Gestr 01

Gestr is a brand new jailbreak tweak that allows users to assign gestures to a specific app and launch the app using the assigned gesture. The tweak, which is available for $0.99 on Cydia’s BigBoss repo, uses an Activator action to engage the screen used for inputing gestures.

In the end, Gestr probably isn’t a tweak that will significantly speed up app launches on iOS, but it’s undoubtedly a cool way to do so. Have a look inside for our video walkthrough, which showcases how it works.

Once you install Gestr, you won’t find any preference panel for the tweak in the stock Settings app. Instead, you’ll need to venture into the Activator preferences to assign an Activator gesture to launch the Gestr interface. I, as I typically do, assigned a double-tap of the status bar to Gestr.

Launch the Gestr interface by executing the Activator Gestr, in my case, the double tap on the status bar. The Gestr interface is a dark screen with two buttons at the top for clearing a gesture or assigning a gesture to a particular app. The body of the Gestr interface is a writing pad for inputing your gestures with a finger. Gestures are denoted by a lime-green line on the screen, which follows your finger movement.

Gestr 03

To assign an app to a particular gesture, you’ll first need to launch the app in question. For example, you can launch Safari, and then execute the Activator gesture to launch the Gestr interface. Once you do, you’ll need to tap the Assign button in the upper right-hand corner of the Gestr screen, and then draw your gesture on screen. This is the gesture that will be assigned to launch Safari.

Gestr Saved

Whenever you want to launch Safari using gestures, invoke Gestr via Activator, and draw the gesture you assigned to Safari. Safari should immediately launch. You can continue to assign as many gestures as you want to as many apps. You can also clear gestures by launching an app and tapping the clear button after invoking the Gestr interface.

Gestr is a tweak that’s a bit difficult to explain in writing, so I highly recommend that you watch the hands-on video walkthrough of the entire process above. If you want to take Gestr for a test drive, then you can do so from Cydia’s BigBoss repo.

Gestr costs $0.99, and while I can’t say it’s a tweak that improves my workflow, it’s something nice to show off to friends. Let me know what you think about Gestr below.

  • Downtown

    This doesn’t work on iOS 6 even though I says it does. It flashes up and then disappears before you can draw a conplete gesture.

    • Mathew Huusko V

      There’s a couple hundred iOS 6 users which are using it just fine. If you’re having issues specifically, feel free to email me about it so I can help.

  • Insta

    Don’t waste your money people. Instalauncher is MUCH better.

    • Kerry Johnson

      What a strange reply. Two different approaches to get to where you need. I prefer Gestr and have purchased both.

  • Matt Dowdy

    This looks like a tweak for tweaks sake to me, by the time you have launched the app then input your gesture and assuming it recognises your gesture the first time it would probably be quicker to manually go to the app on the home screen or find it in spotlight

    • Matt Dowdy

      In response to a comment from the Dev of this tweak (who’s comment is awaiting moderation so I can’t reply directly)

      So after receiving your response I decided that perhaps I should try it before I knock it (I wasn’t knocking it by the way I just felt that it was maybe creating additional steps to open an app but that was just my opinion) and so to show that I wasn’t trolling (“commenting for commentings sake”) I have purchased your app even though you kindly offered me a free copy and will spend a couple of days with it to see if it works for me. You have the strangest sales technique but it worked ;o)

  • mwpitt52

    Need to review Snapper. Awesome tweak!

    • Christian Mejía

      They already have

      • mwpitt52

        Oops. I missed the post! Thanks

  • Justice and Malice

    I’d love a free copy to try. I’ll even pay if I find it useful. I actually agree somewhat with that above comment, but I’m willing to try. I can turn others on to the tweak as well if I dig it

  • Snailpo

    Love that the developer is on here! Maybe I’ll try it!

    • Mathew Huusko V

      He’s everywhere *spooky noises* 🙂

  • a man with wings

    I think some cool features would be if it was some what like grabby. Where you could use activator to bring up the gesture. Maybe a settings menu where we can decide what gestures are to be allowed to be open in the lockscreen through the settings or something. I think that would be awesome. The tweak is still good though.