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Apple is ‘missing’ out by only updating its iPhone once per year, according to Pierre Perron. In an interview at Mobile World Congress this week, Sony’s mobile chief and European president offered up some friendly advice to the Cupertino company.

Essentially, Perron feels that because mobile technology advances so fast, a new handset can feel outdated after just a few months. So in order for Apple to meet consumer demand for cutting edge tech, it must update its iPhone hardware more frequently…

The Inquirer has Perron’s comments:

“Sony Mobile chief and president of NW Europe, Pierre Perron, told The INQUIRER in an interview at Mobile World Congress (MWC) that because Apple waits a year between smartphone upgrades, it’s leaving its customers behind in terms of the technology they are potentially open to buying.

Using the growing adoption of 4G connectivity across the UK as an example, Perron said, “We definitely don’t want to miss out because the consumer is now getting access to 4G subscriptions more and more.

“In the UK particularly, those consumers have now got subscriptions that give them better experiences and we need to make sure that we answer to them, so Apple’s probably missing out at least this.”

Putting aside the fact that Sony, a company who accounts for less than 5% of worldwide smartphone shipments, is offering smartphone advice to Apple, who accounts for nearly 20% of worldwide smartphone shipments, Perron brings up an interesting point.

Should Apple be shipping more than 1 smartphone per year?

I’m inclined to say no. As it is, it seems like the company is already stretching itself thin trying to make its annual iPhone launch deadline. You’d think that if that time was reduced to 6 months, something would have to give, and I’m afraid it would likely be quality.

I’m also wondering how many additional sales a second handset would actually equate to. It seems like the majority of consumers are content with the current two-year upgrade cycle, with just a handful springing to purchase new-model iPhones every 12 months.

5s 5c banner

You could argue that Apple did ship two smartphones last year: the 5s and 5c (though it sounded like Perron meant staggered releases—so one every 6 months). Of course, you could then use the 5c as an example of why Apple shouldn’t do multiple handsets.

All of this being said, it’s actually rumored that Tim Cook and company will release two new iPhones this year: a 4.7-inch model and 5.5-inch model. However, it sounds like Apple is again planning to launch them simultaneously, sometime in the late fall.

So what do you think? Should Apple be doing more than one iPhone per year?

  • Antoni

    ¨handset can feel outdated after just a few months¨ it will feel more outdated if there comes a new iPhone out every few month

    • smtp25

      I think 2 models a year is fine, IF you know when its coming out so you can decided whether best to wait or buy now.. I know apple don’t want that though because they have dead spots in the sales cycle while people wait for the fixed refresh date.

  • AbuHanifAsadullah

    Apple thinks, Apple designs and Apple creates only when everything is perfect.

    • Tommy Gumbs

      So why does my iPad air respring everyday. Why has my MBP gone through 3 srceen replacement. My point, Apple is top notch, but dont presume they are perfect.

      • Sun 949

        maybe somethings wrong with your hands. I have an iPad air, MBA (and had MBP for 3yrs), iPhone, airport express, magic mouse and never had any issue with either one of those.

      • Tommy Gumbs

        My hands???? This is the internet. You have plenty of time to think about your responses. Take a moment and read what you say.

        Now, I made an error. I have a MBPR.

      • Sun 949

        Yes sir, your hands. Whatever you touch just goes bad. Take it easy man.

      • jameskatt

        It’s called Karma.

      • Antzboogie

        You are alone in that statement. My iPad Mini has no issues and the iPad Air is a newer model.

      • smtp25

        same my ipad air doesn’t respring – maybe its a cydia tweak going awry

      • GaryNY

        What does “respring” mean? I have an iPad Air and I have no problems with it, except that I can’t get any time on it any more, as my 6 year old daughter won’t put it down.

      • Guy

        It’s when you have a really short winter. February spring-like weather (spring 1) and then regular spring (respring). Not sure what that has to do with technology though and why his iPad wants a second spring

    • r1ckm4r2

      Nothing in this world it’s perfect. More so when it’s build me men.

      • AbuHanifAsadullah

        Everything in this world can be perfect for someone. If there is nothing perfect in this world in your opinion. Thats okay with me, but just keep it in your head. I don’t understand you all people saying that there is nothing perfect in this world…

      • Someshwar

        True Abu, nothing is perfect 🙂

        if you think something is perfect it only means you are not smart enough to improve it.

  • Virus

    iAgreed Apple has like 4 different iPods would like to see stuff like a iPhone Air , iPhone maybe even a iPhone 6w that’s waterproof

    • Lhu

      current iphone too heavy?

      • N&LH

        too heavy ??? How?

    • Rowan09

      But how is an iPhone 6w allow with an iPhone 6 going to get customers? Do you believe customers would want to pay for a phone just because it’s waterproof but the same specs? If you look at what Samsung did with the S4, they released over 7 ifferent models and people didn’t upgrade to the Active just because it’s waterproof.

      • Virus

        I love to go to the beach so a waterproof phone would be ideal

      • Lady GAGA

        Who doesn’t love that , but how many people swim with their smartphone

      • Tyler

        Probably not many but accidents do happen so

      • Virus

        Watch porn in the shower?

      • Lady GAGA

        Hey sir watch your mouth , ladies like me can kill for respect

      • smtp25

        At the pools with my daughter and saw 3-4 parents in the pool with their phones takin pictures. Was the kiddy pool so not very deep but still I would never stand in a pool with my phone – kids splashing around

      • Rowan09

        I understand but making a specific phone waterproof while making the others different wouldn’t make sense. If Apple was only making a waterproof phone then that would be different. You can use a waterproof case for now if you need to use your phone while at the beach swimming.

  • Joonyaboy

    I think they are doing just fine

  • Litchy

    They should stay with the 1 year cycle 😉
    Then I can stay with my 2 year cycle 😀

    Oh and by the way: iPhone 5s is going to be updated this year and is still better than the fresh S5

    • Lady GAGA

      You’re cute , if that’s you on the pic

  • T1pst3r

    That is sony. Not bashing other brand instead they care! Learn from that shamesung.

    • @dongiuj

      Unlike what you just did.

      • T1pst3r

        Well i dont own a company nor a shareholder from a brand. So yeah..

      • @dongiuj

        Oh, sorry. I thought you were talking generally, not just pointing your finger towards one Korean company that is the most hated company by apple fans.

      • T1pst3r

        Yes im talking generally and pointing that shamefully korean company as the BEST example.

      • @dongiuj

        Exactly. And you probably still don’t get it.

  • charliez

    I think that they should do 2, one keeping the smaller screen size and the other increasing it. But once a year is more than enough, it’s enfuriating when a company releases their new flagship every few months.

    • Rowan09

      I agree. I remember when people got mad over the New iPad being released months after the iPad 2, Apple gave people redunds or allowed them to get the new one. Apple doesn’t have the luxury to just release more than one phone a year unless they are going to make a cheap model then release a flagship model. Even if they go that route, it wouldn’t be beneficial.

      • Scott

        I think you mean The New iPad (iPad 3) and the iPad 4. If I remember right, both the iPad 2 and iPad 3 came out in the spring one year apart from each other, the iPad 4 came out in the same year as the iPad 3 but it came out in the Fall.

      • Rowan09

        Yes you’re correct.

  • Matt

    Well Sony — so far it’s working for them. Besides I don’t want to feel bad for getting an iPhone 5S just after 6 month I bought it.

    • smtp25

      like the ipad air, it will get a refresh soon with touchid and god knows what else. Keep it to 1 year so you feel you get your monies worth

  • Ariel

    Im using my 4S still for 2 years almost, don’t really feel outdated.

    • smtp25

      screen is looking smaller and smaller tho. I have 4S and work just gave me SG4. Screen is much bigger (but not brighter, not feeling clarity either). sidenote: the 4S is still much nicer to use than the SG4

  • pauleebe

    … Coming from not one of the top smartphone companies. K.

  • Jerry

    Apple is missing out? That’s why I still see many people in NYC with the iPhone 4. Case closed.

  • Rowan09

    I don’t believe Apple should release 2 iPhones a year. If they were to considering releasing 2 phones both of them would need to be excellent with new tech and I don’t see any other company do so. Apple designs both the hardware and software, so it would be very hard making both mesh in just 6 months. Another huge factor, well in the US is contract obligations, Apple may release 2 phones, but people would only be able to afford one due to phone contracts. Currently some people pass over the S models and wait on the newer upgrade, so I’m not sure how releasing 2 phones would help Apple. Samsung only release one Galaxy S phone a year S3, then S4, then S5, while they do release the Note line later in the year, it’s comparable to Apple releasing an iPod, iPad and iPhone.

  • Jason Baroni

    Apple handles a great piece of the market giving us (now) two iPhones for a year. They handle it like no one else does. In Brazil Samesung sells 50 phone models! 50! Apple’s sales go against other companies alone. This guy is just saying it because it is his job.

  • What? They are shipping just one Smartphone a jear??? Am I the only one who is owing an iPhone 5s??? 😀

  • Rondog

    Yeah, why not let Apple get as MUCH money from us as they can. I still have my iphone4, i’m happy as heck with it, ios 7.0.6, jailbroken, etc. And I’m not going to get rid of it until it blows up, so let all the other shmucks out there spend there cash if they want, but not me.I also have two ipads, one ipod 4g, an oldy, still going strong, an apple tv. So no I’m staying right where I am, thank you.

  • diggitydang

    They don’t need to come out with MORE cycles. They just need to sell the discount phone at a discounted price. Most people buying a 5C could afford to spend $100 more on a 5S with higher end specs, TouchID etc… Also, most people looking for a lower end phone understand that they aren’t getting top-of-the-line specs and features, but Apple is a company used to making a well-made product and selling at a premium, which doesn’t really match the needs of the low end market. They either need to make a low end phone with low end features (similar to the 4S now) but sell it discounted (not just a $100 lower than the high end phone) or stick to high end. I like where they are going with different screen sizes, but I hope specs between those phones are the same – ie. the screen size is the only differentiation on these high end phones. I guarantee that if they add bigger everything to the bigger phone, people will just buy the bigger phone, creating a similar 5C/5S scenario.

  • Shingo

    apple marketing is in the right road , no need lots of confusing shamesunk categorize….

  • omrishtam

    sony tells apple about marketing? HA!

  • bring_it_on

    Apple does bring changes with the S model, faster/newer processor and new features. Then there is the entire software update, which happens every few months leading up to the major software release in september. Android OEM’s take months to get updates out..look at the note 3, not all carriers have updates out for kit kat and its been months since that version was launched..

  • r1ckm4r2

    Apple is doing just fine. They hold up new technology to give it to there customers(me included) months and in some cases years after it has been released. Let’s take for example WiFi AC and NFC. Even the Google Nexus 5 that’s only $350 has them. LTE is another example, they included it on the iPhone 5 and the technology had been out since iPhone 4. Sure they’ll say there is little use for it! Its just to say a year later that they have included it as a new feature on the new iPhone when in fact it’s old tech. Don’t get me wrong I love Apple products because of the way they are build and look. But to be honest I think they are playing us in some case.

    • Rowan09

      Totally disagree. I live in the US and LTE coverage has been terrible until the end of last year. Apple always wait for tech to advance or actually be usable until they place it in their products. What’s the point of LTE capable if LTE isn’t available? This is the same issue I had with 3G being available for phones when the first iPhone was released. I couldn’t connect to a 3G network anywhere in NY but 3G was available on phones. I don’t care about NFC and from the adoption rate it’s seems people don’t care either. Bluetooth is a standard not NFC so I would see something catching traction with Bluetooth tech over NFC.

      • r1ckm4r2

        So what you are saying is if Apple could give you the best technology available you would say “no thanks give me only what’s available so next year I’ll buy your new iPhone”. Your the perfect example of why apple is giving us old tech in new phones.

      • Rowan09

        What old tech are you talking about? If Apple releases phones once a year and other companies release more than one wouldn’t they by default have newer tech? Nevertheless what new tech are you lacking because NFC is old and the upgrade Wifi is new but to be honest my home wifi is FiOS and I barely get 20 and 10 so upgrading the wifi chip while my carrier doesn’t suppose that speed is useless. I made mention of adding features not usable because I see companies do it all the time. I prefer being able to have LTE on my phone and can actually use LTE than my phone being LTE capable. I remember when Bluetooth was new and people had Bluetooth capable devices, who cares about capability if you can’t use the feature.

      • r1ckm4r2

        The new tech I’m talking about is the one specific to moment of launching a new iPhone. In the case of the iPhone 4 and 4s it was NFC and LTE. So you dont mind not having something just because you are not going to use it at the moment? Let’s say you are going to buy a car that comes with GPS included and there is no other model. You won’t buy the car because you won’t use the GPS. Hahaha… You are hilarious.

      • Rowan09

        When the 4 was out LTE was only available in from my knowledge 3-5 markets, LTE coverage just got better for a bout 1 year now. Verizon was first and AT&T followed. Remember AT&T had 4G 2 years ago when the 4S was out and not true LTE while Sprint was thinking about using WiMAX, but that idea failed instead for LTE. Imagine you have a car with GPS capability and no GPS antenna, that’s what companies did by adding LTE to phones that couldn’t get the service. Who cares about NFC on an iPhone when NFC isn’t popular or remotely used in the US? Are you saying since some other companies has NFC Apple must do the same even if they are implementing Bluetooth tech instead of NFC? Phones are updated every year so it makes no sense to lose money but adding a piece of equipment that cannot be used like LTE chip in a phone 4-5 years ago.

  • diggitydang

    SONY is better off advising about TV’s, not phones.

  • scrwp

    I don’t mind iPhone getting updated every 6 months, as long as the battery life is better.

    • Rowan09

      You really wouldn’t mind buying a 5s in June just to see a 6 come out with better specs and screen in Novemeber-Decemeber? I would because 1 it would kill the value of my phone which I always sell to purchase the new model and 2 my phone would feel old when it’s still new. When Apple sells a device it usually takes about 2-3 months to get shipping on track so that would basically mean people would just skip the current phone to just wait 3 months for the new one. It just wouldn’t make any sense, it’s makes better sense releasing 2 phones at the same time.

  • diggitydang

    By the way, it’s EXACTLY THIS type of advising from other company’s C-level, industry analysts and pressure from shareholders that almost killed the company before SJ’s return, isn’t it? At least that’s what they made it out to be in the Ashton Kutcher movie… hahahahaha…

  • Tom Brady

    I get mad when I just buy a damn phone and a newer better one is out. Once a year is more than enough. Unless they plan on lowering the prices

  • jack

    Sony = PS4 + cameras

  • I see more iPhones on the street than Sony smartphones….but maybe, just maybe im missing something here.

  • Chun-Li aka ThunderThighs

    Coming from the people who can’t even upgrade the PS4 to support stuff that the PS3 already had. Yeah talking about feeling outdated

  • Steve

    BTW , Sony sucks

  • Wade Epperson

    I think making a few models or more a year is sort of a bad idea. Granted there’s more devices to choose from but when they’re working for quantity of products quality goes down also. Making a phone and a new operating system every year is already a tough venture. They could do what android does and make the same os for all the phones. Putting it on multiple devices also can reduce the operating system performance between trying to get it to work on various hardware and have a new one come out will leave way less time for fixing bugs across all of the devices. Nokia put out more than 10 lumina phones when there was just a couple keeping up with the software to keep running happy went out the window I noticed more bugs, more flaws in the phones, and just a lack of everything.

  • GaryNY

    LOL. Yes. Let a successful company like Apple take advice from a company that has driven itself into the ground. Remember when Sony used to be considered a premium brand for all electronics? About all Sony is qualified to tell Apple is “Don’t make the mistakes that we made.”

  • Antzboogie

    I Love Sony but I strongly disagree with this statement. Once a year is fine you dont want to overwhelm the consumer and everyone in contract cant upgrade that fast. Plus the impact of cellphone waste on the environment.

  • jameskatt

    Yes. Sony has such a real “profitable” strategy that it can give Apple advice.

  • Leo Wong

    Technology is updating all the times, 1 year circle not ever make a big different, in this point how this 2 smartphone in a year things work for every company? I rather they focus 1 product (mobile) at the time to make less error to make people like me happy.

    Even Apply release two new model, a 4.7 and 5.5. Is there any big different about the tech or just the size matter?

  • Christopher Ablaza

    I’m sure everyone at apple is going “ohh man we’ve been missing out?” Lets all take advice from sony. They’re doing great. The company that put mini DVD’s in camcorders and sold minidisc players right before the iPod blew everything out of the water. Great decision making – going as fast as you can trying to keep up. Patience and Timing is just as important as keeping up to date

  • pd

    Doesn’t Mr. Perron have more pressing business…. maybe like shuttering 2/3’s of Sony’s retail fronts

  • No Name

    Who’s SONY?

  • Guy

    Is this the same Sony that can’t seem to sell any of their own smartphones? Maybe they should release a new every other week to see how that affects sales. Or take their computer division…please

  • Ethos Evoss

    every 6 months?
    yeah right and people has contracts for two years !