Facebook Paper (teaser 002)

Facebook’s new Paper for iPhone app has just landed in the App Store, download it free. The news-reading application, which employs beautiful edge-to-edge design and Flipboard-like gestures, serves both stories surfaced from your News Feed and cherry-picked items from big name publications curated by Facebook editors. The app can be customized with a choice of more than a dozen topics ranging photography and sports to food, science and design, with each section including “a rich mix of content from emerging voices and well-known publications”

The first product from Facebook Creative Labs, Paper looks unlike anything Facebook created before. The full screen design looks pleasing to the eyes and some of the gestures are reminiscent of Flipboard.

For example, to quickly swipe through articles left and right, you just pull down on an article to flip it open.

Facebook Paper (teaser 001)

Check out the promotional Paper video.


From iTunes release notes:

  • Browse stories from your Facebook News Feed in beautiful new layouts.
  • Customize your Paper with sections about your favorite themes and interests.
  • Unfold beautifully designed article covers for news and stories from trusted sources.
  • Tilt the screen to explore vivid high-resolution photos and see details u0p close.
  • Watch fullscreen videos that come to life and fill the screen.
  • Use simple, natural movements to thumb through Paper uninterrupted.
  • Craft your own stories and see exactly what your posts will look like before you share them.

I’m not a huge fan of the app icon, by the way.

Facebook Paper 1.0 for iOS (app icon, small)

Grab Paper for iPhone free in the App Store.

The app requires iOS 7.0 or later and supports the iPhone and iPod touch natively.

There’s no word on when an iPad edition might arrive. Note that Paper may not be available in all countries on day one (at press time, the app was only live on the US App Store).

  • Byron C Mayes

    iPhone only (no iPad)? Figures.

    • Jason Baroni

      iPad is rarely the target for new apps. First comes to iPhone in most cases.

      • Byron C Mayes

        Makes sense if you’re doing something new or mostly text based. This is supposedly a Flipboard killer and Flipboard is available on the iPad (and looks much better there than on the iPhone).

        Besides there’s no reason that a company with the resources of Facebook couldn’t put out a universal app and they certainly could have just waited until they had one. It’s not like people were champing at the bit to get this.

    • Jennifer Graddy

      Seriously. I can’t believe they didn’t release an iPad versoin on day 1 given that it is so visual.

    • Jamie Tilden

      Only available in the US Store. Also figures.

      • ARX8

        There’s workaround though

      • Jamie Tilden

        Go on…

      • Jamie Tilden

        Never mind. Forgot I had my backup “US account” for just this reason!

      • ARX8

        I cracked the app and uploaded it on appcake. Get it from there

  • HATE, the icon. Where’s the Facebook ‘f’ at? Looks like a Google icon honestly.

    • But dang, this app is beautiful.

    • ARX8

      I’ll just make a winterboard theme with a better icon

  • Smeltn

    says not available in the US

    • Jason Baroni

      Search for any app from them and go to their developer page by clicking on “Facebook, Inc.”. You can browse through all their apps, including Paper.

    • johnnytalks

      View this article on a device and follow the link at the bottom of the article.

  • ‘Ariff

    I guess it’s just me but I get tingles when I refresh the page every other second to see the story slowly unfold. Unfortunately the app is only available in the US store for now.

    • Smuys

      Well you can just change the location on your apple id and download the app.
      Afterwards, you can switch it back.

  • Jason Baroni

    I like the icon. Just sue me.

    • Jonathan

      $1 billion please.

  • There is save to pocket integration!

  • Smeltn

    why would this NOT be for iPad?

  • If you can’t find the app in the App Store, just click the link in this post. It will take you to it directly.

    • Jasey Brown Town

      I try on App Store not there and also try link it dosnt show me the app it’s just blank. I’m in uk ? Help

  • charliez

    It seems it’s not available outisde US.

    • Gucciipad

      Create a USA iTunes account. I have multiple ones in different countries.

    • John Tremendol

      Yep, any tweak to save the day for no us residents without creating another apple id?

      • Kim Olsson

        Ditto, I guess its not allowed to put the IPA straight up even tho the app is free?

      • Nope. Just have create one without credit card info. You get an option to select “none” for payment option if you sign up by attempting to buy a free app. If you sign up via the sign up link instead, you won’t get a “none” option.

      • Kim Olsson

        I actually just quickly changed the region for my usual apple id to US and A, downloaded paper and switched it back to my prefered one. Just needed to re-add credit card again when I went back, hassle-free enough!

      • Glad that worked for you! 🙂

        I actually came back to add that one can also change the location in their existing Apple ID, but that doesn’t work for all. Particularly if you’re on iTunes Match, or have a running season pass, or have remaining store credits, you won’t be able to change locations.

  • the icon is okay but if theyre going to switch to a white background neon color icons, they need to change the facebook app icon too to match the messenger and this app.

  • WJH

    Damn, i hate the limitation on the amount of papers i could have

    • Skoven

      Maybe Flex can change that – you could give it a try 🙂

  • niooong

    Paper of FuckBook

  • Not in the Canadian store. Boo Facebook.

  • Dj Redbull

    The icon is pretty bad, but the the app itself if gorgeus! It became my favourite app in less than a minute! Appsolutely 5 star! A great way to browse the facebook feed.

  • Joseph Nguyen

    Why does the URL to this article contains “facebook-paper-for-ipad” yet the app isn’t for the iPad?? Strange.

  • Prasoon Singh

    I love the app! I’m not a fan of the icon though. Maybe someone can make an alternative icon for it?

  • presko

    what about iphone 4s . WIll it be available

  • TH

    Where’s iPad version ?

  • Filip Zíka

    I don’t get why are people here are just complaining, this app doesn’t deserve it. I absoulutly love the design, simplicity and smoothnes! Deleted the old facebook app

  • Alberto Espinal

    I just downloaded it and its too much going on, too much distraction and you gonna miss lots of things, whereas in facebook app you scroll down and you dont miss anything

  • Fevostone

    Not in uk store..? Or I can’t find it and link not working..?

  • JulianZH

    If they release this app on android, it will be lag like hell haha.

  • Skoven

    I overall like it 🙂
    But it is quite annoying that you have to use two fingers/hands to zoom into pictures (try going into an photo-album, and zooming into a picture). In the Facebook app, you just double-tap the photo to zoom. I don’t understand why they changed that.
    I also hope they will provide an option to increase the font-size in messages – the text is very small! I think i could be in trouble after some beers 🙂

  • Jason Dieter

    Does it support the 4S? It won’t let me download.

    • ARX8

      Sure it does. Try to download with itunes

  • RobDigital413

    for all you people asking for iPad version…….FULLFORCE

    • Mhmd Bassam Nasyr

      Retinapad much better

  • Dylan Tyler

    Paper on iPad is exclusively iPad and so far paper for Facebook is exclusively iPhone. They should get off their back.

  • ARX8

    The app is just amazing. The best facebook app yet. It could possibly replace the original app itself. It doesn’t mandate to open messenger to reply, instead opens chat heads. It’s flawless, fluid and beautiful. The animations are very much appealing.
    The only thing I found unpleasant is that it doesn’t show recent stories

  • bbgirl

    I hate the icon…… I think it should have used a faded f on paper….. but thats just me. I love it, so far theres only a couple of features, which will probably get fixed in updates. First, you can’t edit a comment….. only delete. and I can’t find where you edit/delete your own post….. Come on Facebook, really? Second, you can’t express your feelings in your post. Not that I did it a lot, but hey I want to be able to. Third, I need to be able to add my own RSS news feeds, not what Facebook thinks i need/want….. Lastly, I can’t share to my fan or group pages…… this is a feature that needs to be allowed as this is something I used often….. with that said, I did delete the standard app as this is way to cool not to use, and I didn’t need want both.