iphone 6 proto 3

A batch of new images surfaced online this afternoon, purportedly showing an authentic iPhone 6 prototype. The photos are believed to have originated from China, and they show the front and back of what appears to be a larger handset designed by the Cupertino company.

It’s impossible to know if these are legitimate iPhone 6 parts—one thing that immediately stands out is that the back appears to show FCC markers, somewhat odd for a prototype—but even if the photos are fake, they do give a good idea of what a larger iPhone could look like…

iphone 6 proto

The photos come from an anonymous Twitter user (via MacRumors), and Australian writer Sonny Dickson, who has accurately leaked iPhone parts ahead of release in the past. The device in the photos is 2.6-inches wide, while current 4-inch iPhones have a width of 2.31 inches.

Spec-wise, the handset lines up with previous reporting. Over the past 6 months, we’ve seen countless reports calling for a larger iPhone this year, with many of them noting two distinct sizes: a smaller one measuring roughly 4.7-inches and a second between 5.5 and 5.7 inches.

iphone 6 proto 2

There have also been reports that the iPhone 6 could feature a bezel-free display, and a thinner profile, both of which line up with this device. Other next-gen iPhone rumors include a new Sony FaceTime camera, a sapphire-covered screen and the usual performance improvements.

And now for the anomalies. First there’s the aforementioned FCC markings, which again don’t normally appear on early prototype devices. And as our friends over at NowhereElse.fr point out, there are various other oddities, including a missing cutout around the SIM tray hole.

Prototype-iPhone-6 issue

In the end, you can’t really consider these photos to be much more than concepts of what the next iPhone could look like. But we have to admit, we really like the larger display and the iPad-like rear shell. If these are indeed fake parts, here’s hoping they’re not far from the real thing.

What’s your take on the above photos?

Update: several sites are reporting that the above images are fake renders, based on a concept design by Martin Hajek.

  • Brandon Miranda

    I love it. Another anomaly to me is the Apple logo. Its to low. It should be in the upper half of the phone around the 3/4 mark as every other iDevice has had it.

  • MacGuru16

    Fantastic! I really hope the finished product has the iPad-esque rear shell; it will match so perfectly with my iPad mini!

    I just spent way too much to upgrade from a 5 to a 5s when it came out, but I simply will not be able to resist this. Thank goodness for iPhone’s insanely great resale value.

  • Snailpo

    Actually if you look close enough there are very blurry little slits for the sim

  • xSeriouSx

    Looks like a fully premium S4, though I’d prefer a glass casing, thin metal just bends too easily…

  • XboxOne

    That could just be the iPhone 6!

  • Phil Randle

    Looks nice, but I somehow don’t think they would make it like that, I actually hope that it looks like this design, get rid of the home button functionality and make it all ‘multi-touch- and put the fingerprint sensor behind the apple logo.

    • xSeriouSx

      That’ll be less user friendly like the HTC One Max…

    • Hussain Alsanona

      agreed, but with no physical home bottom would be pretty nice

  • Anthony Antunez

    If that is real, I take back everything I said about not having a bigger screened iPhone. If they can still keep the iPhone smaller than most of the other 5 inch phones than I am in.

    • Michael

      This is exactly how I feel.

  • Michael

    It really almost looks like a Galaxy, which I don’t like. That’s why i use iPhone.

  • Burge

    I bet a android version comes out first..

  • Dude

    looks like an apple version of a samsung galaxy Something.

  • Supafly_Boy

    Anyone not called Stevie Wonder can see this is a render. Most definitely fake, sorry people, nothing to see here.

  • “NOT” Steve Jobs

    come on guys !!! For god sake … if apple does that , i will hang myself !!!

  • Xee

    Probably doesn’t need the sim tray cut out if it’s a prototype.

  • leart

    Looking good 🙂

  • leart


  • @sexyhamthing

    It looks kind of like a g2 and an iphone ahd a baby

  • faked and photoshoped

  • Rifat Mohammed

    This is cool!

    Apple always does the right thing to their hardware designs.
    But their software need some improvements.

  • Albert

    fake, top and bottom parts are unbalanced

  • Urzo


  • Grande PHD

    I knew that was fake!

  • Neo Ajaka

    boy that looks so real…paper thin ^^ i’ll be waiting!

  • on3simpleclick

    That phone looks like complete shit. Boring.

    But for real, why does this impress people? It’s the same exact looking phone as their current 5s, just with a bigger screen & it’s thinned down a bit. Other than that, I honestly don’t see what is so great about this phone at all. Apple devices always look the same. The 5s practically just looks like a bigger iPhone 4, and it came out 4 years ago. Sheesh, if that is all the innovation that Apple could come up with over the past few years, then it’s pretty freaking sad.

    The iPhone 4 was the last ground breaking Apple device, and nothing has come remotely close to it, and what that device did for the mobile phone industry.

    “Glorious” “I LOVE APPLE” “Beautiful”.

    Sorry, no, it’s far from any of those words.

  • Ryan W

    If there was an iPhone air

    The 5.7 inch will be an iPhone pro