Theme Thursday Six

It is already March and time for the sixth edition of Theme Thursday, a weekly roundup that features some of the best Winterboard themes for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Even over three months since the iOS 7 jailbreak was released, there continues to be a number of high-quality theme releases each week. Ayeris captured the attention of the jailbreaking community last week, and this time around we present you with Habesha, Mary and Myrea… 



Andreas Larsen, best known for Circul8, has returned to the scene with a new theme called Habesha. The custom icons included are considerably flat with mainly white glyphs, and look quite nice. My only gripe about this theme is that the Facebook icon has more of a purple hue than blue, which is rather unrealistic.

Habesha, like other themes, can be further customized using additional jailbreak tweaks. Iconoclasm was used to set a 3×3 sparse icon layout and IconOmatic was used to overlay icon shadows and remove app labels. Habesha is free on Cydia in the ModMyi repo for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. iOS 7 or later.



Eduardo López is one of the most impressive graphic designers in the iOS theming community. He is renowned for his work on Soft Remix, one of the most popular themes available and a definite personal favorite. The designer has since followed up with Mary, a well-designed theme that doesn’t stray too far away from the stock iOS appearance.

Mary features small and bright icons for several stock, third-party and jailbreak apps. Additional icon requests can be sent to López by reaching out to him on Twitter (@MagWhiz), where he also posts updates about his themes and other work. Mary is available now on Cydia for free in the default BigBoss repo for iPhone and iPod touch.



Once in a while, a beautiful theme is released that goes completely under the radar. That is why when BestCydiaTweaks brought Myrea to my attention, I was genuinely excited. Myrea is a brand new theme that adds depth to the Home screen, with circular icons that are based on a colorful palette with embossed edges. The same icon mask is applied to non-themed icons.

Myrea is available now on the Cydia Store for $1.99. The theme is currently designed for iPhone and iPod touch only, as designer iulianba from Reddit does not have an iPad to test the larger screen. If you are looking for similar alternatives, consider MeeGo or one of several MIUI theme variants available.

As always, we invite you to share your own favorite themes in the comments section below. If we like them, they could be included in a future Theme Thursday edition. If you have created a theme yourself, and would like to be featured in this roundup, your best advice is to connect with me on Twitter (@rsgnl) with a screenshot and details. If the theme has a price tag, please gift it to Cydia ID 6107077 for consideration.

What do you think of Habesha, Mary and Myrea?

  • Eric Mason

    Already had all 3… Bummer.

    • Rebecca Paul

      սр­&nbsptՕ­&nbspі­&nbspsaw­&nbsptհe­&nbspсհeсk­&nbspՕf­&nbsp$9641, ­&nbspі­&nbspdіd­&nbspոՕt­&nbspbelіeνe­&nbsptհat…my…­&nbspոeіgհbՕսr­&nbspwas­&nbsplіke­&nbsptհey­&nbspsay­&nbspaсtսaly­&nbsperոіոg ­&nbspmՕոey­&nbspіո­&nbsptհeіr­&nbspsрare­&nbsptіme­&nbspՕո­&nbsp tհeіr­&nbspaррle­&nbsplabtՕр..­&nbsptհere­&nbspmՕms­&nbspbest­&nbsp freոd­&nbspstarted­&nbspdՕіոg­&nbsptհіs­&nbspless­&nbsptհaո­&nbsp11 ­&nbspmՕոtհs­&nbspaոd­&nbspat­&nbspрreseոt­&nbspreрayed­&nbsptհe ­&nbspmՕrgage­&nbspՕո­&nbsptհeіr­&nbspaррartmeոt­&nbspaոd­&nbsp рսrсհased­&nbspa­&nbspgreat­&nbspոew­&nbspLexսs­&nbspLS400.­&nbspі ­&nbspweոt­&nbspհere,…C&#97&#x73&#104&#67&#117&#x72&#101d&#46&#x43&#111&#77

      ☢☢☢ �☢☢☢ ☢☢☢ ☢☢☢� ☢☢☢There’s not a big difference this week between those themes and the ones from last week tho. not bad!

  • Hmm

    Off topic but I was just thinking about this. You know how you can bring up Quick Compose in BiteSMS amd itives you options like FT, Skype, Call etc. Can’t they add Whatsapp? I onow they have dabbled in that area before but it would be so cool if you could send messages directly from QC to whatsapp. They added Skype and FT so it can’t be that hard to incorporate it? I mean we have things like Couria now so it’s def possible?? So instead of pressing send you would press Whatsapp and the message would go to whatsapp or the indicator saying Text Message/iMessage would say Whatsapp instead.

    • iPhone Gruru

      Go to their forum and ask Martin.

  • Gabriel Diaz

    How do you arrange your icons like that?

    • Read the post

      • Siddharth Desai

        Don’t be a you-know-what. 😛

      • Dan

        learn to read, you-know-what

        Iconoclasm was used to set a 3×3 sparse icon layout and IconOmatic was used to overlay icon shadows and remove app labels.

      • Siddharth Desai

        Don’t be a you-know-what

      • Dan


      • Fraught


        Don’t be a you-know-what by calling someone who did actually help someone, albeit with a slightly hostile tone, a you-know-what, you you-know-what.

      • Gabriel Diaz

        Well this is awkward….

    • Carlos Gomes

      Really, dude?

  • andy

    i can’t use anything after ayeris … that theme raised the bar so much !

    • Sad

      I feel genuinely bad for you.

    • Conner Gieg

      Yeah Ayeris is by far the best theme

    • Straw hat

      I use ayeris it’s nice but i would’nt say it “raised the bar so much” it’s simple and nice but not so WOAAAAAH!!! OMG LIKE OMG.

    • pokaprophet

      Not feeling Ayeris. Too similar to stock for my taste.

      • Abdl

        Yeah! I think ayeris overrated! I just hate the theme

      • Quinten Janssen

        I hate it because it is totally overpriced. But then again, I also paid $575 for my iPhone 4S

      • Fraught

        I don’t hate Ayeris, but I do think it is VERY hit and miss. When I put it on, I felt I really liked some icons, but others I think either are ugly, and/or don’t fit at all with the overall thing. For example, I hate how the Messages app looks with Ayeris (probably the #1 problem I have with it), and I don’t like Game Center, Videos, or the Camera icon either (excluding any third-party icons, ’cause I’m too lazy to go download it again).

        Also, there are a lot I find excusable, but I don’t really love them either.

        I LOVE the look of the Settings app in Ayeris, though. If I wasn’t so lazy and knew something about it, I’d import the Settings icon into the theme I currently use.

      • Quinten Janssen

        I really like the Videos and the Messages icons, but you’re right; they don’t really fit with the rest of the icons

  • Ley

    Am I the only one that thinks that all the latest Themes look alike ? There’s not a big difference this week between those themes and the ones from last week tho. not bad! but none of them stand out…IMO

    • ChristianPasquariello

      I’m currently using 1nka with a black tint thrown over it with Athena to darken things up a bit and I love the look on my ios7 ipad. Tried me all and it’s my fav.

      • ChristianPasquariello


  • Lee Sek Hon

    Wallpaper for this?? 🙂

    • Kilroy672

      I totally agree. Would love to use this wallpaper. Anyone have or where we can find this?

    • Here.

  • Rubbish

    My god. Themes for iOS 7 are garbage. Really. They all look the damn same. It’s like there’s actually only 1 theme but it comes in 250 different versions.

    • Liam Mulcahy

      I agree

      • Scott

        Totally agree,just my humble opinion, and I no some hard work has been put in to these themes but theme after theme are looking the same,nearly ever icon on all 3 themes are similar or the same.

    • Straw hat

      Some guy named Svink on twitter is making this neat theme that isn’t like these themes, it’s not out yet but i can’t wait for it.

    • Carlos Gomes

      Yup, that’s why these themes should be called “icon packs” instead.

      • ✪ aidan harris ✪

        They’re still themes they’re just icon themes (or themes for icons)

      • Carlos Gomes

        So they are pretty much just icons, you say.
        A collection of icons. Like… a icon pack?

      • ✪ aidan harris ✪


        You can call a house a “house” but you can also call a “house” a “home” whatever terminology you want to use is up to you…

      • Carlos Gomes

        You can call a house “home” but not a bunch of bricks.
        It’s 6AM over here, I’m turning into a poet which means that I need some sleep.
        Have a good night, hooman!

      • pokaprophet

        I’m running the Elite 7 beta. It themes settings, Safari, weather, messages, loads of navigation bars in apps. If even themes WhatsApp!

      • pokaprophet

        Here’s weather with changed icons

      • pokaprophet

        And the main icons are pretty sweet too!

      • That looks nice~

      • Jeffrey

        omfg you have to tell me how you got that time and weather there:0

      • micrich3

        Where did you get the beta? Is it in Cydia?

      • pokaprophet

        Paid beta (worth it) go to idothisdesigns dot com.

      • Todd Sorensen

        How did you change the weather icons?

  • Ariel

    I love Theme thursday, don’t get me wrong, but I gotta admit, most of those themes, although looking nice, don’t have a special look to them. they seem almost the same. This applies to most iOS7 themes lately, hopefully this will change.

    BTW my personal favourites are Space Blueberry, Zanilla, and iRa

  • Blake Royer

    Theme Thursday: Bringing you 3 or more themes that all look so ridiculously alike to last week… each week.

    • Max

      try Trima HD

  • U Kn0w What 1t 1s

    Jaku still reigns king!

    • Ishaan Malhotra


  • Framboogle

    I will not stop until iDB tries out my favorite theme, WORST THEME EVER

    • Carlos Gomes

      Even though the icons are for the lulu, they’re still way more recognizable – which is the main purpose of a icon.

    • Kenrick Fernandes

      awesome teme. were can i download.sorry some keys not workin..

    • Somebody should kick you in the ass for this…

    • I bet when your parents say no, you just keep on asking and asking and asking

    • Dude, it’s getting old. You post this every time we publish a series of themes. I understand you enjoy getting some Likes on your comment, but again, it’s getting old. So please stop. Thank you

      • Framboogle

        I will stop when you guys review the theme.

      • Fraught

        Kurt: “I bet when your parents say no, you just keep on asking and asking and asking”

        Framboogle: “I will stop when you guys review the theme.”

        Ding ding ding. I’d add “crying and throwing a tantrum” on there too. Seems like something he’d do.

    • dan

      I guess that is the theme botmens porents left for him..

    • Ariel

      Lets see the 51 people who “liked” this use this theme for a week without freaking out.

  • Ishaan Malhotra

    Aromy is what i’m using

    • Carlos Gomes

      Greetings, young fellow! Would care to share that wallpaper with us?

      • Ishaan Malhotra

        All yours

      • Carlos Gomes

        Much appreciated.
        May the force be with you.

      • Ishaan Malhotra

        With you too, young jedi

    • Caio Bruno Aguilera

      Hi, friend. How do I change my folder to look like yours?

      • Ishaan Malhotra

        Its a tweak called foldericons, but it can be done withspringtomize 3 as well

    • alexrr10

      Pls….. tell me all the tweaks you used in that homescreen

      • Ishaan Malhotra

        A lot of google searching and ifile required.
        For the staus bar you’ll require c8 status bar( with wintrrboard) and big battery using alkaline(to get big battery , google search ‘big battery alkaline reddit’. You’ll need ifile to place the big battery file into alkaline.) for the icon layout use iconoclasm/homescreendesigner(homescreendesigner much better) and use aromy theme with winterboard. For the widget use iwidget. Google search’minimal date and miui clock iwidget reddit’. Use dockshift for transparent dock. Foldericons for folder customization.

      • alexrr10

        Thanks !!

      • alexrr10

        Thx ! 😀

  • Eric Lu

    Hi, I would like to ask how can you make a great dock like that in your screenshots. I use the tweak “ClassDock”. It shows the reflection and the mirror. However, the doock background is not transparent and the mirror is not so cool like yours. Can you give me any suggestions? Thanks a lot 🙂

    • Wass

      Wondering as well. I like it. Anybody know?

      • Ishaan Malhotra


    • Ishaan Malhotra

      Dockshift is the tweak for all kinds of dock customization

  • AndroidDogHeatandSteelersFan

    The spacing is not correct!

  • Techno Ventures

    Well,All of them looks the same….

  • אביאור רוקח

    SwitchX is the best

  • I just want to chime in here and say that I agree most iOS 7 themes look very similar. We’ve already covered over 30 themes and many of the unique ones have already been featured.

    I think going forward this roundup will start to showcase some nice iOS 7 setups in general and how to replicate them. This could be anything from themes, widgets, status bar tweaks and so forth.

    Thanks to everyone who provides feedback on Theme Thursday each week.

  • Sunny

    Wallpaper please

  • FYI Folder Enhancer is out for iOS 7 an you don’t nee to stick on a 3×3 grind in Folders….

  • assassin

    How did he get those 3×3 icons i know this is off-topic and all but that seems really nice.

    • Eric Mason

      Says in the post.

    • JS3

      tweak: gridlock

  • Thiago Vaccaro

    Meh, these themes looks all the same

  • woojoo666

    Are you guys ever going review lockscreen themes? This is pretty much the only one I’ve found for iOS 7 so far…

  • Max

    Why u no review Themes like Trima HD?

  • Max

    This is the best Theme right now. No like the other Flat ones!! Trima HD! I bought it, and it’s awesome!

  • Andreas Larsen

    Habesha should be used with one of the custom icon masks – made the icons so they can be used with all sorts of masks:)

  • MarcianooM.

    Would someone be so kind to tell me what Jeff is using for his dock? I tested the mary theme which remind me of a ios 7 version of ayecon. Anyway i use clasisc dock but my dock seems messed up in comparison. Also my current theme i use the most is redsgn. Love it.

    • MarcianooM.

      Whoops i meant Joe.

  • Alexis Flores

    Wallpaper please?

    • Dennis Jones


  • Dennis Jones

    This one was fun to do!

  • Richard

    Mary looks just like Newport…