iPhone 5.7 (T3 magazine concept teaser 001)

We’ve seen multiple reports over the last few weeks claiming to have knowledge of iPhone 6 features. The consensus seems to be that Apple’s next smartphone will come in two sizes, 4.8-inches and 5.5-inches, and offer up a variety of performance bumps.

And today we’re adding a new report to the stack, from analysts at KDB Daewoo Securities Research. In a note issued to investors last week, KDB agreed this year’s iPhone will come in two sizes, and said it will feature IGZO technology, 2GB of RAM and more…

Here is a breakdown of the analysts’ iPhone 6 predictions (via BGR):

iphone 6 report

It’s worth noting that some of these details match up perfectly with other consistent reports. There’s the aforementioned dual display sizes of 4.7″ and 5.5″, the 8MP iSight camera—which we’ve also seen a few times now, and of course there’s the A8 processor.

But there are also a few things here that don’t jibe with what we’ve been hearing. For example, this is the first time we’ve heard that Apple may use IGZO tech in its smartphone, and the first time we’ve seen the 128GB option. But perhaps the oddest thing is iOS 7.2.

While IGZO tech and a 128GB storage option are plausible, since we’ve seen both in the iPad line, the call for the iPhone to be on iOS 7.2 at launch seems way off. Apple’s handsets have always launched with major software updates, which this year would be iOS 8.

Nevertheless, it’s interesting that we’ve seen so many of these detailed reports on the iPhone 6 already, and it’s only February. And it’s even more interesting that, despite these reports all being from different sources, some big aspects from them continue to line up.

Last month, Foxconn was reported to have 100 iPhone units with sapphire glass displays in trial production.

  • Rak S

    Still can’t see apple releasing 2 screen sizes of the same model, and 5.5in is way too big in my opinion… It’s not too far of an iPad Mini!
    If they continue with their “C” series, I think it’s far more likely that they keep that at a smaller 4″ screen size, and make the iPhone 6, 4.7-5″.

    • Melvco

      Very possible that Apple is just testing two new display sizes right now, and will only end up using one of them.

      But launching the exact same product in two different screen sizes isn’t unheard of for them Look at the iPad Air and iPad mini with Retina display.

      • Rak S

        I’m pretty sure they’re just testing 2 sizes too.
        Pesonally I don’t think the “2 size” model makes much sense on a phone. On a tablet it make more sense imo.

    • I’m not leaning too much on them continuing the C line though. Their projected sales for the 5C units have been far from met. However, it /would/ be awkward if they just suddenly dropped it after one run *coughpingcough*. But that aside, I agree with what you said.

      • Rak S

        I think the issue with the “C” is price. It’s only $100 less than an “S.” You’d have to be silly to by one.
        If there was a $200 gap, I think that would make a big difference.

      • Jared Steffen

        I don’t know the 5c is very popular at my school I know the sale numbers aren’t great but most of the people upgraded from an iPhone got the 5s most from another phone got a 5c and wasn’t that originally predicted

      • Rak S

        Perhaps that was the idea, but the disappointing overall sales of the C suggest that Apple was expecting more.
        To reach the numbers of sales they want, I think the C needs to be cheaper, and there needs to be greater differentiation between it and the iPhone 5s/6/6S.

      • Jared Steffen

        Yeah I think I read somewhere it’s planned cheaper for down the road not right now 5c-color not cheap

  • Tony Trenkle Jr.

    Then maybe a June release for one of these IS possible…I mean crazier things have happened. I thought this was kinda early for rumors at first, but 2014 seems like it’s gonna be different for Apple. I can’t wait!

  • Vivek Raja

    Its come to that point that all the concept designs and reports of features will actually become true

  • Matt

    More RAM??

    • Carlos Gomes

      And moar megapickels yay!1!

      • Matt

        128GB –SAY WHAAAT!?

    • felixtaf

      Still 1800mAh battery… Excitement – OFF… lol

      • Maxim∑

        Efficiency on

      • Carlos Gomes

        That’s what I thought! It would be somewhat of a fail to have a larger battery and to keep the same… mAh thing.

      • Matt

        I have to a agree because the new phones body will be larger — why would they keep the same small battery and just have empty unused space in the casing of the phone.

      • Abdl

        I wonder why Apple cant just make a battery with larger capacity! TF Apple! Im so pissed with this report

      • Anthony Aaron Anderson

        Please note that this document is in no way directly from Apple. There is a very good chance that this will NOT be the next iPhone. This post is here to inform you of what the next iPhone MIGHT be.

  • M 

    I’ve followed the rumors about iPhone 4S and iPhone 5, and I have to say; these rumors (true or false) kill the element of surprise, which is not good IMO. 🙁
    I rather not publish non-official news for such a well-known website like iDB.
    Thanks for your writing Cody.

  • Jonathan

    Apple, you better do this.

  • Jonathan

    “and and”? You mean “and an”. 🙂

  • ✪ aidan harris ✪

    Yeah and the new iPad will run OSX, the new Apple TV will have an AppStore and tomorrow pigs everywhere will start flying. I’ll believe it when I see it…

    • Maxim∑

      I’m pretty sure Apple TV will have access to the App Store eventually. Especially since now it’s an official category on Apples front page. And no longer an accessory

  • amazingrugs

    I’ve been thinking about this a lot and wondering what you all thought…

    Do you think the larger iPhone has a potential to be too tall? It’s clear Apple is committed to TouchID, and also presumably the shape and size of the home button. Given that, I don’t see the bottom bezel portion getting much smaller than it is now, so I’m wondering how they will deal with the top portion of the phone.

    We’ve seen phones like the Moto X shrink top and bottom bezels by getting rid of any physical buttons, and I don’t think that’s possible with the iPhone.

    What do you guys think?

    • SimonReidy

      Actually that’s something I’ve thought about too as the home button could have been replaced with a smaller gesture area or a capacitive button, were it not for TouchID, which obviously means the current home button design is around to stay.

      However there is still quite a bit of wasted space between the home button and screen on the 5s design, and reasonably large bezels. If Apple went for something like a 4.5″ screen in the iPhone 6, the existing design would only need to be ever so slightly taller and wider to fit an edge to edge screen (with the home button right up against it). That’s providing there’s the room for the electronics to be bunched up on the other side anyway.

  • iBanks

    3.2mp… Hhhmmmm

  • jack

    although this is not 100% related, both iPad Air and iPad Mini 2 have IGZO displays

    • Maxim∑

      Retina iPad Mini has IGZO, not the Air. That’s why the mini has some color gamut issues

      • Albert

        It looks great still

      • jack

        iPad Air has IGZO screen.. do a google search for “ipad air igzo”

  • JulianZH

    i will disappointed if the battery really is 1800. at least make it 2000+

    • Maxim∑

      I’m sure the A8 will be extremely efficient. The A7 is already the most efficient mobile processor In the world for consumers. If Apple uses IGZO then 1800 mah will be enough

      • leart

        Still to have a bigger battery it would be better or not? 🙂

  • 01011001001

    These “rumours” does only one thing – to detract would be buyers of the upcoming galaxy s5. It’s no secret that Apple pays these bloggers to put out rumours like this as part of their tactics. I just don’t buy it and I have a lot of apple products.

  • niooong


    • jack

      you = sherlock holmes

  • Antzboogie

    Its way too soon Mr.Cook let us enjoy the iPhone 5s damn,lol. I wont even touch the next iPhone without the Jailbreak!! #Facts

  • Palani

    Size 5.2 and 14/12 mp. At least 12. 2-3 gb ram. this news is sucking, i love Apple and i Will never og android, but such a shame, turnning at the wrong Way:/ ( sometimes )

    U guys agree?

  • Palani

    At least”

  • Jay

    Sapphire glass displays – I guess they’re moving away from the Gorilla Glass?

    • Antzboogie

      I hope its just as stong as Gorilla glass!!

      • Jay

        It is – on Mohs scale of mineral hardness it’s a 9. Diamond is a 10 🙂

  • Palani

    Yea smartphone battery sucks, come on Apple… Show Them the difference u always talk about………………..

  • felixtaf

    I dont care about rumours… I need 2GB ram and a bigger battery.. Ok with any display size… And am getting the iPhone 6, regardless of any of this…

    • Antzboogie

      Not without the Jailbreak. I wont make the same mistake twice. Im almost positive Apple loses money because of Jailbreak users waiting for the new Jailbreak. I wont buyt it until then. #Facts

      • felixtaf

        I dnt have an iPhone now. Sold my iPhone 5, skipped 5S and will buy the next model. Am ok with what I get in iPhone coz my iPad air is Jailbroken!

  • valmurph

    Its iOS 7.2 because these models are probably going to be released earlier than usual, likely before the summer. Previous leaks have suggested this. Even this report acknowledges that with its “2Q14/3Q14” hedge at the end of the stats sheet.

  • Obsidian71

    Sounds bunk. I don’t believe Apple’s going to abandon the 4″ screen. Some people want slim phones that can be handled with one hand. We’re more likely to see the current 4″ display augmented with a 5″ display.

  • leart

    One thing is sure, apple can’t produce devices with only 1 gb of ram these days anymore..
    my hope is to have a iphone with 2200 – 2500 mah battery inside…

  • Palani

    All other phones are Way to in head. iPhone last 2 phone Update still on 8mp. Oh yea little difference.. So sad. Suckssss.

  • Albert

    more battery life, where is it?

  • Girish

    i cant wait for iphone 6 with screen size =<5"
    tired of ma ip5 screen size,,seems too small nwadays.. 🙁

  • Abdl

    5.5″!! 1800mAh! Oh No Apple!

  • Tobias9413

    Those renderings look like a galaxy running ios. When are people going to learn that apple won’t loose the home button. It’s almost like an apple trade mark. Especially now with TouchID.

    • 4p0c4lyps3

      Plus that^^^

  • Rick Kreuk

    What about an unlocked bootloader? (Not going to happen 🙁 …)

  • Ketan

    Waiting for larger display iphone. Bring it on APPLE. CAN’T WAIT!!!!!!!!

  • bring_it_on

    iOS 7.2 would make sense only if we see one of the two versions of the new “Phone” being launched in the summer with 7.2 software and then the second version launches in september alongside ios8. A highly unlikely scenario in my pinion.

  •  José Oliveira 

    Noooo, please no! I like iPhone 5 screen size. Please Apple, no more phablets.

  • tocsin

    1800 mah? I don’t care how power efficient the screen is if its 5.5 inch and only has a 1800 man battery its not gonna last long.

  • Donovan

    Wait, this looks like a phone that belongs in the Galaxy line. Looks-wise that is. Hopefully, they won’t make an iPhone Galaxy.

  • totallymichael

    I dream of the day phone manufacturers stop charging a $100 premium for $10 worth of flash memory.

  • Jeffrey Feuerstein

    camera mp is wrong, 10-12 mp, 4.8′ screen, a LOT more than 180mAh and i hope it runs ios 8…

  • Ujas Dharamshi

    Actually all these rumours create hype and are ultimately a dissappointment to consumers since not all rumours turn out to be true. Remember Samsung Galaxy S5. The Companies do what they think is feasible and profitable. Beautiful concepts also had emerged during Iphone 5. Iphone 6 will not have all these features but certainly would be a decent upgrade.

  • (JailbreakQA) King Shoot

    I personaly think that Apple should introduce a better processor to the iPhone 6, perhaps 2.5GB of RAM,as well as some other features unique to the iPhone.
    Otherwise,if the iPhone 5S can get all the features of the iPhone 6 with a software update,people with stick with their 5S,and sales will go down.
    Oh,and lets not forget some software tweaks,like icon customization,something like a stock iOS Winterboard.