QuickStore 2

When you tap on an app link on your iPhone or iPad using Safari or otherwise, you are automatically redirected to the App Store to make a download or learn more details. The transition is rather cumbersome, however, as it is essentially a two-step process that requires you to return to the app you were originally using via the Home screen or multitasking menu.

QuickStore 2 is a brand new jailbreak tweak that aims to solve this minor inconvenience by allowing users to launch the App Store directly from the app they are using at the time. This is achieved through a pop-up window that loads when you tap on an app link anywhere on iOS, including websites like iDownloadBlog. Details inside… 

QuickStore 2 Settings

While this is mainly a plug and play tweak, in the sense that it works right after installation, there are a few options that can be configured through the Settings app. In addition to a toggle for enabling or disabling QuickStore 2 altogether, there is also a menu for disabling the tweak in individual system or third-party applications. You can also toggle the ability to install purchased apps through Spotlight.

QuickStore 2 is available now on Cydia for 99 cents in the BigBoss repository. The tweak, developed by Japan-based Kinda Dev, supports all iOS 7 devices and has worked without any issues on my iPhone. I’m not sure if the price tag is worth the simple functionality this tweak provides, but I could see the value if you consider yourself an App Store power user.

If you give the tweak a download, share your thoughts in the comments.

  • Jonathan

    Now THAT’S a jailbreak tweak! =D

  • topcricket

    The tweak is cumbersome and confusing. Original ain’t.

  • The Q

    iOS 6 Compat?

  • Anyone have a link where I can test this app in action

    • Jonathan

      Are you asking for a pirated version. We don’t like people like that here.

      • no no, I already purchased the app, I just want a link to test the app in action

      • Jonathan

        Oh lol. fail. You can see the tag “App Store”. Click that, and find one where it reviews an app.

      • oic; not bad, the appstore swipes up from the bottom

  • GuyBey0ndC00L

    I actually wish I can open links to other apps in the background in general and not just App Store. We’re the tweak for that.

  • Flid

    Someone needs to bring AppSlide back.

  • Ashish Maheshwari

    how to install purchased apps through spotlight using this tweak?

    • Flue

      search the app you want in spotlight,then just click it!(no ID,no pass)

      translate kinda web