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Like every Sunday, we bring you the stories that were the most popular on iDB during this past week. Whether it is a news piece, an editorial, a tutorial, a new jailbreak tweak, or an accessory review, we sum it all up in one convenient place.

This weak was really big in terms of jailbreak tweaks releases. Most notably, we saw the long awaited release of Springtomize 3, and other big tweaks such as Controllers for All. These tweaks listed below are just the tip of the iceberg as we covered many more during the last few days. Make sure to click here for a complete list of jailbreak tweaks.

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  • David Gitman

    My dream: get a reply from the real iDB staff

    • Done

      • David Gitman

        yay your awesome :DD

      • Andrew von Pikrt


        Making dreams come true, since 2008.

      • Jonathan

        I burst out laughing when I saw your comment. xD
        Thank you for making my night. 😛

  • Thierry

    @davidgitman:disqus You should dream bigger.

    • David Gitman

      nah this dream will do just fine

  • I will add TrasparentVolume (which let you adjust the transparency of the volume indicator, which is very annoying when you see videos), TransparentDock (for a better locking wallpaper) and SwipeSelections which is very known already

  • Chris Gilmore

    Off topic kinda but, why doesn’t the boot logo animations work?

    • Zod

      I don’t think they are compatible with iOS 7 or 64 bit

  • filter351

    Is there a tweak to remove the date from the notification center? If not, could some try to make one? I’ll give you $0.99. lol

    • Zod

      Everyone needs the date