OS X Mavericks (Desktop, MacBook)

After seeding a number of betas over the past few months, Apple has finally seeded OS X 10.9.2 to the public. As expected, the update includes FaceTime Audio, new contact blocking controls for both iMessage and FaceTime and Mail fixes.

Additionally, Apple has included a fix for the nasty SSL connection verification bug that popped up last week. So we recommend that everyone grab this new version of Mavericks by visiting the ‘Software Update’ tab in the Mac App Store…

os x 10-9-2

The SSL bug, which we detailed in this post, is pretty significant as it left OS X users vulnerable to what’s called a man-in-the-middle attack in where a malicious program poses as a trusted website to intercept communications or inject malware.

The issue has already been patched in iOS, and Apple seeded an update to fix the problem on Apple TV this morning. And although it’s not directly mentioned in the change log above, this Mavericks release includes a fix for the bug on Mac.

So again, if you are running on OS X 10.9 (the only affected Mac OS), we highly recommend updating to 10.9.2 as soon as possible.

  • Aaron de Silva

    This post looks a bit incomplete.

    here’s a screenshot of the update.

  • Robbie S

    Thank God it fixes the audio distortion. My 2013 rMBP’s audio was messed up.

  • Chris Barnett

    But.. But… The update doesn’t say anything about an SSL fix 🙁

    • Maxim∑

      It does.

      • Chris Barnett

        No really, it doesn’t. I’m not talking about what the article says. I’m talking about what Apple said in the release notes.

    • Joseph A. Ahmad

      I’m running 10.9.2 on my 2013 13″ MacBook Pro (Haswell) and I just checked, it appears the SSL bug has been fixed.

      • Maxim∑

        great! thanks for posting

  • Kareem Michel

    iOS 7.1 beta 5 is still at risk

  • Grega


  • Logan

    My computer seems to be a lot faster since I updated. Has anyone else noticed this or is it just me?

  • Jacky Mark

    I’m still running OS X Mountain Lion, is there a way I can get this SSL fix without updating?

    • Chris Ryan

      It doesn’t affect mountain lion users, you don’t need it

  • ✪ aidan harris ✪

    Since updating Finder constantly crashes unless I boot in Safe Mode. Suggestions anyone?