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When it comes to the Apple TV, it seems like everyone agrees that a new one is coming. But just when it will get here is a different story. We’ve heard everything from ‘as early April,’ to ‘before WWDC in June,’ and as late as ‘in the fall this year with Apple’s other product refreshes.’

The latest report, which comes from The Financial Times, claims that the refreshed Apple TV is finished and could land much sooner than everyone is expecting. Citing sources familiar with the company’s plans, the outlet says that Apple’s new set-top box could land “any week now.”

The Time’s Tim Bradshaw has the scoop:

“One source familiar with Apple’s plans has told the FT that Apple plans to introduce a new TV peripheral – but not a full TV set – before its June developer conference, as has been previously reported elsewhere.

The significantly redesigned hardware will include greater support for video-games, already a popular pastime on its iPhones and iPads, as well as other new features which could include bringing its App Store to the TV set for the first time.

The release, which was delayed from the end of last year, could come “any week now”, this source said. Apple has not commented on the rumors.”

Bradshaw’s information lines up with a number of previous reports, including one from tech insider MG Siegler, who said in September of last year that Apple would debut new TV hardware in October. Siegler later retracted the report, explaining he’d heard the launch had been delayed.

But not everyone agrees. Known insider and unofficial Apple mouthpiece Jim Dalrymple offered up one of his infamous rumor debunkings yesterday, responding to reports that the new ‘free gift card with Apple TV purchase’ promo is proof that a new ATV is on the way with a simple “nope.”

Apple TV (teaser 001)

Dalrymple has spent 20+ years reporting on Apple and has proven to have highly reliable sources within the company. He doesn’t comment on rumors very often, but when he does he’s extremely deliberate and accurate. So needless to say, you’d have to be a fool to consider betting against him.

Still, the conflicting reports are interesting, and Apple does seem to be on the verge of launching a new device. Last month, references for unknown TV hardware were spotted within iOS 7, and yesterday Tim Cook told investors that its now $1B TV business is getting harder to call ‘just a hobby.’

Apple is expected to announce the launch of iOS in the Car at the Geneva Motor Show next week, followed by the release of iOS 7.1 in mid-March. Other than that, we know very little about the company’s plans for future announcements outside of WWDC, which typically happens in early June.

  • Chliii

    If it was soon, we would see leaked hardware already…

    • Al

      Agreed… And if there’s going to be additional goodies with this new Apple TV.. They would want to do a press release hyping it up for the public…

      • smtp25

        Have they ever done that, hyping it up for the public, I would say no. The only thing you’ll probably see is the launch invite with some cryptic clues on it

      • Al

        Have they ever done… Hyping it up for the public? Yes… And that’s what I’m speaking on.. A launch invite for a press release to capitalize on showcasing this supposedly “new” Apple TV.

        If it’s going to be additional features rather than a simple hardware bump Apple would want to “hype” it up. I’m not speaking bad on Apple, but why would they just suddenly make a new Apple TV with additional features available without making some type of event showcasing those features..

      • Litchy

        A press release in March is quite possible.
        They introduced the iPad 3 in March, why not the new AppleTV?

    • Litchy

      Yeah right because we saw so much leaked pictures of the Mac Pro last year. Just because we saw a few things doesn’t mean there can’t be any surprises.

      Oh and saying it could be released anytime in the next few weeks does not mean without a press release. A Keynote / Press release in March wouldn’t be the first in Apple history (iPad 3).

  • JoshuaHulgan

    The Beard has spoken.

  • Mike Colacone Saal

    I’ve been saying that it will launch when the old iPads used to, in March. The spring launch is just wide open for apple to release.

  • Jonathan

    It better come with an iOS 7 inspired UI..

    • Sean Clark

      Or what?

      • Jonathan

        I’ll………… my socks?

  • De allerlekkerste

    Any news for the Mac mini? Realy waiting for an update to Hashwell…

    • Marco Urrea

      I’ve been waiting for it too, I read that it was supposed to be released in late February, but nothing so I guess probably on march or april