Shrink picture file size on iPhone

Although storage space gets cheaper and cheaper, it seems we always need and want more and more. It’s particularly true if you have a 16GB iPhone. If that’s the case, storage is even more precious to you and you should try to make every MB count.

Along with music and videos, photos are probably one of the most notorious storage eaters on your iPhone. I know mine is filled with over 10 GB of pictures alone. If you’re in the same situation and you want to save some storage space on your iPhone, one of your option is to decrease the file size of your iPhone pictures.

As always, there is an app for that. As a matter of fact, there are probably dozens of apps for that, but the one I use is called Shrink My Pictures, an app which only purpose is to lower file size of PNG, JPEG, and GIF images while maintaining the original dimension. It might not be the prettiest one out there, but it’s the one that I found works best for me.

In this post, I will show you how to reduce pictures file size on iPhone using Shrink My Pictures in order to regain some storage space on your device…

How to reduce a photo file size on your iPhone

Before we get started, it must be noted that while Shrink My Pictures will make photos file size smaller, it will not reduce the actual dimensions of the pictures. If that is what you are trying to do, click here to learn how to resize an image on your iPhone.

Step 1: Download Shrink My Pictures from the App Store.

Step 2: Launch the application and tap the “Add” icon at the lower left of the screen. It will show all the photo albums available on your device. Open an album and select one or more photos that you want to compress, then tap Done. The photos you have selected will be imported into the application.

Reduce picture file size on iPhone

Step 3: Tap the “Option” icon at the bottom of the screen. This is where you can tweak the level of compression. The more you want to reduce a photo file size, the higher the compression level should be.

Keep in mind that when you shrink the file size of iPhone pictures, the quality of these pictures decreases as well. The more you compress iPhone photos (or any photo for that matter), the lower the quality gets.

For the purposes of this post, I chose the highest level of compression.

compress iPhone photos

Step 4: Tap on the “Start” icon at the bottom. The app will work its magic to downsize the file size of your photos. The more pictures you have to process, the more time it will take. In my experience, the app was very fast at compressing each image, but of course, your mileage may vary.

Step 5: Once the app has finished processing the pictures, they will be automatically saved to your Camera Roll and to a newly created album on your iPhone called Shrink My Pictures, so you can find them easily.

The app also keeps count of how much space you have saved in MB, which can add up pretty quickly if you’re resizing many pictures.

compress gain

Shrinking the file size of your photos can save you tons of space of your device. Of course, to save that space, you will have to delete the original photos. And also remember that, as noted above, the more you lower a picture file size, the worse the quality of this image will be.

Here is the size of these two photos I used, before and after shrinking them:

  • Photo 1 was 1.63 MB, now 0.25MB
  • Photo 2 was 3.07 MB, now 0.80 MB

In my experience with Shrink My Pictures, I haven’t really noticed an obvious loss of quality, but if you have a good eye for these kind of things, it might make a difference to you.

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Please make sure to share your comments below, especially if you have a trick of your own to compress photo file size on iPhone.

  • Framboogle

    I find the best solution for this is Dropbox. Once you no longer have space on your device, just delete them, and sync them to dropbox, very useful.

    • ✪ aidan harris ✪

      I prefer to use iPhoto (since I use a mac – I can’t say if there’s a similar solution for Winblows). I have the library location set to a network share on another computer and this gets backed up every half-an-hour to another harddrive. I use Dropbox too though but hate the fact that Dropbox offers hardly any storage space so I might start using Mega instead for cloud storage…

    • Raúl Díez Martín

      I use Google+, it uploads infinite pictures at a good quality, just having the app in the background, it’s great.

      • Framboogle

        It’s not infinte – Google only gives you 15 GB free storage

      • Raúl Díez Martín

        “You can upload an unlimited amount of standard size photos (the longest edge of the photo does not exceed 2048 pixels), but full size photos will count against your Google Drive storage quota.”

  • AndroidDogHeatandSteelersFan

    I want more storage on my device. They should make 32GB the norm. 16GB is wayyyyyyy to small. Besides it’s half a decade already. And losing quality of photos by compression… is not the way to go.

    • ✪ aidan harris ✪

      Backing up is the way to go. There is no reason to keep all of your photos on your device all of the time…

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  • Quib

    Must be a slow news day if your posting filler material such as this.

    • Rot Kelfer

      It might be a filler material to you, but it might be a great info for those who want to save some space on their iDevice.
      Don’t hate what you don’t understand.

      • Quib

        Don’t hate what I don’t understand?

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        Woah! We got a badass nazi over here..

      • Quib

        Only half right. Badass. Yes. Nazi. Ask you mother about that one.

  • Rot Kelfer

    I use JPEG mini on my mac, works great, does the same job.

  • Marcus

    Speaking of file sizes, does anyone know why .pages smaller are way larger than .doc files? I downloaded a .doc off of my school’s website to fill it out and then it automatically converted to a .pages file at a much larger size. Does anyone know why this happened? I just thought it was because .pages files were more complex or something, I don’t really know.

  • Merman123

    These posts are starting to feel like ads for lesser known apps

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      so… what is this?

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      The pic is so blurry, what is it?

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    Is it just me or WhatsApp isn’t working since yesterday? It just wouldn’t let me log in and it’s being stupid just loading all the time.. Thank you Facebook!

  • Rigs101

    Box gave out 50gb of free storage I don’t know if they’re still doing that

  • Max Bretherton

    Is the resulting Album created by the app still viewable in the original date order and do you still have the original ‘years’ ‘collections’ and ‘Moments’ views ? Thanks

  • mhobb

    Space has always been a struggle with 16gb, always around only 100mb free. Next iPhone will be 64gb for sure. Cache clearer always works wonders though.

  • Brandon Lee Robinson

    This is why I always buy a lot of storage with my iPhone. The only thing I wish is that iCloud storage would have a way of increasing if you purchased a larger phone, maybe incorporate it into the price of a phone. With a 128GB 6 Plus, my backups are already larger than 5 GB each.


    yeah, we all know that ! but can simply adjust the file size before taking the picture?? so, it will be automatically in a smaller file after shooting, and you need not make all those resizing afterwards

  • Alexis

    Shrink My Pictures isn’t free any more. $1.99 currently.