IntelliScreen X iPhone 5

We’ve been getting asked on a fairly frequent basis over the past few weeks if we’ve heard anything about IntelliScreenX. The all-in-one Lock screen jailbreak tweak has been very popular with users since it first launched in late 2011, and it’s one of the few remaining holdouts for iOS 7.

Well this morning we finally received word from Intelliborn, the developers behind the tweak, and it’s good news. Apparently the team is almost finished with an iOS 7-compatible version of IntelliScreenX, and they are planning on releasing a beta version of it as early as next week…

Here’s the announcement via Twitter:

For those unfamiliar with the tweak, IntelliScreenX is a utility for your Lock screen that gives you information and allows you to perform actions without unlocking your device. Use it to read your Twitter and Facebook feeds, email, or view the weather, or use it to send a quick iMessage.

For reference, here’s an older version of the tweak in action:

As you can imagine, we can’t wait to check out the new version of IntelliScreenX, and the fact the developers say ‘the wait was worth it’ only adds to our excitement. The tweak made our list of ‘The best iPhone jailbreak tweaks for iOS 6,’ and we have a feeling that’ll happen for iOS 7 as well.

We’ll let you know when we have more information.

Thanks Jason!

  • AndroidDogHeatandSteelersFan

    what about messages+…. thats even better than mywi and intellixshit

    • Aleksander Azizi

      «Sticky» for iOS 7 will be released soon, so Messages+ won’t be needed anymore. Twitter: @AleksanderAzizi

      • Khis Ariasaif

        What is Sticky?

      • Daniel S. Fleming


  • Antish ElderSoul

    awesome. I hope they got some more improvements not just updates.

    • Jeffrey Feuerstein

      i think they rewrote the whole code and made a totally diffrent tweak so yeah

    • Marcus

      The entire tweak has been rewritten from the ground up for iOS 7.

  • Ger

    And in other news. Whatsapp is down. Good job Facebook. Started screwing shit up nice and early

    • AndroidDogHeatandSteelersFan

      migrate to BBM ~.~ free calling and texting & groups.

      • Jeffrey Feuerstein

        BAD DOGGY

      • Daniel S. Fleming


      • Jeffrey Feuerstein

        is it weird that i don’t get it..?:$

    • Jeffrey Feuerstein

      whatsapp was down 3 times a month no matter what… dont whine, and the whatsapp team is still controlling it at the moment, so it probably has nothing to do with facebook

    • How naive are you? You honestly think this was because of Facebook? No, you just thought it was clever to add a ‘thanks Facebook’ remark to get up votes. Well I guess you’ve succeeded in that.

  • Nick Soesman

    how can we get the beta?

    • Jeffrey Feuerstein

      you can download it NEXT WEEK… read the title…

      • Diego Milano

        He said “how”, not “when”. Read the message properly.
        The beta will be released next week, however it’s not clear whether it’s going to be a public beta or even if it will only be available in a specific repo or the standard ones.
        Good job, Intelliborn!

      • I have their Beta Repo address but it hasn’t had anything new added to it since iOS 5 I don’t believe. I’ll be checking like crazy now though! Also what the hell is Sticky and why do some of you assume Messages+ won’t be in the update. I think they consider it a package deal essentially. Don’t they?

  • Jeffrey Feuerstein

    this was pretty much thé best tweak on ios 6 and lower, but i’m very curious if it will be worth the installing since control panel pretty much replaced intelliscreenx

    • AndroidDogHeatandSteelersFan

      same thats why messages+ is better

      • Jeffrey Feuerstein

        but it doesnt support ios 7 yet either… and messages+ is from the same developer

  • Jason Dieter

    No problem guys! 😉

    • Jeffrey Feuerstein

      what are you talking about….?

  • Martin

    Yes, yes and YES!

  • Seamless

    I wish someone would take the pages feature from ISX and make it a standalone tweak. It’d be cool it I could have my widgets on one page, notifications on another

  • Andrew

    I’ll pass….I’ve already paid for Intelliscreen 3 times and I refuse to pay for it everytime a new IOS comes out

    • Devek

      it is free if u purchased it on ios 6

      • Gustavo Adolfo Mirabal

        No its not. I paid when first installed. Moved to iphone 5, they “re did ” the code and made me pay again… So no. I wont install that shit again

      • Chocolope Jailbreakush

        I wasn’t planning on paying for it anyways. biteyourapple

      • Chun-Li aka ThunderThighs

        Good luck trying to that. Lmao must be new to intelliscreen

      • Chocolope Jailbreakush

        Naw I’m not new I just don’t pay for shit.

      • Then you’re new nimrod because they make sure that doesn’t happen with their tweaks.

      • Chocolope Jailbreakush

        haha like I said I just dont pay for it.

      • Kenrick Fernandes

        don’t bother wasting your time on him. He’s pretty new to intelliscreenx 😉 He will find out the hard way

      • Tony Trenkle Jr.

        This one is free though if you bought the last one.

      • They have already said it will be a free update but thanks for the negativity David and Debbie Downer. ^^

      • Kenrick Fernandes

        complete agree with you. intelliscreen are a bunch of douchebags and i’m never ever going to pay for their shit. I bought it for ios 5 then they wanted me to pay an extra 9 bucks for ios6. I asked them a few questions on twitter they didn’t ever reply

    • Marcus

      If you purchased IntelliScreenX 6, then IntelliScreenX 7 is a free upgrade.

  • Alejandro Maximo Marez

    looks like an eye sore

    • Rak S

      Definitely. The old version doesn’t suit iOS7 at all. Wasn’t a huge fan of it before but will reserve judgement until I see it.

    • Well it would be nice if iDB would mention those are all screenshots from iOS 6. Funny how some of you loathe iOS 7 but call your beloved iOS 6 an eyesore. Not necessarily saying you personally thought this but lots of readers on here sure complained all damn summer about needed change.

  • Tony Trenkle Jr.

    Yes!!! About damn time! Take my 10 dollars! And some battery life…

  • Chris

    Does iOS 7 really need this, the notification center is already global now and doesn’t suck close to the amount of battery power this tweak did back on iOS 5/6

    • I think so because I think it’ll fit into the new Notification Center even better and streamlined than it did on iOS 6. I miss checking all my mail, RSS and social media from my Lockscreen. Maybe I’m in the minority here?

  • Chun-Li aka ThunderThighs

    Hopefully they make it private for people who bought it in the past

    • Marcus

      What are you talking about? I’m trying to understand what you just said but I can’t.

  • Marcus

    I am so excited for this! This was one of my most missed tweaks when I updated to iOS 7! I’ve been thinking about IntelliScreenX 7 and Auxo 2 whenever I open Cydia. This is going to be awesome!

    • I agree 100% ISX7 will not disappoint. Unlike half the tweaks that have been reviewed on here. For example UIColors maybe the worst $ I’ve ever spent on a tweak. Forces the UI to the point that apps run so sluggish and like crap. Auxo is another example of my believing everything Jeff and the guys say. Lol

      • Marcus

        Agreed lol. UIColors is terrible. I recommend buying Fancy it’s awesome and is so much better. Fingers crossed that ISX 7 and Auxo 2 will be awesome!

  • Paul Meneshian

    the quick reply for texting better be nice and elegant looking on this version

  • Matthew Cooper

    Is it a public beta?

    • Google “Intelliborn Repo”. Done!

  • solidsephiroth

    It’s technically already next week. Where’s my ISX7? 😉

  • jp2592

    I will wait for both this and lockinfo7 to make my purchase

  • Max Rojas

    So theirs gonna be a beta we can test out?

  • Jude Wu

    hopefully it will cut off all the unnecessary shit that apple add in NC. make NC simple and easy to use again. I don’t need such a thing like today’s view.

    • Jamie

      You can turn that off if you don’t like t.

  • ricky_nguyen

    Is there anyway to email intelliborn if you have issues with purchasing intelliscreenx 6?

  • Jamie

    It’s about time. I loved this tweak in the past and can’t wait to see how they integrate it into IOS7. The upgrade in free too if you bought it for IOS6.

  • iViperzLTD

    There’s no need to hope, Intelliborn confirmed that ISX6 users will get a free upgrade back when iOS7 was first jailbroken on their twitter.

  • iViperzLTD

    For those people who don’t bother searching in detail and scrutinise before they know the facts, ISX7 WILL be free for ISX6 users, Intelliborn confirmed this themselves on their twitter and you’re more than capable to confirm this yourself. If you have any doubt. I can’t wait until this comes out 🙂


    Will I have to get more from cydia for intelliscreenx7 to work ? Or is it just the one download and that’s all?