Resized SafariTabCount

SafariTabCount is a just released jailbreak tweak that displays the current number of open tabs on the new tab button in Safari. This tweak is extremely useful, because without it, you have no idea how many tabs you have open in Safari without opening the list of tabs and counting by hand.

Not too long ago, we had iOS 6, and Safari for iOS 6 included the open tab count right on the new tab button. For some reason, Apple deemed this tab count disposable, and got rid of it in iOS 7.

SafariTabCount is one of those tweaks that I imagine many people will enjoy for its practicality. Check out of video walkthrough past the break for more details.

There are no options to configure or settings to adjust for SafariTabCount, it’s an install and go affair. If you want to give SafariTabCount a try, then venture over to Cydia’s ModMyi repo where it can be downloaded free of charge.

SafariTabCount is an iOS 7 only jailbreak tweak, and it only works with the stock Safari browser. If you decide to use it, then please let us know what you think about the tweak in the comments section.

  • Pukka12

    This always bothered me in ios7, so many times I would open a tab to find out I had 30 other tabs already opened.

    • Steve Jobs

      so true dude!

  • Definitely getting this

  • It existed in iOS6? I didn’t realize. I only keep a handful of tabs open at a time, probably a holdover from the earlier iOs days when only a few tabs could be open at a time.

  • Alain Vasquez

    Need help. So my iMessage stop working just when I send media but it appears the little notification “deliver” but nothing, :/

    • Al

      I’ve been having that for my iPad.. But for my iPhone it delivers successfully.. Meaning people receive it.

      I’m not sure what happen. I can send text through iMessage but not any videos or pictures.

  • another little detail left out by Apple; the company that pays attention to detail.

    • Gucciipad

      In the next ios update I bet they will have it.

  • .. shame it doesnt work on iPads 🙁

  • oioile

    Like we miss IOS 6 a lot here.

    Sorry to be off topic, is there a tweak to see the weather in NC WITHOUT turning on location, just like ios6 did? really want to have that

  • Aimon

    the best things in life are really free indeed!!

  • Steve Jobs

    little usefull must have tweak!