Theme Thursday 4

The fourth edition of Theme Thursday has arrived, a weekly column that covers some of the best theme releases for Winterboard to date. This week’s roundup continues to focus on iPhone and iPod touch themes, although many are designed for the iPad as well. Moreover, after listening to your feedback for the last three weeks, we have plans to publish an iPad theme roundup in the near future.

This week, we highlight the following themes: Jaku, Slab and Redsgn 2.0. To get the reflective dock used in the screenshots, download ClassicDock. I am also using a custom font called Cartogothic Std that is applied using BytaFont. In this edition of Theme Thursday, I provide a combination of stock images from the designers alongside my own screenshots. Take a look… 

Redsgn 2.0

Redsgn 2.0

We’ve seen our fair share of themes with flat icons overlaid with white glyphs, but Redsgn 2.0 places itself ahead of the pack with an impressive 400 custom icons. I have nearly five full pages of apps, and only about a dozen or so still have stock icons.

There are five icon masks that come bundled with the theme, configurable through Winterboard: squared, squircle, round, ring and corners. Each looks great. Best of all, Redsgn 2.0 is free on Cydia in the ModMyi repo for iPhone and iPod touch. An iPad version is coming soon.



I am a big fan of Vancouver-based interaction designer William Szilveszter, the creative brainchild behind Jaku. While I think that its design is more suitable for iOS 6 and earlier, the theme remains one of the best available for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Each icon is so intrinsically detailed and precise. It’s quite incredible.

Perhaps what makes Jaku so great is the tremendous support it has received over the years. As a testament to how strong the theming community is, Jaku has hundreds if not thousands of custom icons available through a dedicated repository. The theme certainly lives up to its $2.99 price tag on Cydia in the MacCiti repo. A separate iPad version is available.



Christopher Wang has just released an update for Slab, a well-designed theme with custom icons that are colorful with countered edges for added depth. This theme has a respectable 100 custom icons, and Wang is currently accepting requests for additional ones. The icons have a rounded appearance with bright edges that looks quite nice. Slab is one dollar on the Cydia Store.

This week wasn’t a particularly busy one in terms of themes, but February 21st marks the much-anticipated release of graphic designer Surenix’s new theme called Ayeris. He is perhaps best known as the creator of Ayecon, a theme that Jeff gave a rave review for just recently. As always, be sure to leave your theme recommendations in the comments section for next week.

If you are a theme designer yourself, and would like to have your work featured in this column, gift your package to Cydia ID 6107077 and reach out to me on Twitter (@rsgnl) to connect. I cannot guarantee coverage of all themes that come across my desk, but I may include your work in a future roundup. Your theme might not be featured for a few weeks or longer, so please be patient.

Which themes would you like to see next week?

  • Liam Mulcahy

    I love theme thursday

  • Framboogle

    Hey iDB you guys should do a review of this theme.

    • ✪ aidan harris ✪

      Wow this theme looks great. It’s so good it looks like it might be the brainchild of Jony Ive. I just can’t get over how minimalistic it is.


    • Jonathan

      lol xD
      I gotta admit. .the winterboard one actually looks pretty nice.

    • bob

      looks like your mum

      • Jonathan

        there you go talking to yourself again..

      • bob’s mum

        You should consider killing yourself. It would be beneficial for yourself if you did so.

      • Martin

        you’re mad

    • Rot Kelfer

      it was probably like $3

  • Meteochu


  • Keabsy

    I have a suggestion. As these are all iPhone themes, maybe you could post some iPad ones too? I can’t seem to find good ones.

    • ✪ aidan harris ✪

      Ayecon for iPad and Jaku for iPad are two of the best iOS 7 iPad themes that I’ve seen so far…

      • Keabsy

        I’m a sucker for flat themes :/

    • As I mentioned in the article, we have plans to publish an iPad theme roundup in the near future. It will be separate from Theme Thursday.

      I am a quite a busy college student at the moment, so I haven’t had a chance to even jailbreak my iPad yet for that purpose.

      Keep your eyes out for that. In the meantime, most themes I mention in Theme Thursday are compatible with most iPads.

      • Keabsy

        Looking forward to it! Thanks for the work and dedication on writing these articles.

      • You’re welcome. I’m glad you enjoy them.

      • Jonathan

        How about Theme Tuesday? 😛 For iPad?

    • Meteochu

      Try out Axla 😉 Works on both iPhone AND iPads!

    • bob

      I have a suggestion. Go put a coconut up your bumhole

  • Drexla

    I feel bad for you iOS 7 suckers lol. 90% of your themes are garbage and all you get are icons with no UI not even worthy of being called a theme. Long Live iOS 6. The home of REAL themes.

    • Mustang5Oh

      I feel sorry for you taking themes/iOS WAY too seriously.

      • Drexla

        Not really. Just saying the truth. 🙂

      • Jonathan

        Which is hidden behind a lie.

    • bob

      having a nice little bitch about themes lol

    • J™

      me too feel bad that u are still stuck behind at iOS 6. what are u using? the iPhone 3?

    • Alberto Espinal

      IOS 6 can’t even touch IOS 7, there are tweaks that don’t even need a respring to work, like “Fancy, Night Mode, etc, etc” you don’t even know what you talking about, stay in the past my friend because i love the future!!

  • Jonathan

    I have to admit Joe, this is one of my favorite posts that you do. =)

  • U Kn0w What 1t 1s

    Jaku is my favorite theme! I’m so happy it has finally been featured!

  • Ex Deus

    Jaku doesn’t use icon masks so it doesn’t theme icons that doesn’t have a specifically made icon for it and therefore it suck.

  • Cool

    Jaku is flipping amazing!

  • Max

    I wanted to get Jaku for my iOS 6 but he went and made the update of Jaku > iOS 7 dependency so now you can’t get it 🙁

  • ProMode

    Look at this

    • Dirty Harry

      What theme is this?

      • Richard


      • Dirty Harry

        Thanks Rich, would you happen to know where they got the status bar icons too?

      • Richard

        I have no idea lol. Sorry for the late ass reply tho haha. I believe that user is still on iOS 6 unless there’s a way on iOS 7. I see Notifier is being used…that’s the envelope notification you see up top.

    • Vic Damone

      This CRUSHES jaku freaking amazing!!!

  • Daniel Beecham

    Surenix Theme it’s coming tomorrow!!!!

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  • Gabriel

    Next week I would like to see a review of this theme
    (Took this picture from Reddit)

  • MrJohnBlaze

    im using the nux ios7 theme and nuxlockscreen

    • John Doe

      Can I ask you, your icons are circular. If you don’t have reduce motion turned on (i.e. normal animations), when you open an app, does the circle icon turn into the usual square during the animation while it is opening? Pls let me know, I have this problem and I can’t figure out whats wrong for the life of me.

      • MrJohnBlaze

        when it zooms back out it goes square the circle but its for a fraction of a 2nd it doesnt bother me

      • John Doe

        I finally found out what the issue was. Try installing IconBundles – look it up on cydia’s bigboss repo. I have no clue why winter board isn’t bundled with this, but it stopped that ugly square appearing.

  • I definitely can’t wait for Ayeris to release tomorrow from Surenix 🙂

  • DtownBlogger

    I think I’ll stick with soft remix. It’s still one of the best themes I’ve used.

    • Rot Kelfer

      agreed. I’ve been using it for weeks. tried other ones, but couldn’t get used to them. sticking with soft remix.

  • Ishaan Malhotra


    • 007

      how did you get the clock and the day theme plz?

      • Ishaan Malhotra

        Found it on reddit. Just google ‘elegante LS reddit.’

  • Julio Acosta


    • ediblepixels

      How did you get the icons to be in the middle like that?

      • Julio Acosta

        Homesreen design tweak on cydia

    • Mohammed Hassan

      Could you post your wallpaper please?

      • Julio Acosta


  • Chun-Li aka ThunderThighs

    Pleiades Search it in Cydia. You guys should put it in next weeks.

  • Albert

    I just love Clarity

    • kjjtruong

      What’s the name of that lock screen you have?

  • Matt

    I just hate when this happens. :/
    The folder just stands out a bit too much ah ha
    But all in all this made me chance my previous theme which I had on for two weeks.

  • dpacemaker

    FYI Redsgn is just labeled as Redsgn in Cydia, it is version 2.0. Someone might think that they can’t find it thinking it’s labeled as Redsgn 2.0.

  • Huntz

    Jaku is amazing.

  • Dirty Harry

    Can anyone tell me what this theme is?

    • Ishaan Malhotra


    • Framboogle

      Looks like a well done Jaku copy.

    • ChristianPasquariello


  • n4nom4n

    my favorite

  • Hector Ricky Flores

    Motif is the currently the best theme out right now.

  • Rot Kelfer

    I see that ever since Solstice came out with the inner-icon shadow effect, everyone has been copying that like there’s no tomorrow

  • Hayden

    Is there any way to get jaku and ios 6 i love the theme and would get ios 7 just to have it but my iPod touch cant run it Dx

  • Edoardo Fantin

    where can I find the background wallpaper in the redsgn 2 pic?