Resized TimePasscode

TimePasscode is a new jailbreak tweak that lets you use your device’s current time as a passcode to unlock your device. Spurred on by a Reddit request, developer Steve Hetelekides has created a tweak that allows you to have a different passcode with every passing minute.

If you’re looking for a way to spice things up on the Lock screen from a security standpoint, then this might be the tweak for you. Have a look inside as we demonstrate how TimePasscode works on video.

Once you install TimePasscode, venture into the stock Settings app in order to find the tweak’s preferences. Inside of TimePasscodes’s preferences, you’ll find three toggles: a kill switch, a toggle to allow the regular user-set passcode, and reverse time passcode. Each of the toggle settings can be turned off and turned on without needing a respring.

To use TimePasscode, enabled the tweak and head to the Lock screen. Once there, you may enter the normal passcode that you established in your device’s security settings, or you may use the time passcode. The time passcode is the current time on your device. For example, if it’s 10:20, then your four digit passcode will be 1-0-2-0. If it’s 9:30, then your four digit passcode will be 0-9-3-0.

Resized TimePasscode Settings

If you have the reverse toggle enabled, then at 10:20, you will need to enter 0-2-0-1 to unlock your device instead of 1-0-2-0. You also have the option of completely disabling the normal user-set passcode, opting to use the time based passcodes exclusively.

During my testing, I was impressed with how accurately TimePasscode worked. Steve Hetelekides did a find job fulfilling this Reddit request, and I highly recommend that you check out the tweak, which is available free of charge on Cydia’s BigBoss repo.

Of course, TimePasscode isn’t the type of tweak that you’d download in order to lock down your device from a security standpoint, but it’s one of the better novelty jailbreak tweaks that I’ve seen on the Cydia store. What do you think?

  • abdullah575

    it is tricky!! yeah !!

  • Coast

    Lol. The best place to hide something is in plain site

  • Dominik Odobašić

    Seems great from the security standpoint, but what if my springboard crashes and the device goes into safe mode? What password do I use?

    • NekoMichi Kobayashi

      When in Safe Mode, you would only be able to use the original passcode.
      (This tweak requires you to set a regular passcode beforehand)

      • Dominik Odobašić

        Sounds great! Thanks!

  • Martynas Linkevicius

    That is a pretty neat tweak. Well done Steve! Apple wouldn’t have come up with that in a thousand years (not hating Apple BTW)

    • ConduciveMammal

      Apple would never implement this as it would make it impossibly easy to know someone’s code

    • TeChNoStyLeZ

      Are you serious ? If apple implements this everyone will be aware of this feature and your phone will have no security

  • Framboogle

    This is definitely a must have tweak

    • Jonathan

      Your tweak?? I’m blown away! 😀 I’ve used it for 2 days now, and love it it! Could I request a feature though? When the time is 3 digits (1:05), I would enter 0105 or 5010 if I have it reversed. Could you make an option to have the 0 on the end instead of the beginning? I would really like that feature.
      Thank you 😀

      • AndroidDogHeatandSteelersFan

        nice idea

      • Framboogle

        I’ll look into it, thanks!

      • Jonathan

        Thank YOU. =)

      • Henrik Pedersen

        Can we have it to be more complicated? Would love to have something like “each cipher mod 5” or something really complex and nerdy..

  • The tweak is good, but there’s no changelog on the last version, I don’t know if I want to update.

    • Framboogle

      It’s just bugfixes

      • AndroidDogHeatandSteelersFan

        compatible with simple pin tweak?

      • Yeah, what bugfixes? And how do you know that? 🙂

      • Derp

        He knows that because he created it.

      • Oh, so, he is the guy that did not include a changelog on the app?

    • ConduciveMammal

      That too was my only complaint. I hate it when devs don’t add a changelog, PPSSPP is terrible for it

      • I’m right on you about that. And I think a lot of people complaint about the same.

        I usually wait for the dev to update so I can see what I’m getting it.

  • Chetan

    Fabulous.. Time to crash your cars being distracted (when time changes to next minute as with Jeff in video).. Superb security as its so hard to guess.. Just keep wishing thieves don’t read these blogs..

    • It would be very secure, if no one knew about it. But because these tweaks make their rounds around the web, I can’t say it’s secure. But the average person would have no idea.

      • Yep. The first thing about was about a old girlfriend that discovered my password just by looking.

        This tweak will help me on the next ones 🙂

      • Chetan

        Yup, agreed. Bit off the topic but i think it would be great if someone develops Windows 8 picture password for iOS. Though i am not a windows device user but i kind of like it how people use it on their surface tabs. BTW this is the only feature i like in it 😛

      • Brian Brown

        Hey Jeff! What section did you hear about the cydia request on reddit?

  • steffen

    Very tricky 😉 Going to trick my friends with this tomorrow, thx for the post

  • Jonathan

    I’ll give my friend my password (current time) and then distract him for a minute then give it to him lol. Then be like “wha? Oh sorry. it’s this (password plus one minute).” Then give it to him when the time is one more minute. xD

    • steffen

      Haha, so funny to prank friends xD

  • ConduciveMammal

    This is a really kool tweak, I’ve had it installed for a few days. The only issue is if someone were to know you had that tweak installed, then it tells them the code literally in blatant numbers, but if they don’t know you have it, I can’t think of a code more safe

  • Gucciipad

    This has to be my fav tweak now no one will be able to access my phone.

  • TheFlamingCow

    If you could put the time through a simple algorithm, that might help solve the obvious security issues. For example, ‘+1,-1,+2,-2’ would mean “10:20” would be 2,9,4,8.

    • TheFlamingCow

      So, the Dev actually released TimePasscode Pro – and it has a variable ‘time offset’ option, so consider my request fulfilled. WTG, Dev!

  • I don’t get it. The evil thief just has to know what time it is; which is displayed prominently to unlock your phone.

  • Felipe Queiroz Drumond

    I’d suggest (to the developer) to use a algorithm, like password = current time + hours and minutes defined by user:

    If the current time is 01:30 and I choose 10:10, the password will be 11:40.

  • DtownBlogger


  • michaelrw

    Yeah, like you said, it’s a novelty. If i’m a thief, and i know my target’s phone is jailbroken, I hope he/she has this tweak installed bc it will make my life much easier :facepalm:

  • therealjjohnson

    It could be really good from a security standpoint if you dont tell anyone about it. That way if they are looking over your shoulder when you type your password then they will think they have the code but wont really. Nice.

  • Sam Khan

    I don’t think its secure, cause thief is probably gonna watch this video 😀

    • robertestx

      That’s exactly what I was thinking as I watched the video. Granted the odds are not ginormous as if you created a password of ‘1234’ for example, but to me it is an OPSEC breach and for that very reason I won’t install it. Still, it is still some really nice coding by Steve.

  • robertestx

    Yep – probably as you mention I probably won’t use this to secure my phone, but it is still some pretty cool coding by Steve Hetelekides! Good job Steve!!

  • Macana

    Any body helps me ? what is the name ? this tweak
    pattern of passcode

    • chunyangooi

      Wow this looks cool! Haha would want!

  • Sandy Cook

    Not a bad idea as sometimes smudges betray your passcode, but it’s easy to just try time/reverse time now. Would be nice if that scrambler tweak what changed where the numbers/letters were on the screen (forget what it was called) was updated for 7

  • taogenix

    i happend to have tried this tweak on my new iphone. the original passcode before i installed the tweak was a code of 5 numbers. the tweak worked just fine, until i decided to turn it off, and accidentally respringed my phone after an update on cydia.. so when my phone turned back on, it asked for a passcode. a combination of 4 characters.. which wasn’t the current time anymore (because i turned time passcode off).. now im tottally screwed as to guess what could the 4 combination be.. i tried all numbers i could think of .. and having failed to many attempts now i cant use my phone for 15 minutes.. currently im downloading the latest os and will try to restore it in recovery mode.. because itunes wont let me restore it normally because find my phone is turned on and to restore using itunes requires me to turn it off on the phone. which is impossible as i cant unlock the phone..

    • taogenix

      is there a way to contact the devs and let them know bout this “bug”? i bet i wont be the only person experiencing this.. i hope this restore in recovery mode will let me use my phone again

  • dede Brown

    my phone died and it restarted, but now when i put the time in it won’t unlock! PLEASE HELP!!!!!

  • dede Brown

    my phone won’t let me in. it keeps saying wrong passcode. please help!!!

  • ineedhelp

    My ipad is locked and i cant unlock it with anything. how can i fix it? my real code was 1706 but it deosnt work. when the lock was 21:49 that didnt work. and i tried 9412, and that didnt work either, so please help me.

  • Pawan Bagrecha

    What to do when 6 digit is there can we have some add on password