Episode 42: Sebastien talks about using his Pebble Smartwatch with several different jailbreak tweaks. Jeff raves about controlling his Philips Hue lighting system via Control Center, and Cody talks about his experience with the new quick reply tweak, Couria. The crew collectively discusses Filippo Bigarella’s latest Springtomize installment, and Jeff gushes about using his PS4 controller with jailbroken iOS devices.

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  • Jonathan

    I need to get a Hue light. -_-
    It would be awesome lol

    • Sean Clark

      I hope that in a couple years they will be a lot cheaper. I’d love to have them, but I want to be able to afford to do the majority of the rooms in my house, not one or two bulbs.

      • Jonathan

        Until there’s competitors, I’d assume they would remain the same, maybe drop a dollar or two.

  • I don’t get it, if you don’t want the other features in bitesms just don’t use then. They aren’t bothering you at all and having the option in case you may have a change of heart in the future is better than not having it.

  • Max Rojas

    Has anyone had the problem with the update for couria?i updated it and i left me at safemode even when i restarted.

    • M_thoroughbred

      Add Ryan petrich’s beta repo and and update Flipswitch to 1.0.3. Version 1.0.2 is causing the issue.

      • Max Rojas

        Whats the beta repo for i can add it?

      • M_thoroughbred

        Just do a google search

  • Joseph A. Ahmad

    Being a minimalist like Jeff, I have to agree that couria is a cool tweak and a great alternative to BiteSMS if you don’t want all the extra “fluff” as Cody mentioned. Not to knock BiteSMS, it’s awesome as well.

  • deepdvd

    Regarding the PebbleSiri issue. Just get my SmartStatusMod (select button to invoke Siri) from mypebblefaces and Background Manager to make SmartWatch+ stay running (even after reboot/restart). SmartStatusMod has better button options as well to control music, etc.

  • Curtis Morales

    i dont know if it’s me or if there aren’t any iPad tweaks, in the future can you guy’s try and cover more, my ipad only has a few basic tweaks on it, help my iPad get some loving! thanks guys, keep up the awesome job on both podcast!!

  • Steelahlive

    So having first learned about the hue lights here and bought them 2012 Xmas, i have as you Jeff been a big believer in the ability to do crazy cool things with em. I bought the huehuehue app, but am only wishing they made it like an app switcher or control panel dock with sliders for light color and brightness or light recipes you could just import direct. I LOVE THE idea of having the nolockscreen / when on wifi connection being somehow applied to once connected to MY trusted wifi’s ‘activate lights’