Resized Controllers for All

Good news for those of you who wish to use PS3 or PS4 controllers with games that include iOS 7 controller support: the Controllers for All tweak has been updated with lots of improvements and fixes.

As we told you via our two walkthroughs, Controllers for All is a jailbreak tweak that lets you use Sony’s popular controllers with any game that features iOS 7 support. It’s a great tweak, because most iOS 7 controllers are both too expensive and poorly designed. Most of the iOS 7 controllers that we’ve seen have received mediocre to bad reviews, so it’s a breath of fresh air when using Sony’s much-heralded hardware.

Just released today, Controllers for All version 1.1.2 features quite a few new fixes and improvements. Have a look inside for the full change-log.Here is what you can expect from Controllers for All 1.1.2:

  • Improved detection of games supporting gamepads. Controllers for All is now activated only in supporting games
  • Improved controller connectivity with both the Dualshock 3 and 4
  • Fixed gamepad disconnection issues
  • Workaround some games that did not prevent the display from dimming while a controller was used
  • Fixed some potential crashes
  • Greatly improved in-game controller performance

I’ve personally been able to test out this newest update, and I can report that the changes make the tweak a lot more stable to use. Games that don’t support MFi controllers won’t prompt you to connect your controller, and games that do, disconnect much less frequently.

Although the update doesn’t make Controllers for All work flawlessly, I still had plenty of issues with Angry Birds Go!, I noticed that gaming on the Dualshock 4 seemed much more reliable than with the prior release. In fact, games that I could not get working at all with the Dualshock 4 worked after updating.

At any rate, if you continue to experience problems, you’ll find that many of the issue can be fixed by simply heading into the BTstack preference panel within the stock Settings App, and enabling BTstack again. You may want to do so after a respring or reboot to be most effective.

Resized BTstack

Make sure that BTstack is enabled in the Settings app

If you haven’t already, be sure to watch our latest video walkthrough showcasing PS4 controller usage with the iPhone 5s:

What has your experience been like with Controllers for All 1.1.2? Share your thoughts and comments down below. And by the way, if you’re looking for some games that support MFi controllers, check out Lori’s post here.


  • smtp25

    Only have the ps3 controller but makes gta, call of duty and the like actually playable. Asphalt is pretty cool with controller to just need real racing to update now

    • Austin Steffen

      vice city doesn’t work so this is pretty much useless

      • dane clark

        San Andreas, the better of the two games, has Mfi support though. =)

  • Nathaniel Lewis

    So, only real question I have is about “supported games.” Does this mean it runs in games that use the game controller framework, or ONLY in games that include something special flagging it as supporting controllers for all? Because if the latter is true, there is no way Apple will allow apps through the Appstore with controllers for all support, considering making provisions for the jailbreak community is against their developer policy…

    • ZhMuL

      it runs in games that use Apple’s MFi framework.

    • The latter is very unlikely to be true. I mean it’s jailbreak. Everything can be modified. Even those without controller support can be added by tweak. Surely modifying game controller framework is enough, and it’s transparent to games.

  • Prasoon Singh

    Sorry if this is off topic but I’m missing wallpapers in the stills section! Is there a way to fix this? Please help me.

    • You must have used iCleaner. If you didn’t back up your files then, you would have to redownload the iOS 7 wallpapers and put them on yourself. They’re on iDownloadBlog

      • Prasoon Singh

        Sadly I have used iCleaner. I tried doing stuff in iFile and now it looks like this,

      • Alan

        Restore and jailbreak again while you still can !

  • Prasoon Singh

    Sorry for the spam but the wallpapers that are in the Still section shows up in iFile but not in Settings.

    • pokaprophet

      Do you have DefaultWallpaper.plist in directory immediately prior to this one (the one with Wallpaper folder for iPhone, iPod)?

    • NaSty

      You need professional help son

      • Prasoon Singh

        I fixed my problem. I just restored my iPhone and jailbroke it again.

  • Renz

    Using a controller to play an iPhone game looks damn stupid. Even on iPad it still looks stupid.

    • Chun-Li aka ThunderThighs

      Just like your comment. Stupid

    • IsoscelesHead

      your opinion is stupid. It doesn’t matter. gtfoh

    • Shingo

      ur stupidity is to type in here with the word of stupid, no offense

    • smtp25

      Seems overkill on iPhone, but iPad it’s awesome. Virtual joysticks on the screen are painful compared to a proper controller

  • Senthet

    Have no PS3 or PS4 controller but bought it anyway just to support this awesome tweak.

    • smtp25

      I don’t even have a ps3. I brought one especially for the tweak.

      • Nick Gauntlett

        i bought a replica (6 pounds on ebay) didn’t fancy paying 50.00 for one… and the replica works great

      • smtp25

        yeah I could have brought a replica for $NZ18+$10 postage, but I thought chances of it not working etc.. so picked up a new dualshock3 for $NZ49

        Comeon Apple make MFI support vibrations

  • Wei

    How do you fix this..?

    • Wei

      Sebastian please help me, I’ve been having this issue for days now. I have a dualshock 4 and it never connects to my iPad because of the error!

    • raj

      i m also facing same problem

  • Chun-Li aka ThunderThighs

    Anyone know if this works with Street Fighter 4 now? If not this is disappointing

    • smtp25

      Unless the game was released
      After ios7 then no, then it’s just 50/50 chance it seems whether they have bothered to or not. Was surprised the latest sonic doesn’t

  • Sleetui

    Good but still waiting for Blutrol.

  • Adam

    Haven’t been able to get this to work at all purchases the dual shock 3 tried playing sonic and kept dropping connection bought the dual shock 4 tried playing sonic and it dropped the connection everytime

    • smtp25

      Which sonic supports the controller? I know he has updated it this week to fix he drops maybe update if you haven’t already

  • Zower

    Great dev support! Thanks @cjori! I hope you can make it happen that the controller vibrates everytime you get hit.

  • Matthew Cleveland

    Do I have to purchase this separately for my iPhone and iPad?

    • Nick Gauntlett

      once bought on one device you can use it for both, just like other tweaks and apps

      • Matthew Cleveland


  • James McDermott

    Not working with Galaxy on fire. Controller isn’t mapped correctly. Anyone else having this issue? Works fine on most other games.

  • Nick Gauntlett

    how do i set my ps3 controller (a copy) to work on both my iPhone and iPad without having to do the setting up via plugging in to computer every time i switch?? is the something i can do with the bluetooth addresses on the iPhone and iPad that i can change them to match so controller thinks it the same device…. any suggestions/tips?

  • Patrick

    No support for emulators like sIOs?

    That is a HUGE oversight and a big disappointment.

    • David Navarrete

      Maybe you should try RetroArch. It’s simply an all-in-one emulator, and it’s also available for PC/Mac/Linux. It has support for MFi controllers and it works great for me with my ipega 9025

  • Patrick

    No support for the snes emulator sIOs = fail.

    Guess I’ll have to wait for blutrol on iOS 7.

    • David Navarrete

      Right nos, Blugrol doesn’t support iOS8, so I still recommend you trying RetroArch with MFi support :3

  • yearoftherat

    Have had nothing but issues with this tweak especially the BTstack. After the initial install it was working fine on my iPad and iPhone.
    Now the stock bluetooth no longer works even after i try to enable it through the settings panel. I click on BTstack and nothing happens. I click on ios and none. nothing happens.
    I go to the settings panel and try to enable the stock bluetooth and i can not move the slider..
    So after I delete the tweak, respring and reboot, I still can’t enable the stock bluetooth on my iPhone….which means I now have to restore my Phone.

  • Manuel Quiroga

    This is how I enjoy controllers for all!

  • Dellebug

    Installed Controllers for all on iPhone4 running iOS 7.0.4 paired it with PS3 DS3 with Sixpair…it said “done” Settings in stock settings app set to BT Stock & PS3 ticked. The 4 lights on the controller keeps on flashing….did I miss a step? How can I fix this?

  • Dellebug

    Does anyone know if AR Drone Freeflight app or the app Drone Control is supported on Controllers for All

  • Mike

    Please help I need to disconnect my controller but it’s not working

  • __asneita__

    it will work on modern combat 4 or not?

  • Chris

    Is there a way anyone can get a MOGA driver for the old moga controllers (e.g. pocket) to work on an iphone using one of these cydia applications? If so, any sources available? Thanks in advance.

  • Nico 4485-0191-2350


    Controllers For All tells me “Press the red Sync button on the back of your controller”, but it just keeps saying that. I press the red button AND hold it down but that pop-up won’t go away, I have to press the home button or the power button to get off that thing, it won’t go away. I’ve tried reinstalling both BTStack AND C4A, but still not working. Help pls.