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As previously promised, the World Wrestling Entertainment will be enabling its network channel on Apple’s $99 media-steaming box later today. Although there have been concerns that the WWE channel won’t make it to Apple TVs because Apple was demanding as much as a fifty percent cut from all Network orders placed, the WWE Network signup page was down at post time, indicating high interest in a free one-week trial…

WWE wrote in a media release:

“Today is a historic day for WWE as we transform and reimagine how we deliver our premium live content and 24/7 programming directly to our fans around the world,” said Vince McMahon, WWE Chairman & Chief Executive Officer. “WWE Network will provide transformative growth for our company and unprecedented value for our fans.”

WWE’s Apple TV channel was confirmed by the network’s FAQ page and first reported by Jordan Kahn of 9to5Mac.

The second-generation Apple TV (black) or newer is required, according to help docs.

Not only can users access the network’s shows on-demand, the “app” supports in-app subscriptions so you can purchase Network subscriptions right through your Apple TV.

WWE Network is available for purchase through You can also purchase WWE Network through Apple TV with an iTunes account. Please note that a WWE Network subscription purchased through Apple TV is not billed monthly; rather, it is billed as a single charge of $59.99 (plus applicable tax) for the six month subscription period.

You can sign up for a free one-week trial here.

Note that you will still have to provide credit card information to claim your free trial. Also keep in mind that the Network subscription fee will be charged to the card on file unless you manually cancel the subscription in iTunes before the trial period ends.

Nick Paglino, writing for Wrestle Zone, reported that the channel won’t be supported on the Apple TV “because Apple is demanding a 50 percent cut from all Network orders placed, whereas other streaming devices such as XBox and Roku are only taking a 30 percent cut”.

It would seem that Apple and WWE were able to come to terms after all.

The WWE Network channel wasn’t live for me at post time.

Let us know in the comments if it showed up on your Apple TV.

  • Sputnik09

    Is wrestling even a sport?? Give me a break! More like a circus!

    • felixtaf

      Wrestling is a sport. But WWE is pure entertainment show.

    • therealjjohnson

      Why does it matter?

    • Marcus

      MMA and UFC are both sports. However, WWE is not a sport. It is all stunts that are done for entertainment.

      • Sputnik09

        More like Drag Queens heavy on steroids beating the crap out of each other

      • J™

        go watch jersey whores then

      • Sputnik09

        Go watch your momma take a shower.

    • J™

      if u dont appreciate WWE then dont comment. nobody asked for your opinion.
      these wrestlers put their body in harm’s way to entertain those who appreciate their work and who are u to criticize and call it a circus?

      • Sputnik09


  • Daniel Beecham

    just for the USA??

  • Duncan West

    This is actually a huge day for TV in general. A TV show with its own Subscription service that’s available for all mobile devices and internet boxes. All future and past shows available to watch, PPV, etc. This could pave the way for other shows and channels to follow and do away with expensive cable TV

  • Curtis Morales

    i signed up for the WWE Network 1st thing this morning, i have updated my Apple TV 3rd gen about 2 hours ago and still have no WWE APP -____-

  • Recycled Blog Talk

    WWE Network just showed up on my AppleTV.. Score!!

  • Jeff Mangalin

    WIll the app show up for jailbroken apple TVs?

  • Shaun Stevin

    Get over with Inernet censorship and take full charge of the
    internet. Watch WWE Network with PureVPN anywhere in the world