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I’ve never thought of myself as a big text messenger, but I was quite surprised to see how many text messages that I’ve sent and received over the life of my iPhone. As it turns out, I’ve sent and received a combined 17,000+ text messages—way more than I expected.

Chances are you’ll too be surprised when you see your text message statistics, and there’s a brand new jailbreak tweak called SMS Stats 2 that makes it super easy to view them.

Once you install SMS Stats 2, head to the Messages app and you’ll see an ‘S’ button to the left of the compose button. Tapping the ‘S’ button, which I’m assuming stands for stats, allows you to see your usage for the lifetime of your device and for the past 28 days.

SMS Stats Total

Statistics include total messages, sent messages, and received messages. SMS Stats 2 also breaks up that data between SMS messages (traditional text messages) and iMessages. If you’d like to see the data pertaining to a specific contact, head into that contact’s message thread, tap contact, and then tap the ‘S’ button.

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SMS Stats 2 is an unobtrusive way to monitor your text message usage for all of your messages and for individual contacts. There are no options or settings to configure, just install it and go.

You can download SMS Stats 2 free of charge from Cydia’s BigBoss repo. Let me know what you think about the tweak in the comments below.

  • Ivan Garcia

    Having a limited SMS plan from my carrier, this tweak makes keeping the count a lot easier.

    • Indeed, it’s a solid tweak.

    • Jennifer Lester

      I’ve never thought of myself as a big text messenger,

  • David Gitman

    My dream : get a reply and a like from Jeff Benjamin

    • Cool

      Too bad. He won’t reply except if you say a super cool comment!

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  • Greg Warren

    I used this for awhile with iOS 5 and loved it. The older functionality would tell you who the person is you texted with the most, and those statistics on the front page. You could also custom define the date range for text stats too. I love how this new version is so unobtrusive instead of a separate app, but definitely wish that it had those other features from the older version.

  • Bill

    Does it work with bitesms?

    • Chris Wagers

      Yep works fine with bitesms

  • jovy dayao

    where does it gets the data?

  • The only caveat to this tweak is that I recently deleted all the conversations I had in Messages, and it doesn’t keep track of those deleted messages under the “last 28 days” tab. That’s probably to be expected. Just make sure you don’t delete your conversations if you want to use this tweak to your full advantage.