Ayeris iPad

Ayeris—the follow up jailbreak theme from Ayecon creator, Surenix, is now available for jailbroken iPad users. The theme, which was initially released for the iPhone last month, brings a subtle yet refreshing refinement to the look and feel of stock iOS 7.

If you’ve already purchased Ayeris for the iPhone, then the iPad version is only $0.99. Check inside for additional details.

When we reviewed Ayreis for iPhone, we were impressed by what we had found—a subtle refinement of iOS 7. Ayeris ditches the skeuomorphic look for a look that’s a lot more subdued, and it works well.

Critics said that Ayeris’ price didn’t match up with its feature-set, but that’s something that will likely continue to be argued with no resolution in sight. Personally speaking, I can see it from both sides of the fence.

I understand that the changes aren’t as drastic as what was found in Ayecon, but I also understand that Surenix put an insane amount of work into getting this just right. He has to be able to recoup his time investment, and I believe that’s why the price is what it is. We discussed this heavily on a previous episode of Let’s Talk Jailbreak. I highly advise you to tune in to our discussion.

Ayeris iPad screenshot

Ayeris for iPad is pretty much the same as the iPhone version, although it’s made to accommodate the bigger screen found on Apple’s tablet. The icons haven’t merely been resized; they’ve been fully optimized for the iPad’s larger screen to prevent blurriness. You’ll, of course, find additional app icons for things like Photo Booth, since that’s not present on the stock iPhone. You’ll also notice new themed preference icons in the stock Settings app.

Ayeris themed preferences

Preference icons are themed as well

Ayeris 1.0.2 is available right now for both iPhone and iPad users for $3.99. If you purchase either version, the second purchase is only $0.99. So, essentially, you’re getting both the iPad and iPhone versions of Ayeris for two cents shy of five bucks.

Let me know what you think about Ayeris for iPad in the comments below.

  • Ciaran O’Brien

    Are you guys doing an iPad theme roundup at some point?

    • Yes at some point we will

      • Ciaran O’Brien

        Awesome, look forward to it!

      • Cesar D

        I really want that to happen.

  • Litchy

    Have to say it again:
    Ayeris stays the first and only theme I have ever bought and I don’t believe that will change in the near future.
    Great job Surenix 🙂

    Keep the great updates coming 😀

    • Fermín Osorio

      I agree with you. First and only Theme I have bought and put on my Iphone.

    • Eric Ortiz

      I love the theme as well but I don’t like the new phone icon he updated it to.

    • GL_R


    • CAS

      I bought Ayeris and Rollypop and I will not buy other themes again, I have combine both themes and I love it.

  • AndroidDogHeatandSteelersFan

    It’s not a theme, it’s just an icon change with same layout.

    • Umut Bilgiç

      And it is $4..

      • AndroidDogHeatandSteelersFan

        we want dreamboard themes.

  • CAS

    Ayeris is not that expensive, you are going to use it at least 7 months, so 4 dollars is a reasonable price.

    • Cameron Chao

      its not reasonable based on the fact that other better themes are priced alot cheaper (percentage wise) or even free.

      • CAS

        There are cheaper phones than the iPhone, but we choose iphone because of the quality, same goes to tweaks and themes, you will find cheaper themes but probably without the same quality of surenix themes.

  • leog_76

    I felt the icons on the iPad version are just stretched out iPhone icons. The quality isn’t there. I still love it on the iPhone. I’m glad they did theme within the settings app.

  • pauleebe

    A big fan of this theme but it’s so expensive for a theme …

    • Fermín Osorio

      You buy an iPhone for at least 650$. The iPhone is over rated. And you complain about 4 dollars? Dude…

      • pauleebe

        I bought both the theme and my iPhone (which cost only $199, for the record). But most themes are $.99-$1.99.

        Just saying that most won’t see this theme being “so much better” and will go for the cheaper themes.

      • Giel Konink

        SO ? just go en get it free 😀

      • Giel Konink

        Thats NOT oke what i just sad there !

  • Spider_Pig27

    Aromy is pretty sick

  • Faiz

    I love the wallpaper! Can someone upload it?

    • Dan

      pretty sure that’s a stock wallpaper

      • Faiz

        Not the stock wallpaper. I’m talking about the wallpapers that come with the jailbreak.

  • Joseph

    Was using Softremix for the longest but bought Ayeris based on my experience with Ayecon. I’ve been using Ayeris since purchase and I don’t find myself switching anytime soon. It’s a truly refined iOS 7 experience and made a few adjustments based @Delta_Nine’s design from twitter.

    • GL_R

      Check out the update. Seems like its fixed.

    • John Doe

      I feel the same as you, except that I came to love Soft Remix’s icon shapes so much (as well as their mask of Mctube which I use a lot), so I use it with Ayeris! With Ayeris taking a higher priority of course.

      I think it looks fantastic.

      • Joseph

        I am really digging it. whats the tweak for those colored notification bubbles?

      • John Doe

        Boover. You’re able to change the badge colours and shape to anything between a square and a circle

  • Zen Kaojarern

    I have unrelated question to ask you guys. Since iDownloadBlog has changed its mobile web interface, I can’t open in new tab anymore. Is there a way to do that? (I use iphone Chrome)

    • sharp44MAG .

      No not now but they said they are trying to find a way to open a page in a new tab.

      • Zen Kaojarern

        Oh. Thank you. Good to know.

  • William Melendez

    Good news … I was hoping for an ipad release and I got it !

  • bal412

    Hopefully he fixes the calendar icon, can’t era it due to the red. Also, how do you change these messages icon to the green one he said he included?

  • Aman kapoor

    seriously … your wifi name is Fireworks…