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Do you hear that? That’s Sebastien Page popping open a bottle of the finest bubbly in celebration of the public release of biteSMS for iOS 7. Of, course, I’m joking. Sebastien would likely save his bubbly for a more apt occasion, but he’s no doubt happy to hear about biteSMS’ release, and for good reason.

Despite some of the criticism I’ve heaped on biteSMS over the years, it’s still without a doubt one of the finest, and one of the most cared-for jailbreak apps in history. I mean, who else can you think of that meticulously updates its apps as much as the folks behind bite do? Instead of milking the success of biteSMS, it’s always being worked on, perfected, and enhanced for the customer.

biteSMS 8.0, which is the first public release sporting the highly coveted iOS 7 compatibility, is a pivotal change for the app’s look. Of course, the creators of biteSMS had to match the style of iOS 7, which was, besides the under-the-hood changes, one of the more pressing issues for them to get right.

I’m happy to report that biteSMS 8.0 looks great, and works in the same familiar fashion that we’ve all grown accustomed to over the years. If you’re a bite fan, you’re not going to be disappointed. If you’re new to the world of biteSMS, then you’re in for a treat. Have a look at our full walkthrough after the break as we explore what has made biteSMS such a loved Messages app enhancement over the years.

The main purpose of biteSMS is to provide users with a way to quickly reply to a received message from anywhere on the iPhone, and to quickly compose messages from anywhere. The quick reply functionality piggybacks on the built in notifications for iOS. This means that you can tap on a banner, or swipe a notification from the Lock screen to invoke the quick reply interface from wherever you are.

biteSMS 8 quick compose

Quick reply is one of biteSMS’ hallmark features

The same basic premise applies to quick compose as well. By pressing one of the volume buttons and tapping on the volume HUD, you can quickly compose a message no matter where you are on your iPhone. You can also quickly compose and reply to messages directly from Notification Center. If none of that sounds appealing to you, then you can always fall back on using an Activator action to invoke the quick compose window.

Quick reply and quick compose are two of the most requested features for the stock Messages app, but they have fell on deaf ears at Apple. For that reason, biteSMS continues to be the go to apps for jailbreakers who wish to have such functionality. In fact, it’s one of the primary reasons that people jailbreak to begin with.

Not much has changed from a pure usability standpoint in biteSMS 8, but there are some very cool, yet subtle features I’d like to talk about. There have also been tons of under-the-hood improvements, as proven by its lengthy time in beta.

biteSMS mute

A tap and hold on a thread initiates a mute

I think my favorite features to biteSMS is the ability to mute conversations on an individual basis. This feature was added quite late in the beta process, but it’s definitely one of my favorite additions, and it’s a life saver for those windy group conversations to always seem to get caught up in.

biteSMS muted

Muted threads feature a mute icon

Another favorite feature is the ability to automatically insert the last taken photo in the conversation. You can do this by tapping on the camera roll icon in the pop-up overlay when composing a message. The camera and camera roll icons have been separated for quicker access to each.

One of the biggest visual changes that you’ll notice right off the bat is with the app icon. Gone is the stoic “biteSMS” text in favor of a more playful, and visually apt pink bite-mark app icon. The style is flat like iOS 7, and it looks so visually appealing that I wouldn’t consider replacing the app icon like I used to do in the old days.

biteSMS icon

The new biteSMS icon looks great

Of course, I could go on touching on all of the advanced features, which is really not appropriate for a walkthrough/review like this. Perhaps I will come back in a while with one of our patented “Ultimate” walkthroughs for bite SMS, because it really would require 2-3 thousand words coupled with videos and animated gifs to properly cover every nook and cranny of this gargantuan release.

With all of that being said, biteSMS isn’t perfect. There’s still no Control Center method or toggle for quickly composing messages, themes don’t work just yet for changing the look of the interface, and group contact pictures mysteriously don’t show the contact photos of all of the individuals in a group message.

Despite any shortcomings that I can list, the downsides pale in comparisons to biteSMS’ upside. This is simply the best jailbreak app for the Messages app, and can arguably be leveled the best jailbreak release ever, depending on your needs.

What’s even more amazing to me is the fact that biteSMS continues to be a free upgrade, despite it being many years since I last paid to remove its ads, and despite the numerous iteration that the app goes through for beta testing. It’s really remarkable, and it’s a testament to the team’s dedication to its users.

If you don’t already own biteSMS, what are you waiting for? Get it right now on Cydia’s BigBoss repo completely free of charge. It comes with a 7-day ad-free trial, and thereafter, you’ll be asked to pay a one-time fee to remove the ads, or you can just continue to use it with ads.

What do you think about biteSMS? Is it on your list as one of the best jailbreak releases of all time? I certainly tend to think so, and so does Sebastien. Sound off with your thoughts and comments down below.

Note: if you have the beta installed with its source, biteSMS 8 will not show up in the BigBoss repo. Remove the beta if you want to use the BigBoss version. Or, if you’d prefer to stay on the bleeding edge with subsequent releases, keep the beta installed.

  • David

    love bitesms!

  • Johnny Walker


  • Hector Ricky Flores

    does it integrate with iMessage yet?!?!?!?!

    • Marcus

      What do you mean yet? If you want something integrated with Messages it’s already here. Just get Couria or you can wait for IntelliScreenX 7 of course.

      • AndroidDogHeatandSteelersFan


      • Marcus

        What?!?!? Intelliborn is awesome! I don’t use MyWi but I do use IntelliScreen and IntelliID! They both are just awesome 😀

    • la55iter

      It works great with iMessage!

  • Linton Findlay

    id love bitesms if quick reply took up the whole screen like messages+ OTHERWISE IT JUST LOOKS UGLY

  • Kaezul

    I was using Bitesms beta, but then downloaded Couria and I’ve been using that since. How does this release of bitesms compare to Couria? I love how light weight and integrated into the message app Couria is.

    • ConduciveMammal

      I by far prefer Couria, the only problem with Couria it’s, not at all, great integration for quick compose. I tried assigning an Activator rule but it just didn’t work nearly as nicely as BiteSMS does

    • And the whatsapp plugin of course, I don’t know anyone who texts via SMS or iMessage.. All Couria needs is to look as nice as BiteSMS’ popup

  • dnice

    It’s not on big boss yet

    • Rak S

      It is. Go to sources>BigBoss, and scroll down until you find it.

  • dnice

    Never mind it is live now it just doesn’t show if you still have the beta source

  • Nirvana

    Man, I love this one

  • Tim Anderson

    I’ve had BiteSMS for a while now, and I still have beta 19, and the test-cydia.bitesms source hasn’t updated it and I can’t find BigBoss’s version. Any help here?

    • Malay Mody

      Beta 19 is the same as the official biteSMS 8.0 that was released on the BigBoss repo

    • Nirvana

      remove all of what you installed from the beta repo, get back to cydia, hit refresh, you should see the update afterwards on the Bigboss repo

  • Nivesh

    what about Touch Id integration. I was wondering that bite 8 will come with Touch Id integration.

    As i only need This sms app with jailbreak.

    • Nirvana

      TouchID alongside Passcode would be great, agree!

  • C Mac

    Does it play well with the iPad?

    • Rowan09

      Not on my fiancés iPad Air, but that was before this new release.

    • MrE23

      It works ok in my experience but the icon is messed up and the compose box is not properly placed- it sticks out into the conversation (at least in landscape orientation, which is what I always use).

  • Johnny Walker

    I have it and its amazing… this is one of the reasons i even jailbreak my iPhone.

    • Nivesh

      mine too

  • Pukka12

    I love how you can mute convo’s again. Bitesms is a life saver when your part of a large group that goes off every few minutes.

  • Sandy Cook

    Not the first public 7 release, perhaps you meant something else


    Actually there is a quick toggle in notification center

  • diggitydang

    Love BiteSMS… I’m glad they added the tap and hold to disable notifications (it wasn’t on the Beta version), but I do wish that the message history was always displayed (or at least an option) like Couria… I find it tough to catch that little arrow to pull down the history, especially when I’m already typing a message. Couria does it a little nicer and also includes a Whatsapp extension. Ahhh, decisions… but I love that we have these choices!!

  • Micaiah Martin

    What happened to your old videos Jeff? I want to see the live iPhone and your awesome hands as they wave around and preform your awesome review magic!

  • Andrew McNaught

    Super stoked. Seems to be running great & was able to recover my license with no prob

  • Chun-Li aka ThunderThighs

    Hey iDownloadBlog you guys gotta include Pleiades into your guys Theme weekly thing! It’s finally out on cydia! This thing is badas* also I contacted the rev with a list of icons to do and he said “9 icons ain’t worth my time give me more than that 😉 and I gave him 20 and he said now we talking! I like this designer just the way he is motivated by his buyers! Also he said that the UI CC and all that will be done in the next updates 😀 gotta give this guy a bravo for dedication. Best money ever spent honestly. If you guys like it I swear you won’t be disappointed like I was. I hope Idownloadblog features it

  • 323K1EL

    Does it work on iPad?

  • Blaqheart

    The beta source is showing 8.1.1 though…

  • khmi

    Still waiting for Messages from Ma Jun. It was a lot cleaner looking than bite sms on ios6.

    • TuNuT

      same here… 🙂

  • sam445

    what is this in Control Center message alerts?

    • What’s that CC tweak with your wifi, ram, cell etc.?

      • sam445


  • mwpitt52

    No themes yet?

  • Please bring back Quick Reply for WhatsApp… I know Couria does this as well, but it hasn’t yet been updated with iOS 7 style.

  • Vera Deglomini

    love it! my prime reason for jailbreaking my 5S! Dont like Couria because the popup really shrinks down the fonts of the messages. If they enabled us to customize the font size I would reconsider but now BITESMS is all i will use!

    • You can tweak the font size of Quick Reply in the settings for it, but I think that’s the only place you can..

  • JulianZH

    It will be useful if it support facebook msg, whatsapp, or wechat.

  • Lyfe

    Can any one help? I have bite SMS installed but every time I get a text there is no sound. When I remove bite SMS and use iMessage the notification sounds are fine? Any advice?

    • Richard Wilkins Jr.

      In one of the updates a “Message Alerts” switch was installed in the Control Center. Bring up the Control Center and tap it to make sure it says “Message Alerts: On”. Hope that helps, I ran into the same problem before i noticed the switch.

      • Lyfe

        Thanks I feel do dumb thanks for your help.

  • I hate the name & icon. I wish i could change it back to stock name and icon. Is there a way?

    • Stock icon, but not stock name. Settings > More Stuff > Application icon. Then respring.

    • Stan_the_man7

      You can change the app name by editing the .plist file in iFile

  • Chindavon

    The only real reason to jailbreak is BiteSMS. Apple should just pay these guys and implement it!

  • Sunny

    Jeff, you sound like your really bumlicking the dev and the article just lol

  • Mike P

    The ability to mute conversations has always been there, well for at least a few years.

  • Is it still buggy on iPad? One of the issues on the iPad was the text entry bar only covered like 60% screen width which just looks plain ugly.

    Glad to see it make its final debut though, I was beta testing it for awhile on iPhone 5S after it got arm64 support. I uninstalled it when Couria was released but that is buggy too. Might switch back to biteSMS now that it’s launched since I do have a license.

    Thanks biteSMS team.

  • Easy.Yves.Saint

    I don’t have the same popup options as shown in the video. Anyone have an idea as to why?

  • Guest

    It still not working well on iPad.

  • Sohail Wahab

    Issues with the icon & messages app on iOS

  • “There’s still no Control Center method or toggle for quickly composing messages”
    Actually if you use FlipLaunch/CCToggles, you can create a custom activator action toggle for “Quick Compose.” Works wonderfully.

  • elrocc

    Bite is one of the major reasons I look forward to jailbreaking of iOS

  • Abo 3amor

    I can used bitesms to reply on masseges on whatsapp ?

  • Abo 3amor

    I can use bitesms to reply messages on whatsapp ?

  • Ron

    in the video you mentioned that bitesms is “at the top of the totem pole.” I thought I would mention that this phrase is used incorrectly most of the time. The most important features of a totem pole appear at the bottom. There are a couple of reasons is why. When a totem pole is carved, it is commissioned to a master carver. The native americans couldn’t have just ANYONE carve a totem pole all willy nilly. The master carver had apprentices working for him, learning the ropes. The master carver would carve the most important figures on the bottom because they were the first ones you see, AND why not have the lowly apprentices be the ones to have to climb up this pole and carve.
    Have a good day everyone.

  • Leah :]

    imessage its not working with bitesms :// like it would send as a text and wouldn’t recognize it is an iphone or imessage. i even paid for the licenses someone help me.

  • Joe Benning

    Still no themes…..

  • Joe

    Is it me or does the mute function not work? I have the official release installed. No betas here.

  • Bryan

    When will they get theme support ??

  • JQ

    I hope they bring back the “close” button instead of “later”..It is a great apps anyway!!..