Vertex 1

Vertex is an upcoming tweak currently in development that aims to bring Mission Control inspired functionality to iOS 7. The tweak, which is currently being talked about on /r/jailbreak, merges Control Center and the app switcher together, along with other iOS 7-centric touches splashed in.

There’s still no timetable for Vertex’s release, but we do have a video preview of the tweak created by developer Ian Burns. Check past the break for the video and more details concerning this awesome looking jailbreak release.

Here’s the video preview of Vertex in action. This video uses Flash, so we apologize in advance if you’re unable to see it:

As you can see, the tweak is heavily inspired by OS X’s Mission Control feature. It also allows you to slide down the app cards to view details about the running app. The details include last opened time, in use time, and total duration of usage. This functionality looks to be inspired by an already released jailbreak tweak called SlideForUsage.

Vertex 2

Vertex isn’t groundbreaking, because it’s basically just a merging of two parts of iOS 7, but regardless of that, it definitely looks like something I’d want to use. It’s based off of this “iOS 8” Mission Control concept that was burning up the ‘net last week:


If you’re super-anxious to get your hands on Vertex, the developers are seeking beta users to do testing. If you want to be a beta tester, you can reach out to @ianb821 or @tmnlsthrn on Twitter and let them know.

What do you think about Vertex? Would you consider using it? How much would you be willing to pay for it?

  • Framboogle

    Finally, a groundbreaking tweak.

    • ✪ aidan harris ✪

      Hopefully this tweak will act as competition for Sentry and his team at A3Tweaks to push out the Auxo iOS 7 tweak…

    • Really?

      In what way is this groundbreaking?

      • Sachmach29

        That’s just part of what it does. It mainly merges Control Center and App Switcher beautifully.

      • Jamie Tilden

        No, that’s a separate tweak that’s called SlideForUsage. The guy demoing this Vertext tweak must’ve had it installed. The two tweaks have nothing to do with each other.

      • Sachmach29

        Actually, one of the two developers working on Vertex, Ian Burns, made SlideForUsage.

    • Thanh


    • Jerry

      hahahahaha! this meme always cracks me up!

  • Eikast

    GridSwitcher will forever keep me away from this tweak.

  • Nirvana

    Not many devs are willing to hand over their debs for beta testing, except the tester is Jeff! I may wait for the official release!

  • JulianZH

    $0 what if ios 8 cant be jailbreak and wasted my money? beside, double tap the home button isnt that hard at all.

    • xTGIrOnZzZ

      ….what? O.o

    • Framboogle

      I have no idea what you just said.

    • InactiveUser

      This is a tweak for iOS 7 that is a concept of what iOS 8 may look like.

    • Martin

      “I would be willing to pay $0.00 for this tweak. What if iOS 8 is unable to be jailbroken? The money I would have spent on this tweak would have been for nothing! Besides, you can accomplish the same effect by simply double-tapping the home button. It really isn’t that hard, guys, c’mon.” -JulianZH

    • James

      I’m sure if they even know what they said.

  • Hex

    This is a copy of BatteryDoctorPro but for iOS 7

    • xTGIrOnZzZ

      They are in no way similar at all…

    • Neil Sardesai

      Not even close.

    • Mike M. Powell

      U sir….are an idiot >_>

      • Hex

        Lets see. What are the main features of these tweaks. BDP: App switcher ✔ Toggles ✔ Volume + Music Controls ✔.
        Vertex: App Switcher ✔ Toggles ✔ Volume + Music Controls ✔
        Same shit you dumbass.

      • Mike M. Powell

        Unless the dev’s of BDP are willing to come out the shadows n finally update it( which they haven’t done yet surprisingly) “THEN” maybe it can par with Vertex. Until then your just living in the past my good man. Plz do QQ more. 😛

      • Hex

        Unfortunately you’re unable to read as in my original comment I did say ‘for iOS 7’. Would you like me to book you in for some reading comprehension lessons as you seem to be having some difficulty?

      • Christian Mejía

        Shots fired.

      • Mike M. Powell

        Oh yes yes yes please teach me how to read :D!

  • I am so down to be a beta tester for this…looks pretty slick

  • Netabare4You

    good tweak

  • Barry

    I’ll stick with ClassicSwitcher. I have Control Center for the features. I have no real reason to intertwine it together with the app switcher. It looks nice though

    • Bangali

      to reveal app switcher with 1 finger swipe? thats the only reason I would get this – I miss being able to swipe up for switcher!

      • Use activator to slide across screen bottom left to right for app switcher

      • And bottom right to left for home button works a treat if you hate hammering the home button

      • Bangali

        Activator is ok, but not great..and like someone else here noted, using those gestures sometimes invokes CC which can get annoying..but I guess if it suits u..

      • quiotgrrl

        AppSwitcher QL Panel, which is an add-on for CCToggles. $0.99, works beautifully. I know this tweak is different, but I can’t get the video to play to Idon’t know quite how. 🙂

      • Bangali

        with this tweak u basically swipe up with 1 finger, and it pushes the page u are on upwards, bringing CC into view – and also the other open apps into view as well. There should be a post on iDB or youtube of ‘ios 8 concept’

      • Barry

        Nah, no need for this.

  • Mike M. Powell

    Applied .__.

  • Joey_Z

    Ever since upgraded to ios7, I miss zephyr a lot. The way Activator registers input just doesn’t cut it. But this might be the tweak to replace zephyr.

    • Tom

      I had the same issue. Try MultitaskingGestures. It’s almost as good as Zephyr was. What is also cool is that you can use swipe up from the bottom of the screen to invoke the App Switcher. What about Control Centre? This tweak puts Control Centre on a separate page in notification centre. It’s pretty cool. Check it out.

  • Mike Colacone Saal

    I liked this concept when I saw it last week, HOWEVER I really hope they do something to where the left half is slide to close and the right half is slide for CC / multitask. *** I haven’t seen the video, so if there’s some close implementation someone alert me***

  • Ugggghhh

    £@@!€$. Seriously. You can’t post the video in a mobile firemdly format? YouTube is right there….RIGHT THERE!

    • Tom


      Flash video = fail.

      I can’t watch it and I’m not even on an Apple device! I am on a desktop PC! ffmpeg X guys!

  • MrShutEmDown

    Wish it were just a public beta link so they wouldn’t have to do three times the work by checking emails, etc etc.

  • InactiveUser

    Just applied for the beta version of Vertex. Hope I get it 😀

  • Am I the only one to think this tweak/concept is a terrible idea?

    Here is my reasoning. When I launch control center, it’s because I want to do something in Control Center. When I launch the app switcher, it’s because I want to quickly switch apps. When I launch CC, I don’t want to have to deal with the app switcher. Likewise, when I launch the app switcher, I don’t want half of my screen to be taken by something I do not need.

    Some would make the argument that it’s great to have everything at your fingertips. Sure, then why don’t you put your emails, twitter and RSS feed in there while you’re at it?

    Although this concept was beautifully designed, I think it will be impractical to use on a daily basis.

    • Jamie Tilden

      Well, if you recall, in iOS 6, the music controls and some other toggles were found in the app switcher. I think this is just the logical evolution of quick access to the two most used features in iOS 7: CC and app switcher.

      • Vighnesh M.

        Dammit. I was beaten to the point.

    • Vighnesh M.

      At some times I’ll agree, but this tweak reminds me of iOS 6 and bellow where the multitasking had “control center” (music player/everything with Auxo) to the left. Their is a blur to the control center so half of the stuff on the screen is already unreadable.
      That idea for putting twitter, emails, RSS, etc. seems nice as an interchangeable to the control center or maybe like a right swipe for the control center.

    • Jonathan

      I couldn’t have put it in better words.

  • Eddie Hines

    This saves the home button from being pounded so much! (Sounds dirty, don’t it!)

  • Nicolas Baillie

    i have a 5s and use the activator fingerprint sensor action to simulate a press of the home button (like virtual home does) and since it is quite difficult to do a double press in order to open the app switcher i assigned the slide gesture from bottom right of the screen to open it, but it often brings up contro center instead which is kinda annoying… this tweak looks like a nice solution to my problem but id like to know, im probably not the one who uses that fingerprint sensor shortcut so how do you guys use the app switcher?

  • sjah07

    Hey this new WordPress theme for mobile is really nice! The old one was looking kind-of dated…

  • Cesar D

    I hope something for the ipad :’D

  • Ziaur Rahman


  • Zuhair Aslam

    Great review, and really love the idea of this tweak, can’t wait for it! Also iDB is amazing. I listen to your guys’s podcast every Monday/ Tuesday and they always make my day better. I also check the website everyday after I get home from somewhere as I don’t have Celluar Data. Keep up the good work guys! I wish one day I could be an iDB member , that would be amazing.

  • Mits Kuhada

    which battery logo is that? in the video

    • Jonathan

      Live Battery Indicator.

      • Mits Kuhada


      • Jonathan

        You’re welcome. =)

  • NaSty

    Any particular reason why we have a flash video?

  • That’s a nice tweak. I’d definitely pay free for that 😛 Hope it comes out soon. I hate double tapping the home button!

  • Vvbreaker

    @seb481:disqus & @Jeff Benjamin topic but there is a twitter update by A3Tweaks regarding Auxo 2 release for ios 7… just saying lol

  • Amani Galic

    Vetex is commoing now , but a craching to use , it auto respring in safemode have a bug code

  • Ryan W

    What Repo is this on