s BigBoss repo.
    Should be: Asphaleia will be available in the very near future on Cydia’s BigBoss repo.

  • Jay Burgandy

    At the END of the day, Just put the device on SAFEMODE.. You can access every apps and settings on the IPHONE.. 😛

  • Joseph Nguyen

    Puzzled how the primary image of the article is a iPhone 5c, when it doesn’t have a fingerprint sensor, meaning that won’t support Asphaleia.

  • Hemn Jimy

    hey can any one tell me the repo that the beta ver. is available now ?

  • Iliya Motamedi

    anyone know why i when left some app`s get message ” asphaleia control panel ” like up photo ? i dont no change what thing on setting all of my app get lock ?

  • Casey Jones

    Why when I have it a app locked. All yud have to do is press home and it opens without fingerprint or passcode?

  • Gabriel

    NICE….The “unlock to App unsecured” feature is great but when deactivated, it would of been nice that the already opened app is obscured.

    Also another feature that would be nice that Applock has is the “session unlocking feature” Once you unlock one app the Applock unlocks all apps. great when you need to use more than one program that is protected. can seem a pain to have to toggle between apps that you constantly use.

  • Arthur Salgado

    So they stop to update Asphaleia ! I’m really sad…