Galaxy Tab 10.1 ad (teaser 002)

Samsung is taking a page from Microsoft’s book with the release of a new ad featuring side-by-side comparison of its 10.1-inch Galaxy Tab Pro and Apple’s iPad. Not only that, Samsung has actually borrowed the concept of Apple’s inaugural iPad Air commercial dubbed ‘Pencil’ and applied it to its ad.

The ad titled ‘Multitasking Redefined’ highlights Samsung device’s multitasking capabilities allowing it to render two apps side-by-side, because “doing two things at once is greater than doing one thing at once”.

The 60-second video proudly proclaims the Galaxy Tab 10.1 to be an even thinner tablet than the iPad Air despite a negligible difference in their thickness. There’s also another ad which uses a video of a LeBron James slam dunk to mock the iPhone’s screen size.

Here it is…

For those wondering, the Samsung device is 7.3mm thick versus 7.5mm for the iPad Air. The 0.2mm difference is enough of a justification to call the Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1 thinner than the iPad Air.

In the case of the screen resolution, Samsung has a point: the Apple tablet’s Retina screen maxes out at 1,536-by-2,048 pixels (264ppi) while Samsung’s device packs even more pixels at a whopping 1,600-by-2,560 pixel resolution (299ppi)

But Samsung didn’t stop there.

Another commercial pits the iPhone’s “non-HD” four-inch display to
the Galaxy Note 3’s HD screen measuring 5.7 inches diagonally, using a video of a LeBron James slam dunk.

“Shouldn’t we enjoy this high-definition jam on a screen that’s actually high-definition?” asks the voiceover. “5.7 inches of HD… or 4.0 inches of non-HD.”

I’m not sure I appreciate the “LeBron’s literally running away from this phone” part.

Do you like the ads or has Samsung gone too far taking swipes at the iPhone and iPad?

  • Sokrates

    The colors on the iPhone 5s are actually much better.

    • Adan

      Yes, Shamesung devices have that nasty green tint. It’s hideous.

  • kespiritu

    I kinda like Samsung tablets. I’m starting to get tired of iOS.

  • Derrick Tyson

    While Samsung is wasting time and money mocking the competition, Apple still helps me get my job done BETTER.

  • Joseph Nguyen

    Always amusing to watch SamSUCK try so hard in making (completely unoriginal) commercials in effort to show that their products are better than Apple’s.

  • Mohamed Hassabo

    “No S-Pen in this phone”.

  • Jack

    lol shame on you butt hurt appple fanboys

  • Jack

    ios is most boring system, it is just for rich fat white americans to show off their pedigree as a social device

  • Chris

    Umm what? With the space they wasted by putting that stupid “S Pen” in there they probably could have got another 500 MB/s of memory.

    Also it’s pretty sad they played an SD video on the iPhone considering it’s able to play 1080p without being on a 1920×1080 resolution.

  • Brandon Jennings

    If Samsung’s product is so good, why would they need to compare it to an iPhone/iPad which is clearly “not HD” and “less powerful” as they put it…

    Taken way too far.

    You don’t see Apple doing this to Samsung or Microsoft, because they don’t need to. Samsung needs to build barriers, that’s why those ad’s were created.

  • Abubaker

    Dunya.. Dunya.. Dunyaaaa!

  • Laszlo Gaspar

    I just hate these sorts of ads, who comes up with these awful ideas

  • Out5poken

    I ain’t mad. Good job samsung, competition is good!

  • ✯Mike✯

    There are many views to this topic, as you can see in the many comments here. But, the main argument here is wether multitasking is useful on a phone. To start off, Apple does not have a phone with a large enough screen to make multitasking effective. Effective meaning of use to the millions of everyday users. Effective meaning any person using the phone could “switch on” multitasking and use two apps at once, with a purpose; not to show off the cool things it can do. Samsung, on the other hand, makes phones with a larger screen. The larger screen means a bigger interface to work on, meaning a more potentially useful device to use more then one app on. Now, the probability of a user actually using the device with two apps running at once is very little to none, simply because the large majority of the people never need such a tool. To US, the geeks and the computer junkies, yeah, it can be very useful to watch a youtube video on how to change a setting and actually be changing the setting as they are on the video. But, Apple’s iPhone as of now does not have the potential to use a tool like the Samsung phones do. Apple is known for its simplicity and its all-around safe-feeling devices. Samsung, is known for it’s intuitiveness and huge astonishing accomplishments like the eye-reading on the Galaxy S4. Simple as that.

  • blastingbigairs

    The Note 3’s screen although very sharp still doesn’t have the same crystal clear look that the Retina display has. Sorry SamsBung.


    I love my apple but these adds are funny.

  • Raashid

    “Let’s not forget that sensors based on swiping are unreliable and prone to malfunction and wear and tear.”

    Yet another of Christian’s ignoramus bullcrap claims. I have a swipe fingerprint scanner in my 2008 laptop and it’s still working flawlessly today.

  • Bangali

    I don’t agree with slating other products to make yours look better – shows weakness I think, but saying that, the narrator is quite funny in both ads..!

  • bigzjoseph

    Wow samsung is so scared they trying to diss Apple in videos…. Apple 4 life

  • Louie.

    i just fell off my lama #Shamesung

  • firerock

    I am iPhone user just simply because its wide variety and more killing apps @ games and obviously jailbreaking. Samsung ads always makes me LOL.
    Btw they had powerful devices but it just not as good as apple’s idevices IMO

  • Neel

    Just surfing the apple website and came across this…….

  • SameSung…