Following Flappy Bird’s removal from the App Store, Apple is now reportedly rejecting third-party applications that have ‘flappy’ in their title. One developer has found his app rejected during the iTunes authorisation process because it’s attempted to “leverage a popular app”.

Apple is obviously referring to Flappy Bird, which raked in $50,000 in daily ad revenue and got removed by its developer Dong Nguyen after the game, in his own words, has “become an addictive product”. Other developers are reporting their apps are being removed over branding issues as well…

Sarah Perez, writing for TechCrunch:

Word has it that both Apple and Google are now rejecting games that have the word “flappy” in their title.

The iPhone maker reportedly told Vancouver-based game designer Ken Carpenter of Mind Juice Media that his app called ‘Flappy Dragon’ was in violation of a clause in the App Store Review Guidelines that covers apps which contain “false, fraudulent or misleading representations will be rejected”.

“We found that your app, and/or its metadata, contains content that could be misleading to users, which is not in compliance with the App Store Review Guidelines,” Apple told the developer. “We found your app name attempts to leverage a popular app”.

In response to Apple’s objection, Carpenter says he will be resubmitting Flappy Dragon with a new title, Derpy Dragon.

He also got yanked from Google’s Play store, too!

“The first time I assumed it was because I included a phrase about ‘Flappy Dragon’ being the best flapping game to play now that ‘Flappy Bird’ is dead,” Carpenter says. “My app was originally published with no issue and was online and searchable for a few hours”.

The report notes that other developers are seeing their ‘flappy’ apps removed from both Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play store. The App Store charts are currently dominated by Flappy Bird clones, though that should change soon once developers start changing their app names in response to Apple’s moves.

And who can blame Apple?

The proliferation of Flappy Bird clones is definitely getting out of hand and causing some consumer confusion.

  • Timothy Chan

    Very interesting that apps can be that of a big deal.

  • Al

    Kudos to Google & Apple!

    I still don’t understand the enormous amounts of Emoji’s apps though..

    • Jonathan

      Speaking of which, I installed one several years ago. I’ve had it since then until yesterday when I wiped my iPod and set up as new (wallpaper disappeared and mail status bar was white. Even after restore all the bugs were still there. So I was forced to start from new). My question is, if I install an emoji keyboard, how do I uninstall it if I wish?

      • Ahmed Ali Masseri

        Settings > General > Keyboard > Keyboards > Edit .. then remove Emoji

        i guess Emoji Apps are useless after Apple have implemented them in iOS.

        also why would someone remove Emoji keyboard ?

      • Jonathan

        Thanks 😀
        I don’t know, but I just wanted to know how just in case.
        And for Apple, I never knew they added it Sweet 😀

      • ‘Ariff

        I think the guys at iDownloadblog should make a post about the Emoji keyboard being baked into recent revisions of iOS. Even most of my friends were baffled when they saw me use the emoji keyboard without any emoji apps installed. Just for consideration anyways. It would serve useful for those who were never aware of this factoid.

      • Y2J

        Hasn’t it been there since at least iOS5? Lol, anyway, I think iDB did one a few months back. Not sure, though.

    • felixtaf

      Am still not sure, if Google play store took out all the apps that were already there. Even tech reviewr MKBHD tweeted about too much flappy in GP store weeks ago.

  • Jonathan

    Random note to people: If you downloaded Flappy Birds in the past before it was pulled from the store, you can still go into past history and redownload it.

    • felixtaf

      U cant do that. Unless u have it in ur PC. I had downloaded Calendars+ first gen app before it was pulled. I still have it in PC as IPA backup. But its not in my purchased section of app store.

      • Jonathan

        Then how did I just redownload Flappy Bird from my previous purchases in the App Store?

      • felixtaf

        I dono. I still dont see it on my account.

      • Alex Rodriguez


      • Jonathan

        lol xD

      • ‘Ariff

        I’m guessing it’s a bug of some kind or just a grace period for iOS users who bought an app which has been pulled from the app store.

        It’s happened to me when I found out Tap Tap Revenge was discontinued. When I found out a couple of days later after it was already pulled, I immediately went to reinstall most of the Tap Tap Revenge apps that I bought and I was able to do so but when my friend found out a couple of weeks later, he wasn’t able to reinstall any of them. It’s just a theory though.

      • sharmanhall

        App Store > Updates > Purchased

        Any and EVERY app you have ever downloaded is in there. Even if you deleted the app after it was discontinued, still possible to download.

      • ✪ aidan harris ✪

        You’re wrong! I’ve bought many apps in the past that have been pulled and none of them are in my purchased history…

      • ‘Ariff

        I take it you can still download Flappy Bird then?

        Why don’t you delete it and give it a few weeks then retry. As what was made apparent, not everyone is experiencing what you’re experiencing.

      • Jonathan

        Hmmm… I’m not sure though. interesting theory though.

      • XNU

        for 50,000!!!!

      • Jonathan

        Only if you give me $50,000. Because I’m getting sick of Flappy Birds.

    • Al

      It’s crazy how many people on EBay & Craigslist selling iDevices at a premium for Flappy Birds being installed.

      I downloaded it way before it was pulled.. My friend wanted to play it, but I never found it to be my type of game.

      But this game is causing so much trouble…

      • Jonathan

        1st degree murder, fighting, addiction, wow. Why? I have the game and have no interest in it whatsoever. Why do I have it then? Because when I’m really bored, it’s something to do.

  • Anthony

    I can’t add an article to Safari’s reading list since the mobile version of the website has been changed. It’s quit annoying! Anyone got the same problem?

    Will it be solved in future?

  • Guest

    Must be cause Jony Ive has left Apple

    • Ahmed Ali Masseri

      has he ?

    • Anmol Malhotra

      Dont you read the updated news??
      There was some error… He hasn’t left Apple!!

    • Marcus

      Are you clueless?

  • Framboogle

    Can I still submit Fappy Bird?

    • Jonathan

  • Osama Muhammed

    everyone be like why am i not the owner of flappy bird instead of ending its success

  • Anthony Nguyen

    thank god. the top charts is just all flappy bird copies.

  • felixtaf

    While on Google Play Store……

  • Tsk

    Damn the masses for liking garbage like flappy bird. Damn you all.

    • FrankensteinBlack

      And the unoriginal aszwipe app devs for apeing it!

  • Martynet

    Just did 44 points! My new record. Got flappy bird from Cydia and will miss it a bit when the new iOS is released and I’ll loose the jailbreak. Shame I didn’t download it while it was in the appstore.

    • Anmol Malhotra

      Why don’t you take .ipa file from someone ( i can mail you , if you want to 🙂 ) but i’m not sure will you be able to run it through your AppleID..
      Do you have any idea? Will this way work?
      You can try 🙂

      • Jonathan

        If someone wants the .ipa, email me thefirebirdflame@gmail.com. I have it. =)

      • Anmol Malhotra

        Me too have it.. I was just asking Martynet will this way work or not? Do you have any idea?

      • ✪ aidan harris ✪

        Not unless it’s cracked and if it’s cracked you’ll need a jailbroken device with appsync installed. If it isn’t cracked it won’t work unless you know the account details of the person whose IPA it is that you are using…

      • Anmol Malhotra

        Ohhk.. thanks for sharing . 🙂

      • Hosam Nasr

        you can always downloaded from pp25 . even without a jailbreak .. i think its OK since the game is FREE !

  • Dani Hayes

    There goes my Flappy Fappy app. :/

  • omrishtam

    what about fl4ppy?

    • Anmol Malhotra

      What’s that?

      • omrishtam


      • grumpyfuzz

        Y0u mu$t n0t $p34k l33t.

  • idownloadbloguser

    who cares?

  • Y2J

    I wish that these devs would put their time and effort into making their own, unique apps, instead of just trying to rip someone else off.

  • XboxOne

    Good move Apple. Sick of seeing as these Flappy Birds copycats out to rake in money.

  • Dante Arellano

    I still no understand why they remove this game it’s cux too addicted Really people!!!!???

    • Koen V

      The developer HIMSELF removed it.

  • Koen V

    I confirm Jonathan his post: I also read last week that Flappy Bird was removed from App Store, yet I downloaded it to my brand new 5S earlier this weekend just from “past purchases” in the App Store (no back-up was restored, I configured as a new phone, just logged in with my Apple ID)