BootSound Cydia

BootSound is a recently released jailbreak tweak with one simple premise—it brings the iconic Mac OS X boot-up sound to the iPhone. BootSound is a tweak with no options or settings to configure. Once you install it, any respiring or reboot will cause the OS X start-up sound to play via the device’s speakers.

If you’re looking for a way to further customize your iPhone, then BootSound is a good place to start. Have a look at our video walkthrough inside to see what it all entails.

As mentioned, there are no options or settings to configure for BootSound; it’s an install and go experience. I do think it would be nice if the developer at least allowed users to disable the boot sound, or adjust the volume. As it stands, BootSound is a decent jailbreak tweak, but I think it needs a few options for customizing the experience.

If you’d like to take BootSound for a test drive, then head over to Cydia’s ModMyi repo where it can be downloaded without cost. As always, be sure to share your thoughts about the tweak down below.

  • iPhone5s

    I can’t hear the sound on my iPhone 5s 🙁

    • It does not play the sound if you have your phone on mute.

      For me, when it does play the sound, it’s at 100% volume, so sounds horrible.

      • David Gitman

        works on the 5S?

      • Tobias9413


      • David Gitman


      • I agree, which is why I was hoping that the developer would add a volume setting.

      • iPhone5s

        Oh lol….

  • It works on the 5S but for some reason after installing it all my folders disappeared and my icon layout is jumbled up. I wonder if it is a conflict with Applist or something. Did this happen to anyone else?

    • Ashton P.

      Same thing happened to my 5. I do not have this tweak installed though. Was very annoying

  • abdullah575

    horrable sound !!

  • Justin Mahone

    Very good, but sometimes very quiet

  • Steve

    Cool! But I can’t remember the last time I reboot my phone

    • Tobias9413

      Works when you respring too but yeah

  • Adrian

    Does not work (mute off) on 5S!

    • Tobias9413

      5S here. Can confirm it works. Make sure your volume is up, just not all the way.

  • Jerry

    What wallpaper is that jeff?

  • KingKon_NL

    I think it’s annoying on my iMac, why would you want this on your phone too?

  • Arsanny Lintang

    it’ll be better if we could choose which sound that we want to play e.g. super mario bros sound or a robot sating hello sound

  • gittlopctbi

    Dumb. Just dumb.

  • Al Fresco

    if i want mac sounds i get mobilevolumesound from cydia

  • Terry Cooke

    This keeps crashing my springboard! #deleted