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Mobius is a jailbreak tweak that allows you to infinitely scroll on the iOS Home screen and while within folders. It’s very similar to the Wraparound jailbreak tweak that we covered back in 2011, except that Mobius works with iOS 7.

Developer Tyler Casson set out on a mission to bring the popular Wraparound functionality to iOS 7 when it became apparent that the Wraparound wasn’t going to be updated for iOS 7 any time soon. He’s since dubbed his tweak Mobius, and made it available free of charge on his own personal repo.

If you’d like to see how Mobius works in action, then check past the fold for our hands-on video walkthrough. You can also find the repo details inside so that you can try out the tweak for yourself.

Installing Mobius brings no new settings or options to configure; it’s a total install-and-go affair. Once installed, simply start swiping from page to page on your Home screen, and you’ll notice that once you reach the last page, it’ll wrap around to the first page, and vice versa. As mentioned, the same functionality works inside of iOS 7’s paginated folders as well.

Mobius is compatible with a heaping helping of other jailbreak tweaks, but Casson notes that one of the more popular tweaks—that being Barrel—doesn’t have full compatibility as of yet. But even without full Barrel support out of the box, Mobius is a fine successor to the seemingly defunct Wraparound tweak.

If you’d like to try Mobius for yourself, then add Tyler’s repo to your list of Cydia sources. His repo is as follows:

There’s still no word on whether or not Casson will release Mobius on the default Cydia repos, but perhaps if it gets popular enough he will decide to do so. What do you think?

Thanks to Joel Mattsson for the email alerting us about Mobius’ existence.

  • Hani

    Would be awesome with support for Cylinder!

    • SyahrulHelmy

      It Works With Cylinder 🙂

      • Hani


  • Jonathan

    This is another reason why I love iDB, I hear all the awesome stuff us average users (or advanced, just don’t go searching the internet for hours looking for this) wouldn’t have heard of.

    • Framboogle

      Yeah but sometimes they are slow. I’ve had this tweak for a month now.

      • We’re slow, you’re fast.
        We lose, you win 🙂

      • Framboogle

        While that may be true, I applaud you guys for having the most in depth articles and reviews for all things Apple related. Keep up the good work guys!


        Here’s the difference between you and them. They have a website that covers many different news articles, you I assume do not. It’s kinda like a car vs a semi truck. Yeah the car will beat you off the line but you would lose in the end by making multiple trips to haul the same amout of stuff to the same destination.

  • I was just looking in cydia today to see if wrap around worked with 7. Great post!

  • FrankensteinBlack

    Paid for Wraparound and have been waiting patiently for an update ;^( another simple function that should be built in iOS). Sadly, abandonware has been pretty high this jailbreak cycle. So tell me why I shouldn’t go to the crack jb app install darkside?

  • Chun-Li aka ThunderThighs

    Hey iDB! You guys should review this guys upcoming theme! Pleiades looks awesome! It’s on modmyi but don’t wanna post link. Here’s his Twitter though. @ipleiadesdesign

  • Youngthegiant

    It’s the simple tweaks in life that make you Happy!

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  • Jonathan

    Oh, compatible with Cylinder?

  • kahlil velayo

    Yes it works well with cylinder..

  • Matt Taylor

    Does it work with infinidock?

  • Micaiah Martin

    Just keep scrolling….just keep scrolling…

  • DimSimHunter ye

    i hope a tweak will be released that lets you have one big springboard with smooth scrolling without pages if you know what i mean. i guess it will be like an infinite wall of apps without pages that loops around.

  • Chánh Nguyễn

    this tweak is what i have been looking for!! i love it, but it would be the best if it can work smoothly with iwidget!! please get it an update!!!!