steve jobs statue

A rather interesting statue honoring Steve Jobs was unveiled in Belgrade, Serbia today by famed sculptor Dragan Radenovic. The work is the result of an art competition that saw more than 10,000 entries and will end up in Apple’s Cupertino headquarters.

The statue, which has been garnering mixed feedback as the story bounced around the web today, features Jobs’ head along with the Latin letter A and the binary digits one and zero. It also features a pair of Serbian letters: E, and then III rests at the bottom…
MacRumors has translated the sculptors’ comments:

I wanted to present some of the recognizable Serbian motifs such as a letter Ш which is the last letter of the Serbian alphabet and Apple rather liked the idea. I’ve also placed the Latin letter A and binary code 0.1 too. I’ve wanted it all to represent a sort of “magnet”.

The piece you see above is actually a smaller model, for demonstration purposes, of what the final version of the statue is going to look like. The final version will be roughly 3 to 5 meters in height—or 10 to 16 feet—and will be shipped to Cupertino upon completion.

According to the report in the Serbian press, Radenovic sent sketches of the statue to Apple executives who said they really liked the sculpture and “the imperfections of his work.” In fact, he’s heading to Apple HQ next month to discuss the final version of the piece.

Steve Jobs has been honored in a number of ways posthumously since he passed away in 2011. Most recently, it was announced that he was to receive his own commemorative US postage stamp next year.

So, what do you think of this unique statue?

  • Drew Campbell

    Don’t hate it until you’ve been to eastern Europe. They’ve got many odd looking statues.

    • Jonathan

      Thanks. I was making a bleh face until I Googled what you said. Ew indeed.

    • Matt

      Uuuhm I’m from Eastern Europe – Latvia to eh exact ——
      And I gotta agree with you

      • Kurt

        Svieks…my mom is from Latvia

  • Willie

    No skeuomorphism at all.

  • 1d3rboy

    Not to sound too immature, but couldn’t there be a better placement for the “1”?

    • Umut Bilgiç

      It represents binary

      • Hyr3m

        The single 1 is a bit. (french speaking people will get this)

      • Ron Rainz

        My French is hella rusty, but that one still made me LOL.

  • on3simpleclick

    This is weird. A bronze statue or bust would be a lot nicer.

  • skychet

    This is a joke right? This looks more like the T-1000 than a Steve Jobs memorial sculpture. Let’s be real here.

  • Devin LeFevere

    Cool boner, Steve.

  • YNN08

    Why zero is behind and one at front side … He deserves better please ..,

  • iPT MSTR

    this is an insult to steve

    • It’s an insult to artists. When I tell people I’m an artist they think of garbage art. :-/

  • zustroy

    I am from Serbia. Funny thing is that we don’t even have iTunes store here, and we can’t buy iPhone officialy.

    • JomanJi

      I agree, and the serbian “E” (in Crylic) is the same as a regular E, just sayin’….

  • Matt Taylor

    That’s just creepy

  • Framboogle

    For a company that’s strives for perfection… This statue is ugly as $&@%

  • JomanJi

    стив джобс <- Steve's name in serbian…

    • Nikola Panic

      No you didn’t spell it right, its Стив Џобс in serbian.
      Cheerz from Serbia a place where no one have apple.

      • JomanJi

        True, sorry for forgetting џ, in latin there isn’t a letter for that, or is it?

  • Ron Rainz

    I wonder what Johnny Ive has to say about this piece of design atrocity…

  • aphunex

    Did they use the gridsystem?

  • 919263

    WTF is that??? Is that what they call a ‘Statue” in that Part of the world.. This is what is called a Statue…