Samsung Galaxy S5 (teaser, Concept Phones 001)

2014 could be the year we see indoor positioning and micro-location services become pervasive in our lives. Thank that to iBeacon, an Apple-designed new class of low-powered, low-cost transmitters that can notify nearby iOS 7 devices of their presence.

iBeacon technology can also be used by the Android operating system and chip makers like Qualcomm have taken notice and started churning out low-cost transmitters.

At its core, iBeacon lets iOS devices (or other hardware) send push notifications to other iOS devices in close proximity. Needless to say, fast-follower Samsung does not seem keen on supporting iBeacon in its products and instead is pursuing an in-house built solution.

According to a new patent application published by The United States Trademark and Patent Office (USPTO), the Galaxy maker’s iBeacon is called Flybell and is being described as a “wireless beacon and corresponding software”

DroidLife first mentioned Samsung’s patent, with PatentlyApple providing additional insight. Samsung originally filed for this patent on February 7 so this is definitely its latest technology, one that will likely go head to head against Apple’s iBeacon.

I’m only speculating here, but Samsung’s Flybell could out-innovate Apple’s iBeacon because high-end Samsung phones come with NFC, a short-range radio communication technology not yet adopted by the iPhone.

Other Samsung filings point to fingerprint scanning and a music streaming service: several trademark filings were made public earlier this week for In addition to music, that service should be capable of delivering other forms of on-demand entertainment, including video broadcasts, movies and Internet radio.

The application details mobile software applications for streaming music, accessing Internet radio, enabling music and video broadcasting services, accessing video-on-demand, enabling social networking and more.

The South Korean conglomerate offers media service through its Media Hub apps and I have a feeling will consolidate those offerings under a single banner.

As for Flybell, if Samsung is ready to launch this thing it’ll probably be alongside the Galaxy S5 introduction next month at the firm’s Unpacked 5 event at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain.

Watchers have noted that the Unpacked 5 trailer, seen above, hints that the Galaxy S5 will be waterproof (move over, Sony Z!) and rugged. The overall style of the trailer may suggest that the next Galaxy will have better industrial design and prettier UI, too.

  • Jonathan

    Why not call it “lamp” then. Sounds just as random.

  • Hyr3m

    Christian, please do us a favor and don’t speculate; you’re having trouble enough dealing with facts…

    • Mace


  • Wolfer

    Ok…so I can see that Samsung is copying Apple in everything!!! And they say they are the inovative ones!!! First Apple came with the fingerprint scanner, now they are doing one too; second the 64 processor, now supposly the are doying one too; third, now the ibeacon thing, and they are doing the flybell; fourth the streaming music and internet radio, now they are doing one too; the industrial design, and copying from sony the waterproof!!!

    • Your Mother

      Samsung already has a smart watch, apple is copying. Samsung already has a phablet, apple is copying, Samsung already has a tablet larger than 10″ apple is copying.

      if that’s not enough, Samsung had 7″ tablet apple copied, Samsung also had
      – 4″+ screens
      – 4G/LTE
      – front camera greater than 0.7 phone on the iPhone.

      the list just goes on and on and on.

      please stop with the copying nonsense., it gets old and make you look like some mumbling iDiot.

      • Now, mother, Apple had been rumored to release an iWatch for years before Galaxy Gear was ever in planning. Samsung tried to beat Apple to the punch by stealing the idea from the rumors.

        As for your other points, Samsung isn’t Android. A variety of Android vendors had all of those long before Samsung ever made devices with those specifications. Claiming Samsung was the originator of all of the above is just plain stupid.

      • Fact

        FAIL! Samsung already created and released a smartwatch WAY BACK

      • grumpyfuzz

        Rumored, haha, that means made up…

      • Your Mother

        lmfao. So “Rumors” mean what exactly? Any company can be rumored to produce anything–what hits the street is what matters.

        Stealing from rumors, now that’s a pretty dumb statement to make.

        And I never said Samsung was the originator of al those things; IF you read and understood my comment it was just to show the original poster how stupid his comments were about the copying nonsense.

      • Rowan09

        No one os copying it’s called being smart. You’re wrong with most of what you said because Smartwatches been around for years before the Gear, Dell was the first to make a “Phablet with the Dell Streak 5.0, the Evo had the first 4″+ popular phone screen, LTE capable phones has nothing to do with Samsung, Apple did it when LTE was actual available in areas and a front camera greater than .7mp come on man that’s reaching. Nevertheless it’s not copying as you stated, companies have to pay attention to what others are doing for competition.

      • Your Mother


      • sjimmiep

        Kindly scroll to the very top of this page. It says iDownload blog, iPhone, iPad and iOS.
        Take your rhetoric to the same song blog.

      • It says iDownloadBlog, not iTardsOnlyBlog. Take your ignoramus attitude to the iTardsOnlyBlog…

      • Guest

        why would you even come to this website? Not only are you a troll but a very ignorant one at that. Troll on motherfker

      • Guest

        Troll on then.
        Ive been on the iTardsonlyblog and surprisingly you are the biggest troller there too.
        So stay calm and troll on.

      • sjimmiep

        Ive been on iTardsonlyblog and, no surprise, you were the biggest troller there too. It’s too bad that you have to go to an apple blog to read about all things shamsung. Thank you for all the information though. I’m sure you have convinced several of the regulars here to trade their apple device in for one of those P.O.S es your packing around.

      • Your Mother

        IDownload blog has just posted about 10 Google/Android related articles so I guess that means people are FREE to talk about whatever they want and you’re FREE to move along.

      • jack

        These existed before the shameless dog eaters at samsung copied them

      • Your Mother

        Just like apps, app stores, tablets, touch screen smart phones, all metal devices were around for more than a decade before the scum at apple started copying, claiming as their own and during everybody else.

    • BozzyB

      What is again sold as as a new technology by Apple is just a service which is based on the Bluetooth Low Engery (BLE) protocol. Otherwise it would be also strange that android supports it…

  • NFC requires very close range to work, much closer than Bluetooth. I’m not sure how much that would help Samsung “out-innovate” Apple, especially if Apple uses Bluetooth LE for mobile payments. Apple didn’t adopt NFC for a reason. Because they had something better in mind.

    • Your Mother

      NFC being closer is better for security or do you want to walk down the street and have just anybody access your data as you walk by.

      • It’s called authentication with Touch ID, mom. Plus, anybody could get close enough to connect to an NFC device on a crowded New York sidewalk.

      • Rowan09

        NFC is not very secure at all, you can purchase readers to snatch someone’s information when being transmitted. I’m not really sure about this iBeacon tech, so I will have to read up on it.

  • onebyone_

    Ladies & Gentlemans
    this is Shamesung! 😀

    because they innovate we innovate too. :B

  • Wolfer

    U know the problem here, u are insulting people!!! Here we are to help and let everybody the right to express their opinion, but without insulting!!! One thing here, 4G, LTE???? That is from the carriers site, yes the phone need to be made for that frecuency, but that does not mean inovation…a smart watch??? Wow , the pebble??? Was first that the gear!!! Wath about Sony, Microsoft…yes everybody copy from everybody!!! But Im talking about real inovation that help the user with the hardware, not software!!! Software is one thing, hardware is another thing!!! I got a Galaxy S3, an S4, a Galaxy Tab, but I have too, yes I have too, an iPhone 3Gs, an i4, an i4s, an i5 an an iPad 3!!! Im a Physicist so I need to have all of that to work…wich I prefer ALL OF THEM!!! Every one of them has its benefits and cons!!! But I HATE ALL OF THEM TOO!!! Yes and I use them because my work!!! It is the fed gov…my private contracts, and public contracts…nobody fallows a 3Gs today!!! And now, when u are old enough to insult and mature anough to talk without insulting and give ur opinion without insulting then u can talk!!! U work for Samsung or Google??? Because how u defend Samsung!!! Wow!! Software is from google, hardware is from Samsung!!! So I dont give credit to Samsung for software codes or programing!!! Give it to Google!!! Now I give credit to Apple because they do software and hardware and that is the best inovation for a company who gots the minds to work and do two things!!! And the money to do wathever they want, likes to some and dont like to some!!! I hate them all!!!! But I like them all!!! They pay me, all of them for wath I do and say!!! Do they pay you???

    • BozzyB

      Sorry but half of the iPhone is Samsung hardware…. Or others. Apple does not innovate anything. They just go shopping at other hardware vendors like LG, Samsung, Sony etc. and pick the cool stuff.. Or picked.. Now they only come out with the same stuff every year.
      Take a Samsung phone and look at it closely. You will discover features you won’t even see in years on an iOS device. And – while you look at it, it won’t even turn off the screen cause it notices you staring.

      • Wolfer

        U are right in that, see this is the way to coment!!! Thanks, tha is why I said I love them all, but I hate them all!!!

  • Rowan09

    They have a waterproof S4 already so am I to assume this will be the only S5 model?

  • sjimmiep

    lol. Rhymes with libel.

  • “We’ve always been shameless about stealing great ideas.” – steve jobs
    So are we!

  • Hector Ricky Flores

    Since Samsung is blatantly copying Apple (again) why not just call it S Beacon lol


    iBeacon in the title/article is just for SEO and click bait purposes.

    Christian Zibreg and other NFC fans, mark
    my words:

    NFC is Betamax, HD DVD
    Bluetooth 4.0 is VHS, Blu-Ray

    NFC will never show up on an iPhone or any Apple device
    NFC will die.

    BTLE (on top of which iBeacons are built) has many more use cases than proximity based NFC (on which FlyBell is built).

  • Deedee

    NFC == Noone F*cking Cares