OS X Mavericks (Desktop, MacBook)

Apple has seeded the seventh OS X 10.9.2 beta to registered Mac developers this afternoon. The last few betas have each come about a week apart, but this one comes less than a week after beta 6.

The new build is available to all registered Mac developers through the Software Update tab in the Mac App Store, or as a full download via the Mac section of Apple’s online developer portal


There’s no word so far on what specific changes are coming in the update, but Apple has asked developers to focus on Mail, Messages, graphics drivers, VoiceOver feature support, VPN and SMB2.

The first beta, released in December, added support for FaceTime Audio in Messages and FaceTime apps. Today’s build is labeled as 13C62, and we’ll be sure to let you know if it offers anything new.

  • Justin

    I literally JUST got done updating my new beta partition to the old beta! Time to update again!

    • Jonathan

      and by the time you’re done, time to update again. 😛

      • Grega

        it would be nice if they done iOS like that 😀

      • Jonathan

        Not for the jailbreak community. :/

  • David Gitman

    Is there a chance for beta 6 next week?

    • Grega

      maybe this week also 😀

  • Reshe1949

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  • Jamie Tilden

    Are there any substantial differences within 10.9.2?

    • Decio Arruda

      I haven’t noticed much except for the fact that it eliminates the lag I got when opening the applications stack from my dock on a 1080p display from my 13″ MacBook Air