SwiftKey Note (iPhone screenshot 006)SwiftKey Note (iPhone screenshot 005)

TouchType, the company behind the popular SwiftKey software keyboard for Android phones, has released a brand new note-taking application for the iPhone and iPad. It leaked earlier in the month and is now finally available free in the App Store.

The note-taking software is interesting because it enhances the traditional iOS virtual keyboard with TouchType’s own auto-correction and prediction algorithms.

It also features Evernote synchronization and more. Jump past the fold for the full reveal…

Billed as the fastest way to take notes on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, SwiftKey Note uses the company’s “magical prediction technology” that intelligently autocorrects words as you type and offers next-word predictions “based on the unique way you use words together”.

SwiftKey Note (iPad screenshot 001)

This means the app gets smarter the more you use it, and adapts to your typing style over time. And if you connect SwiftKey Note with Evernote, not only will the app seamlessly backup and sync new notes across devices, it will in fact learn from your Evernote archive.

SwiftKey Note (iPhone screenshot 007)

Because Apple doesn’t allow third-party keyboards in the App Store, the app adds a row of predictions right above the standard iOS keyboard. This is where the three most likely auto-correct suggestions appear as you type.

You can also swipe that row to switch to the formatting bar which makes it easy to stylize your text with bold, italics, underline, bullets and indents.

Here’s the video.

They have an API available, so other third-party developers can implement SwiftKey functionality into their own iOS apps.

SwiftKey Note’s key features include:

  • Faster, easier note taking – with three next-word suggestions and personalized auto-correction.
  • It learns from you – the more you write, the more tailored your predictions become.
  • Organize your notes – group related notes together in notebooks, label and categorize your notes with tags for easy searching.
  • Evernote personalization – let SwiftKey’s prediction technology learn from your archive.
  • Evernote sync – sync newly created notes across devices or to the cloud and import and create new notebooks and tags with your Evernote account.
  • Easy formatting – swipe the word suggestion bar to the left to reveal bold, italic, underline, indent and bullet points options.
  • Share your notes – using AirDrop, Messages, Mail or Copy to Clipboard, as well as Evernote sync.
  • Multilingual – get contextual word suggestions in up to three languages simultaneously.
  • Track your stats – get real-time analysis of your typing productivity including Efficiency, Keystrokes Saved, Typos Corrected, Words Predicted and Words Completed.
  • Easy on-boarding – a fun and engaging tutorial introduces new users to SwiftKey’s prediction technology.

Learn more about SwiftKey Note at the official website.

SwiftKey Note is available now in the App Store, free of charge.

It will work with any iOS 6.0 device, but keep in mind that formatting is not currently supported on iOS 6.

  • FrankensteinBlack

    Jailbreak community makes it the default iOS keyboard in 3… 2… 1…

    • JulianZH

      Without swiftkey permission wouldn’t that be count as stealing?

      • Julio Cesar

        Did you read the text?
        “They have an API available, so other third-party developers can implement SwiftKey functionality into their own iOS apps.”

      • Zod

        I really want something like this on iOS it seems really helpful

      • T. Allen

        I’m hoping they can implement it somehow thru a tweak. I have tried the app out and the keyboard is just what I was hoping for. PredictiveKeyboard is ok, but Swiftkey (to me) is alot better!

      • ✪ aidan harris ✪

        Technically remixing others works is legal…

      • Bob

        Maybe they can get Jay Z on the remix.

  • Zaidan Umar

    Predictive keyboard on cydia does the same thing throughout iOS

    • FrankensteinBlack

      Actually their algorithm is a whole different animal. “Predictive” in the sense of knowing the intended word before you complete it is one thing, but actually predicting the next whole “word” in the sentence is very different…

      • Zaidan Umar

        thanks for explaining….i get it now 🙂

  • Jonathan

    so Apple is allowing this? Surprising.

    • Nate McKelvie

      Sure , because it’s not system wide. It only works in the specific app

      • Jonathan

        True, didn’t think of that.

      • Zod

        there’s a few apps on App Store that alter the iOS keyboard. none system wide

      • Nate McKelvie

        It’s still not all that great, I tried if, it’s good, but only being able to use it in the specific app makes it worthless to me, although with an API a jailbreak is possible, but a true swipe keyboard made by the same company that makes android, even of it’s just a jailbreak tweak is what I really want. I’ve tried many other swipe like keyboards and none compare to the actual swype

  • Jonathan

    iDB, I hope you don’t mind me doing this..
    I’m coming out with a theme, and I need a few testers. I need iPhone 4, 4S, 5, and 5s users running 7.0 – 7.0.4 to test a theme. Once I get a volunteer for each one, I’ll start sending the theme out 🙂
    If you are interested, please email me at thefirebirdflame@gmail.com and tell me which model you have =)
    I’m putting this request here because I know a lot of jailbreakers come through here.

    • Himanshu Oberoi

      I Wanna try If you Don’t mind !

    • Influens

      iPhone 5

  • Waheed

    what is the use of this keyboard since it is not a default.

    • Rowan09

      To take notes and hopefully to become really popular so Apple will allow it being implemented.

      • Zod

        doubt apple will implement jailbreak community will probably

  • Rowan09

    I really like this better than Swype. It would be great if Apple allows then to implement this in IOS as an option in settings like emoji.

  • Shingo

    will the predictive works beside english language?

  • Keabsy

    Waiting for the jailbreak tweak to enable it!

  • Ryan Petrich is working on it !

    • Tavish

      Where did you hear he’s working on it?

      • Good friend of mine 🙂

      • Tavish

        I hope your friends name is Ryan and that his last name starts with the letter “p” 🙂

      • Read again ..

      • Tavish

        Oh, he’s a good friend of yours! lol… Can’t wait to try this out!

  • Manuel Molina

    Very pointless if it doesn’t use Swype as well. On Andriod, ShiftKey does use Swype and makes for a really good keyboard. The Swype tweak on cydia is just so problematic.