Real Racing 3 (one year anniversary)

It’s hard to believe it’s been a year already since Electronic Arts released its free-to-play Real Racing 3 in the App Store. On the downside, a year is a long time in mobile so aside from avid fans, many casual gamers may have by now stopped enjoying this otherwise excellent racer.

If you needed an excuse to re-download and fire up Real Racing 3 on your device, Electronic Arts is celebrating the game’s first anniversary and has marked the occasion by issuing a fresh content update today. It contains a bunch of new goodies, including support for the physical iOS 7 controllers helping turn Real Racing 3 into a more of a console experience.

Some of the surprises include deep car customization options along with a brand new Photo mode to go with it. “After seeing everyone creating amazing screenshots with Replays, we’re excited to see what players do with Photo mode,” developer Firemonkey teased.

As a bonus, you can now drive Aston Martin sports cars and everyone gets to grab a free 1972 Porsche 911 Carrera RS 2.7. Jump past the fold for the full reveal…

This update contains a wealth of features letting you pimp up your ride for a total visual overhaul. After you personalize the car, the new Photo mode lets you share it with your friends, which I suspect is going to become a rather popular feature.

“To top it all off, Aston Martin has arrived to the delight of luxury sports cars enthusiasts everywhere,” EA noted. Aston Martin’s DB9, Vanquish and V12 Vantage S are now available for your driving pleasure.

Check out the short customization video below.

  • Customization – Change rims, tweak ride height, and apply a multitude of awesome vinyls using the powerful customization tools.
  • Photo Mode – Pause the action and capture the moment. Apply filters and share with ease!
  • New Cars – Aston Martin’s DB9, Vanquish and V12 Vantage S bring power and performance matched with exhilarating design.
  • New All Star Vendetta Series – Pick your favorite manufacturer and clinch victory.
  • Gold Achievements – Hit the milestones and collect bonus Gold for your efforts!
  • iOS 7 Controller Support – Get the traditional controller experience anywhere, anytime.

Lastly, in order to claim your free 1972 Porsche 911 Carrera RS 2.7 simply follow the banners for it in game, according to the game’s official Twitter handle. Alternatively, redeem the Racing Code ‘BIRTHDAY’ to claim your car. Note you’ll need to update to the latest version in order to redeem your free Porsche.


Download Real Racing 3 in the App Store free of charge.

This download comes in at a massive 1.1GB and supports an iPhone, iPod touch or iPad running iOS 5.0 or later. Controller support is an iOS 7-only feature.

  • Artemis

    Well let me know when they decide to add proper dual screen airplay support for apple tv rather than regular mirroring then I’ll get interested. I mean they had it for RR2, but then those were different times when customers mattered and freemium was considered a dirty word.

    • THANK YOU.

      I feel like developers have been neglecting this capability. Maybe because a new Apple TV is upon us?

  • Jan

    Is this game still hackable? Got bored of this months ago. Asphalt 8 is way more fun.

  • Alnando Espaillat

    What controllers ?

    • smtp25

      All iOS7 controllers (or PS3/4 with Controllers for all)

  • Arsanny Lintang

    Will it work with the controllers for all tweak? It would be fantastic!

    • smtp25

      Controllers for all works with anything that supports iOS7 Controllers

      • Arsanny Lintang

        Thanks! 😀

  • Brandon Weidema

    its too bad all the controllers cost like $100, id buy one if it was more in line with the cost of a console controller.

    • smtp25

      “Controllers for all’ lets you use a PS3 controller .. so yeah they are as cheap as console

      • smtp25

        And tried it last night with PS3 .. it works but didn’t feel as good as it did in Asphalt 8 .. will have to play some more (FWIW I never played consoles so not used to it)

  • smtp25

    Been waiting for support to be added, Asphalt 8’s being filling the gap which is a dam good game in itself.

  • At

    No where in the game do I have the option to get the free Porsche?

    • smtp25

      To redeem Porsche you need to goto Settings (cog) then Settings (cog) then ‘Enter racing code’ = birthday

  • At

    I havnt played RR3 in a long time due to their ridiculous IAP model. Thought maybe the customizations would be free or maybe in game money, but nope. Just another IAP feature to be able to utilize it. I’m uninstalling and will give asphalt 8 a go. It’s a real bummer, great game like this ruined by IAP.

  • gittlopctbi

    Where in the world do you redeem the code? I can’t find it anywhere in the game.

    • Bryce

      main screen>settings gear(bottom left)>settings gear>enter racing code

      • gittlopctbi


      • Sirtaj Singh Warriach

        It’s not showing up anywhere! :O

        Where the hell is it?!

  • Bryce

    What I don’t understand is why RR3 doesn’t have airplay support like RR2 does. Where you have the map of the track on the phone display and the game on the airplay screen.

  • lferlito

    I only have a PS2 controller and a WII controller.. Any tweaks for using them?

    • smtp25

      Needs to be bluetooth controller .. and don’t think so

  • h4nd0fg0d

    EA mobile can burn in hell.

  • Nhân Phan


  • Ali Morina


  • Michael Bunch

    How? What’s the code?