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Skateboarding legend and mogul Tony Hawk revealed last night that he’s working on a new skateboarding game for mobile devices. During an interview with Larry King, Mr. Hawk said that the game will have swipe-based controls and is coming this year.

Unfortunately, very few other details are known about the game—we’re not even sure if it’s going to launch under the familiar ‘Tony Hawk Pro Skater’ branding—but given Hawk’s track record, we’re excited. We have a clip of the Larry King interview below…

video via TouchArcade:

We are working on a game for mobile devices, for phones and tablets. It’ll be coming this year. I already got in trouble for saying it’s coming at all, so now I have to backtrack. It’s basically for mobile devices and we have a swipe control system so that you utilize the actual touch screens. You can control a character on your phone that skates.

Of course, Tony already has a game in the App Store—Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2, but it hasn’t been updated since 2010. There are also some other popular skateboard games, including True Skate and Touch Grind, but neither of them have Tony’s franchise reach.

Mr. Hawk didn’t give offer up any kind of launch date, but he did say that he’s expecting it earlier rather than later.

What do you think about a new Tony Hawk game coming to iOS?

  • Dan

    That guy is still alive?

    • Jason Baroni

      Deads don’t develop games hehe

  • MrJohnBlaze

    the tony hawks games dont compare to skate 1-3

    • Marcus

      More like just Skate 2-3. I wasn’t a fan of Skate 1

  • Frank Lopez

    I highly doubt that he is working on the mobile game himself. The title should read. “The team behind tony hawks mobile game working on a new skateboarding project”

    I am sure the dude is just slapping his name in the game and probably involved enough to sound like he knows what he is talking about when interviewed.

  • Joshob1987

    Might not be bad if it has controller support.

  • Brian Brown

    Free? Lol