The United States electronics retailer Best Buy on Thursday announced an interesting new promotion giving anyone who signs up for a $50 gift card the ability to redeem the credit when purchasing and activating any mobile phone at Best Buy, any time during 2014.

The promo theoretically means you could get $50 off your future iPhone 6 purchase.

Not sure if this was Best Buy’s intent, but the terms suggest a price discount should be available for any unannounced handset. Anyone can apply for the $50 discount provided they register their interest and purchase/activate a new mobile phone with the registered phone number and a two-year agreement on AT&T, Sprint or Verizon Wireless at any Best Buy or Best Buy Mobile store before December 31, 2014…

According to the terms of Best Buy’s promotion, upgrades and port-in activations qualify. Unfortunately the deal is available only to current carrier subscribers, so new lines and new phone numbers are ineligible.

T-Mobile is not included in the promotion. The website invites customers to check back on February 2 when more details will be revealed.

The company explains the three-step process:

  1. Between February 2-15, 2014, just register your mobile phone number, email address and up to four more phone numbers on a family plan in-store or on
  2. Then, any time before December 31, 2014, purchase and activate a new mobile phone with the registered phone number and a two-year agreement on AT&T, Sprint or Verizon Wireless at any Best Buy or Best Buy Mobile store.
  3. Enjoy your $50 Best Buy gift card, which can be applied to the phone purchase.

As you can see, taking advantage of this promotion entails registering your interest beginning this coming Sunday and through February 15, 2014.

Once you’ve signed up, the offer runs until the end of 2014. If you don’t activate a device before the end of the year, the offer simply goes away.

In other news, the retailer will shed 950 jobs across Canada at Best Buy and Future Shop retail locations as part of its “long term growth strategy”.

We have been focusing on simplifying our store structure and increasing efficiencies to better align with the changing needs of our customers.

We have seen our online sales grow by more than 50 per cent in the past year and new services such as in-store reserve and pick up more than doubling. These changes in the way our customers are interacting with us have led us to look at how to best deploy our staff to meet those evolving needs.

Best Buy’s online sales in Canada rose fifty percent in the past year, justifying the closure of some of its brick-and-mortar locations in the country.

A year ago, Best Buy Canada shuttered fifteen stores.

  • AndroidDogHeatandSteelersFan

    more deals on full retail price please! no more contract bs!

  • Jonathan

    So this is the slow death of Best Buy?
    Thanks Amazon. -_-

    • Prasoon Singh

      How is this the slow death of Best Buy?

      • Jonathan

        Amazon is going up, and up, and up. Best Buy, Amazon, and so forth are going down. Why? Cheaper online, easier, and so forth. Sometimes, (and they know it) people come look at an item (say a TV) and then if they like it, go home and buy it on Amazon.

    • n0ahcruz3

      I disagree, sure the wallstreet is putting pressure on BB right now. But alot of people myself included like to walk around retail stores to look and test out merchandise. Returns is very easy when you are not satisfied with the product. And they have BB rewards too which is nice.

  • Prasoon Singh

    Two year contact is bull crap.

  • blu

    So whats the catch (aside from a 2 year contract)?
    I am due for an upgrade in November, new iPhone will be out, $50 off just because?
    OK. Maybe they will have another promo at the time and I could get another $50 or so off it too…