iBand (image 006)

There has been absolutely no shortage of downright silly iWatch concepts, with a few notable exceptions of compelling renderings doing their best to depict what an iWatch might – but probably never will – look like. The vast majority of the renderings are probably way off mark in their depictions of an Apple-branded wearable device.

But as Tim Cook has reportedly given the nod to Apple engineers to focus on health and fitness functions, it’s becoming clear we could see a fitness band from Apple rather than an iWatch. This newest batch of renderings comes from the creative team of the British technology magazine called T3, which posted a nicely done smart bracelet concept dubbed the iBand…

Check out the renderings, via NowhereElse.fr

iBand (image 005)

iBand (image 004)

iBand (image 003)

iBand (image 002)

iBand (image 001)

And the video below…

One of the silliest concepts is this one below by Fuse Chicken.

The problem with the vast majority of iWatch concepts is that their authors wrongly assume that an Apple-branded wearable device will be a smartwatch, which I think couldn’t be further from the truth.

So, what did you think of this particular concept?

  • Jason Baroni

    I can’t stand for the lack of a LCD display…

    • Hyr3m

      “I can’t stand for the lack of a Liquid-Cristal Display display…”

      • Jason Baroni

        Oh, I am glad you could understand my message and it is a shame for humanity you have to post such an observation instead of a productive comment. English is not my native language also, so I don’t have to know every word of your alfabet. My native language is Portuguese, 4x harder than English. Do you know anything about our language? 🙂

      • Hyr3m

        1) Come on, I was only teasing 😀 Saying “LCD display” is an honest mistake and I’m sure I’ve done it before, along with most people here (or similar mistakes).
        2) English is not my first language either, I speak french (which is pretty tricky too). Your English seems pretty good btw.
        3) Yes as a matter of fact I know a lot about Portuguese. I can understand it quite a bit because I have plenty of Portuguese friends (there a lot of you guys in Switzerland).
        4) I have posted productive/constructive comments somewhere else in this thread but thank you for the suggestion.

      • Jason Baroni

        Ok. I am going to take off my comment on what you said, but please, don’t mess around because you may note be welcome when you point someone’s grammar mistrake. I sincerely apologize for being so tough with my words words.

      • Hyr3m

        Don’t worry about it mate. I’m a grammar nazi so I’m used to people being annoyed and I never really get offended even if someone is straight-out insulting me 😀

      • felixtaf

        Its Crystal, not Cristal… LOL

      • Hyr3m

        It’s “Cristal” in french… typical mistake… just like I tend to put 2 Ds when writing “adresse” in french (meaning address) or CT instead of X in “connexion”. Glad to see my french is leaking into my english instead of the other way around ^^.

  • asdfasdf


  • felixtaf

    iWatch will not be myWatch!

  • Jonathan

    Touch ID? No. Not happening.

  • Framboogle

    That’s not it.

  • Hyr3m

    These concepts are really getting worse… Although I’m sure they’re not as bad as what Apple will actually produce.
    Huge thanks to these “concept designers” for lowering our expectations!

    • felixtaf

      Dont expect anything… If u expect anything from Apple, then prepare for a disappointment!

      • Hyr3m

        Oh there’s a lot of things people can expect from Apple. Shameless marketing, overly patented simplistic ugly designs, blatant lies, strings attached (lots of them)…
        My expectations are already very low and these concepts don’t really change much but I’m thinking that with everyone seeing these concepts, each worst than the previous, people won’t be too disappointed when they see the actual product (compared to the more fancy concepts posted here earlier for example).

        Imagine you’re Apple, you commission external companies to design and publish concepts to tease (and test) the public. The first ones are not realizable but sorta fancy (building up expectations and desire, create a dream), the next ones test different variations in the actual type of device (create a need), and finally you get into the very ugly stuff in the months before the product release so that when people see the real thing they think it’s much better than the concepts they’ve seen.

      • Mykel Monroe


      • Hyr3m

        More like “perfectly legal marketing strategy” 😀 (although I seriously doubt they’d do that… we never know, do we ? ^^)

      • Hyr3m

        Wait, I have a better reply : What if I expect disappointment ?

  • Eni

    it tok 3 times to siri displaying a small sentence, imagine a big one!!

  • Y2J

    I’m hoping for a design fairly similar to Nike Fuel, but that it can do and display more. I’d like to be able to read messages, track fitness, and, of course, tell me the time. If Apple delivers that with a good, sleek design, I’ll be happy. I also need to be able to shower with it and wash my hands. If it had all of the waterproof stuff that the Fitbit Flex has, that be awesome, but I’m not expecting anything close to that.

  • George V Golden

    What’s silly about the Fuse Chicken concept? While both are just variations on a single theme, I thought the Fuse clip was a much more elegant looking device. I thought the orientation of the screen on the iBand concept was impractical and overly simplistic. Fuse’s concept was more elegant, building on the style and aesthetic established by the iPhone and ditching all those mediocre colors.