In his review of CCLoader, our jailbreak guru Jeff mentioned the fact that developers would be able to tap into the tweak and create their own sections in Control Center. That is the basis behind CCSystemStatus, a new iOS extension by vsnraindev that displays your available storage, IP address, free RAM and other system information about your iOS device in Control Center… 

With numerous jailbreak tweaks available for viewing system information on iPhone, it only seems fitting that there be one for Control Center too. CCSystemStatus is enabled by default after installation, and its position within Control Center is adjustable using CCLoader. The tweak adds two lines of information to Control Center, and the section can be tapped to display a second page of info.

The eight different items displayed are your wireless IP address, cellular IP address, free RAM, average system load, wireless network SSID, gateway MAC address, and free space on both the device and /var directory. The tweak is compatible with the iPhone only at this moment, and it is available now for free on Cydia in the BigBoss repository. There are no options to configure outside of those in CCLoader.


An interesting discovery I made while testing CCSystemStatus is that SpringPrefs appears to have been updated with iOS 7 support, and is another extension that works through CCLoader. The longtime tweak provides nearly identical functionality as CCSystemStatus, displaying much of the same system information in addition to device uptime and firmware version. SpringPrefs is also available on Cydia for free.

For those wondering why I only have four toggles at the top of Control Center, it is because I am using FlipControlCenter in conjunction with CCLoader. It is just one of several tweaks released for Control Center in the past few months, ranging from CCNowPlaying and CCToggles to HueHueHue and QuickActivator.

Which tweak do you prefer? CCSystemStatus or SpringPrefs?

  • Pato111

    I can’t wait for ISX7/Messages+ !!

    • marcus1324

      That and also Auxo 2!

  • Rico Haze

    Hey how’d you get that control center background?

    • Burge

      That’s the wallpaper of the home screen and the blur of CC

      • Burge

        Here’s mine

      • Justin

        Do you know of a tweak that fixes blur on the iPad 3?? It’s kinda annoying to have a grey CC.

      • Topuz

        There is a tweak called Parallax EnaBlur, but I found it quite buggy and unfinished.

      • Framboogle

        How? Works fine on iPad 3 for me.

      • Burge

        There is a tweak that allows you to colour it. I don’t know if it works on the iPad though..I’am looking through Cydia to find it so I can tell you what it is called

      • Al Fresco

        Fancy is what it’s called. Jeff Reviewed it

      • Burge

        Try replying to the other person

      • Burge

        CCQUICK PRO $2.99

  • Burge

    And still no review of forecast iOS 7

  • Tiago Torre

    Can’t find SpringPrefs in Cydia!.. only the old one for Notification Center.. 🙁

  • I know about 5 tweaks to customize the toggles in cc: CCToggles, CCControls, CCSettings, FlipControlCenter and QuickActivator. 
    I took a look at all of them and saw their (dis)advantages compared to each other. 
    I considered the selection of toggles, the look of them, the visual options (like displaying only 4 toggles per page) and various other things. 
    And I can say that CCToggles is best for customizing the toggles at the top while maintaining the original look of the toggles. 
    CCControls is best for customizing the toggles at the top and themeing them as well. 
    QuickActivator is best for customizing the shortcuts at the bottom of control center. 
    I think that CCSettings and FlipControlCenter are both inferior compared to the others. 
    I made this to decide for myself which tweaks to use (I use CCToggles and QuickActivator) and to help others of you which aren’t sure yet. 
    Please notice that I made this some weeks ago; they could have been updated to add more functionality to the tweaks. 
    And finally, please respect that this is my personal impression and opinion about these tweaks; you may have another one and that’s fine. 

    • GzyOnline

      CCToggles ftw!

    • Sinistry

      I like CCControls with CCQuick. I feel it gives me the most versatility for customizing toggles while keeping my most used stock toggles handy plus adds new toggles and options that puts everything I want/need right where I want and need them. Also, even though I’ve never had an issue with it I’ve read a lot about people who wear out their home button so I’ve set toggles and activator so that I only have to use my home and lock button to unlock my ip5. Once I’m unlocked I no longer need to use the physical buttons to navigate or lock. I’ve also set Icon Adaptive Colors to .85 to turn my folders black as I hate that milky glass that’s standard and use dockshift to darken the dock and add a little transparency rather than the same stock milky glass color that I’ve hated since day one.

      • It’s amazing how much we can customize our jailbroken iPhones… Thank you for sharing your method on how to achieve this look.
        PS: I like your wallpaper ;P

      • Sinistry

        You’re welcome. 🙂

  • Stan_the_man7

    Which one is the least buggy?

    • Good question because I’ve noticed CCControls has been lagging and running slow to launch the CC.

      • Stan_the_man7

        Yeah that happens to me but only after a respring then ever time after that it doesn’t lag. Same for you?

    • Niclas

      I’d say FlipControlCenter is the best. Made by Ryan Petrich (@rpetrich) one of the best tweak-maker in cydia.
      It’s constantly updated, when others are not…

  • Justin

    Cool tweak. Might try it.

  • al7oot

    Once I installed CCLoader on my iPhone 5s after the respring the phone goes to Safe Mode. Anyone facing this problem?

  • noecuhh

    I have cccloader, Rmini and 5s, for some reason on my ipad the ccloader doesn’t display (only in settings)

  • Is there any tweak that show the battery status, like total charge, the info? Thanks.

    • Burge

      Ibatteryinfo pro that’s paid but works with activator.. Or battery life that’s free and is an app

      • Burge

        Battery life

      • Burge

        Ibatteryinfo pro

      • Strange, I tried this app, downloaded, but there’s no icon, nothing appear for me.

        I’m unable to use it.. how does this tweak work?

        Thanks 🙂

      • Burge

        Respring your device. It. Should show up looks like this..
        With Ibattryinfo pro you will need to set up activator to use it.

      • heyhos

        Can’t find BatteryLife in the Appstore…

      • Burge


      • heyhos

        Thats it! Thank you.

      • Thanks. But that’s strange.

        I already did that. Reinstalled a lot of times, Respring, uicache, a lot of things, and the icon does not show.

        I will stay with lbattryinfo, that one worked.

        Thanks 🙂

      • Thank you very much for the info and pictures.

      • Burge

        Your welcome..

  • GzyOnline

    This tweak doesn’t have the option to show HiddenSettings7 or Air Play. It has been #UnInstalled!

  • Kenny Yusuf

    Any screenshot app like screenshotplus for iOS 7? Unfortunately it hasn’t been updated- the developer said he was going to drop the source code for anyone to improve on, since he now has a full time job and no time.
    Screenshotplus makes things easy with the crop method of taking shots similar to windows snipping tool..

  • Jason

    Between CCToggles and CCsettings, what is the best ? Because CCControls cause lagging my control center, it’s a good tweak for customise toggles with theme but it’s really slow. So guys what is the best Control Center tweak which does not make have bugs ? Sorry for my English, i’m French.

    • Niclas

      I’d say FlipControlCente…

    • Stan_the_man7

      Yeah my CCcontrols lags too but only after a respring or restart. After that it works alright. Does yours lag all the time?

      • Jason

        Not all the time but it’s boring.. I want a tweak with no lag when i started it, i think i choose CCToggles for my 5S

  • I’d like to see Wemo device buttons, in the Control Center. Start your fan up through Control Center.

  • Guest

    does this work on the ipad? coz it own’t owkr on my ipad when I installed it.

  • danorbs

    does this work on the ipad? coz when I installed it, it won’t work on my ipad.

  • Davide B

    Hello, I just installed the CCSystemStatus extension, and it works pretty good, but I have a reading of the /var free space that seems not to be correct.
    I have an app store app that displays the /var free space too (SystemStatus), and and it says I have 47,9 gb free space (the same space it reports when i connect my Iphone to Itunes). But the reading of the /var free space by CCSystemStatus is of 51,6 GB free.
    Someone knows why I have 2 different readings? Which is correct?

    Thank you guys!