Office 365 Home Premium (One office, five devices)

The long rumored ‘Office for iPad’ project isn’t dead, according to a new report from ZDNet. In fact, the outlet believes that it’s likely to make it to market sooner than most people think—ahead of Microsoft’s touch-first version of Office.

For years, Microsoft has been said to be working on an iPad version of its popular Office suite, but those rumors have yet to materialize. An iPhone Office app appeared last summer for the iPhone, but it offers limited editing functionality…

Here’s the report from ZDNet’s Mary Jo Foley:

“Office for iPad — which I’ve recently heard is codenamed “Miramar” — isn’t dead. In fact, it’s likely to make it to market ahead of Microsoft’s touch-first version of Office (codenamed “Gemini”) according to a couple of my sources. […]

According to one of my contacts, Ballmer OK’d the suggestion by the Office team that they’d bring Office for iPad to market as soon as it was ready, even though that would likely mean before the Windows 8 version. I’m hearing that new date for Office for iPad is some time in the first half of calendar 2014. (My sources last summer were hearing Office for iPad wouldn’t debut until Fall  2014.)”

Foley says she still hasn’t heard exactly how Microsoft will make Office for iPad available, but it will likely require some kind of Office 365 subscription and probably feature deep integration with the company’s OneDrive cloud storage service.

  • Jared Steffen

    Last month I got a windows 8 laptop and still haven’t bought any office programs I find it stupid to pay that much when I use iWork and google drive

    • Jack Wong

      For business world… we still have to stick with Office.

  • “even though that would likely mean before the Windows 8 version”

    Uhm, isn’t Office 2013 touch friendly enough already? Perhaps they mean bastardized metro versions like the OneNote app…

  • David Gitman

    with 100$ per year . no thank you

  • Framboogle

    Who even cares about Microsoft.

    • Damian W

      maybe it is hard for you to believe, but many care. We want MS to be in game because it will push Apple to its limits.

  • Rowan09

    3 years ago I cared but now I care less. Office is long overdued and there are alternatives for I’m sure a fraction of the price now. I guess since Office was a big selling point for the Surface line they delayed it for other mobile OS.

    • Damian W

      still better than nothing. I am an office subscriber and I will welcome with an open heart a good office app on iPad. Finally

      • Rowan09

        True but it’s not like there’s nothing anymore. Some people are not going to pay a lot just for Office on an iPad, etc. I hope it’s not an half ass version though, Microsoft owe us at least that much.

  • Vitaliy Anonymous

    The idiocy in this blog astounds me. I followed this blog to get jailbreak news, and other Apple news and all I see here is competition bashing.

    • John

      I have read this entry three times now, forgive me asking a possibly stupid question but where is the competitin bashing?

      • Guest

        Hate to pinpoint, but you asked for it. Check out @on3simpleclick:disqus, @chumawumba:disqus and @jaredsteffen:disqus posts.

  • Vitaliy Anonymous

    Umm, let me set you straight, buddy. Think outside the box. If someone has multiple devices, buying single licenses for multiple devices is gonna round to $1,000-$1,500 depending on the office product. A subscription license is useful if you want to install Office on a MacBook Pro, iMac, iPhone/iPad, Android, Windows etc.

  • Damian W

    actually it is the best deal ever for students. 80 dollars and you get 4 years of Office software and 365 with 25 GB extra space on skydrive

  • As I said before it is a win-win for both. The more they are near to Windows Office functionality the better. It seem paradoxical but people are not going to buy Windows machines for Windows Office but they WILL buy an iPad for that. Hence it is win for Apple. It is already a win for Microsoft that people are still in the Office fold and are not going to run away to Apple’s Numbers or QuickOfiice or Documents To Go etc etc etc…

  • jack

    Ppl are too stupid to understand what is going on. Just as Adobe realized that selling their software for a one-time payment and decided to force ppl to “subscribe” to use their software by creating bullshit services to justify the subscription. Microsoft is doing the same thing and ppl are “lovin’ it”

  • Fahad

    Nobody wants this.