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Apple announced iOS in the Car at WWDC in June of last year. The company said that the new feature will allow iOS 7 device users to connect to the in-car displays of compatible vehicles, and that it would be launching it in the near future.

But here we are, roughly 6 months later, and while we’ve seen photos and videos of it in action, we have yet to see any sign of a public iOS in the Car release. So what’s the holdup? A new report attributes the delay to ‘organizational issues.’

Here’s AppleInsider passing along a report from The Information:

“Apple executives “didn’t quite know what to do” with the iOS in the Car program, according to The Information’s Jessica E. Lessin. The disconnect is attributed primarily to overarching organizational issues that are said to place pressure on non-hardware products that do not fit within existing teams.

Even in the lead-up to iOS in the Car’s high-profile unveiling at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference last June, executives were reportedly still unsure about the product’s future. The iOS in the Car group was forced to “lobby hard” for stage time, sources told the publication.”

Since it was first introduced at WWDC, Apple has listed iOS in the Car as an iOS 7 feature ‘coming soon.’ A number of auto-makers have pledged support for the feature, but thus far only the company’s Siri Eyes Free has made it into vehicles.

It’s believed that iOS in the Car could finally make its debut alongside iOS 7.1, the next major update planned for Apple’s mobile OS. There’s been no word on when the firmware will be released to the public, but it’s in its fourth developer beta.

  • Greg Warren

    That’s all well and good if they release it, but it won’t matter until automakers release cars with the capacity to use it. And last I’ve heard, Honda is the only automaker putting out a 2014 model year car with it, and that’s in limited capacity. We’re going to be stuck waiting for the 2015 models.

  • Matt

    As much as I love Apple I hope BMW doesn’t implement this technology.
    I’m more than satisfied with iDrive

  • Yen-Ting Chen

    Let’s first have the music app showing “now playing” in landscape.

  • ✪ aidan harris ✪

    When doesn’t Apple implement iOS in the Car with iPads? Just think about it for a moment. No special equipment or in-car displays would be necessary you just connect your iPhone up to your iPad (which would be mounted somewhere) and away you go…

    • Alo4q

      Yea but now only think about it 6 year pass by and my old car use and old ipad and apple change the charging port and now im stuck cause my old ipad is discontinue and you cant find and ipad so you could play music in your car. The what u change your car too.

      • ✪ aidan harris ✪

        The changing the car would be a problem since afaik (as far as anyone knows) this technology is going to be implemented in cars only and not sold as stand-alone displays. Using an iPad as a display would alleviate this problem. Also Apple has an excellent track record as far as device support goes so I wouldn’t worry about that either (see the 3GS and iPad 2). I guess Apple just wants to make more money by getting car manufactures to have to pay / license Apples iOS in the Car technology…

  • mav3rick

    Jailbreaking the phone is enough. Cars should stay free.