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Continuing our coverage on Apple’s earnings call from yesterday afternoon, we have an interesting comment made by Tim Cook in response to a question asked by an analyst during the Q&A portion. The question was in regards to Apple entering new product categories this year.

Obviously, Cook didn’t say exactly what the company’s plans are for future products, but parts of his otherwise boiler-plate answer were worth noting. The CEO said Apple has zero issue coming up with new ideas, but the challenge is focusing on the few of them that deserve energy…

Here’s a transcript of the exchange:

Q: You’re obviously going to have a big year in terms of new product categories. And maybe even thinking beyond 2014, and the new products come out and they kind of ramp in 2015. How do you think about the trajectory of the platform, or what would you say to investors that say this is just a product cycle story?

A: Well I wouldn’t answer your question (laughs), but I would just say that innovation is deeply embedded in everybody here. There’s still so much of the world that is full of very complex products. We have zero issue coming up with things we want to do, that we think we can disrupt in a major way. The challenge is always to focus on the very few that deserves all of our energy. We’ve always done that and we’re continuing to do that.”

The rumor mill has been on fire these last couple of months with speculation on new Apple products we could potentially see this year. There’s the larger iPhone, or iPhones, depending on who you ask. And then there’s the larger iPad ‘Pro,’ the iWatch, and then the updated Apple TV.

When you think about all of this, and you think about how many times Tim Cook has alluded to a big 2014, it’s hard not to get a little excited. From the sounds of things, it seems like Apple is planning some major product refreshes for the year, and perhaps even a new product or two.

What do you think?

  • peterbreis


    The guy says nothing about doing nothing and we are supposed to get excited?

    Cleaning up the mess Apple just made of the entire iWork suite and the long list of cut of rough features might not be a bad point at which to get started.

    …and I’d love the user focus to start with if not listening to them (unlikely as we are all “unqualified”) at least stop pretending like we are not even here.

  • iRy757

    Apple has a long, bright future ahead. I have faith in this company and the products that they put out, the products that we as Apple supporters are so passionate about. I believe that innovation is still pumping fiercely through the veins of Apple, Steve would not have had his company continue any other way.

  • Inseltraeumer

    Incredible news. A CEO admits to believing in his company’s future. Still shocked!

  • Mohammad Ridwan

    That’s great news for Samesung 😀

  • Sputnik09

    I’m afraid to say IMHO that to this day Mr. Cook has done more talking than doing, when it comes to “Awe” us. Don’t get me wrong, I want Apple to continue giving us amazing products, but I can’t get off my mind the comment Steve J. gave about Cook on his Isaacson’s bio: “Tim is not a product person”.

    • Anthony Nguyen

      i thought that comment was to john sculley.